Covid-19: Why is The Media Priming Us To Expect a “Third Wave”?

News Commentary — April 1, 2021

The following article isn’t factual news reporting. It’s is speculative commentary on something that MIGHT happen. As such it works subliminally and the end result is to condition people to unconsciously expect something to happen.

We saw exactly the same thing with Saddam Hussein’s mythical Weapons of Mass Destruction. Do you remember? In the run-up to the March 2003 invasion of Iraq the BBC broadcast numerous reports about Iraq’s WMD, all of them entirely speculative. Of course the BBC wasn’t alone in doing this, the rest of the corporate media did so too. There was indeed a veritable deluge of reports about the threat Saddam posed.

The cumulative effect was to induce a “something must be done” attitude, thereby paving the way for the invasion. At least that was the intention, although not everyone was entirely convinced, as witness the widespread protests against the invasion.

As it turned out they were right. Although we only discovered when it was too late, Iraq NEVER had any WMD. The claims of Iraq’s WMD were simply used as a pretext for the Anglo-American invasion.

Now you be forgiven for thinking that exactly the same thing was being done with Covid-19. We are being fed a seemingly endless stream of stories about the pandemic: the terrible toll it’s taking, the heroic struggle of medical staff as they work to contain it, the impact it is having on the young and old, and so on and on.

Like those stories about Saddam’s WMD, the linked BBC report below, ‘What a third wave might look like?’ is entirely speculative. It is not factual reporting. It is supposition that is intended to induce a sense of apprehensive anticipation, which is no doubt intended to send the gullible rushing-off to get vaccinated. Or so the people behind it hope.

Covid: What might a third wave look like?

Reports are also appearing that suggest that Covid-19 or variants thereof will soon be a permanent feature of life. Much like seasonal colds and flu are now, only much more severe.

This is evident in the way the following BBC report implies that a “third wave” is imminent. No matter that there has been no real change in the overall death rate during the “pandemic”. The real objective is to scare the public into surrendering their rights and getting vaccinated.

We would also suggest that this is part of a program to psychologically prepare us to live under a new form of martial law. Although the authorities wont call it that. Instead this is all being introduced on the pretext of dealing with a public health emergency. The end result will be that lockdowns and restrictions on travel and various other petty limitations will become an integral part of everyday life.

In effect we are witnessing the imposition of totalitarian rule by stealth, globally. That is, in essence, what the “New Normal” is.

We are also being urged to have multiple vaccinations against Covid-19 so this isn’t going to end anytime soon. The people behind this are planning long-term. Meaning they want to subjugate humanity permanently with their lies and deceptions and they are using outlets the BBC to do so.

Covid: What might a third wave look like?

Nick Triggle – BBC Online March 25, 2021


Lockdown is, step-by-step, beginning to ease across the UK. Next week, the stay-at-home order will be lifted in England and people can start mixing in small groups outdoors.

But with infection rates rising in Europe, the British public is also being warned of the risk of a third wave.

The prime minister himself says it is only a matter of time before the wave from Europe washes up on our shores. But with more than half of adults vaccinated, what would that look like?

The threat is already on these shores

While the outbreaks in Europe have been portrayed as the threat, we should not forget the virus is still lurking here. Infection rates have dropped dramatically since the turn of the year – there has been a 12-fold fall in daily cases being reported.

But that still leaves more than enough infection circulating that could easily take off. The Office for National Statistics estimates that, along with asymptomatic cases, there could be more than 100,000 infectious people out there.

Already there are signs of a slight increase in cases among children following the return to schools in England


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Covid-19: Why is The Media Priming Us To Expect a “Third Wave”?