Bipolar Corona-Politics Positive?

The Covid Physician


We live in confusing times. The year began with a run on toilet tissue and ended in totalitarianism. Will it be looked back upon as an aberration, or precedent?

I had a patient this morning. More precisely, I telephoned him.

He suffered a myocardial infarction last year and is on anti-hypertensives. His last few BP measurements showed very good, stable control. He barricades himself in his home against the rogue cold virus each time the government locks-down. He expressed terror about the link between hypertension and an enhanced Covid-19 risk.

I would say he is, like the government, somewhat delusional about it or at the very least harbours some fixed false beliefs towards it. Hence, he measures his blood pressure many times a day. It fibrillates up and down with the propaganda. Masks are not enough for him. He refuses to leave his home until Johnson and Hancock lift lockdown. He asks me to increase his medications without seeing him.

The easy cure might be to turn off his TV and smartphone.

But, there is more bipolarity, more paradox, more human folly. He refuses to come out for a hypertension review until he receives his Covid-19 vaccinations. I ask him how he suggests doing that? Perhaps he could find it reasonable to specifically come for his vaccine and have an opportunistic BP? He pauses, and then refuses. Classic Joseph Heller, Catch-22.

Nothing surprises me these days in medical practice, so without a pause I remind him that we are not currently offering a bespoke domiciliary vaccination service. He remains insistent. As his doctor, I try to reassure him he is not at any great risk. I remind him we pay great lip service to all the viral psychological interventions such as porous ill-fitting mask, alcohol gel and … polythene apron.

Rather selectively, he dismisses these sacred verses of the government propaganda. As if to out-fox me, he replies in denouement, ‘Okay, I won’t come in, then.’ I leave it open for him to come back to us. It is not only the rule of law, but also the practice of medicine which has succumbed to hysteria.

He is the ideal citizen of the corporate pharmaceutical Gods. Open to suggestion, vulnerable to propaganda, crouched with bayoneted rifle in trench against an unavoidable, invisible particle. Always willing to go above and beyond the unreasonable demands of tyrants. He trusts the government would only deliver a safe, effective vaccine.

In a way he mirrors his irrational and unreasonable government which projects an illusion of effective control, when there is only effective tyranny. Sometimes it is wisest to be honest with each other. Sweden did this. UK politics has a culture of denial and dishonesty.

The first stage in our national mourning and truth-telling will be to acknowledge the disaster was not COVID-19, it was the government’s response to it. It was duped and blindsided by a commercial takeover.


Pharma marketeers have not accidentally happened on the Covid-19 elixir of control. They have made countless practice runs. Think of all the quasi-pandemics in the last twenty years. Think of how statin propaganda captured the upper and middle classes for a generation. I remember general practice at the time. Patients would quote the Daily Mail and beg to be put on statin.

A few years later the same would quote the same newspaper and beg to be taken off them because their muscles ached terribly. An about turn, but the smell of fear never left them.

I recall the surreal feeling at the time. Was I a doctor or a life insurance salesman? In 2014, as patients fled, patents loosened and other formulations competed, the NICE guidelines halved the statistical risk threshold at which statins should be prescribed. It captured 4.5 million more consumers.

I would never take statins unless I had a familial hypercholesterolemia or hyperlipidemia. In those inheritable conditions one can quickly see the thick, immiscible layer of human fat float to the top of a resting blood sample. For anything else, put me to work on a farm with an unrefined, natural diet.


If this country were a more ancient version, soft tyrants like Johnson and SAGE would have stopped tickling the underbellies of the WHO and ubiquitous Gates Foundation. They would have been driven out of the village with brickbats by now.

The socially inept but politically adept Gates is so emboldened by humanity’s mass surrender he, as their vaccinator and farmer in-chief asks them to eat Soylent Green rather than beef.

Now he is proselytising us to drink boiled, filtered excrement rather than fresh water.

This is a far cry from the organic, GMO-free, natural healthy lifestyle the corporates sold us yesteryear. The same sheep are now beguiled with sustainability and its underlying code: forever eat shit or let’s talk population cull. Gates finds the human operating system far more programmable and profitable than the silicon-based one.

He has devoted the last decade to the construction of a tendril-like business portfolio and biosecurity agenda to convince us vaccines are more important than us.

His abnormal urgency to give the whole world unnecessary experimental gene therapy and the incomprehensible willingness of the world’s governments to dance to his tune must be understood and contained. If not, there is a risk his hubris and obscure agenda will damage the pre-existing mass consent to any vaccination and kill liberty.

The intertwining public-private biosecurity partnerships of the WHO (with its binding international treaty over 190 countries), a WEF-sponsored GAVI, and the Gates Foundation (a massive individual funder of the WHO, and GAVI) have effectively become an unelected, unaccountable and irresistible world government.

The worry is their view becomes the only implementable one. The work of Gates through the Swiss tax-exile of GAVI is thought to have a contractual de facto diplomatic immunity from legal and criminal liability. He is effectively a one-man, marauding state entity who becomes a bio-facist global emperor each time a ‘pandemic’ is pronounced by the WHO.


In addition to the mental damage of lockdown by industrial scale fear-mongering there is another mentally-destructive duality: the poorly-evidenced and irrational conviction of government which degrades common sense and human experience. Both narratives cannot coexist without some annihilative consequence.

The authorities have also created a parallel pandemic of assorted neuroses and mental health illnesses. What of the more severe pandemics of child autism, malaria and TB? Not of immediate, profitable importance. However, when a patentable, experimental, sledge-hammer to crack-a-nut gene therapy is found, the Gods rechristen it an emergency, mandatory universal vaccination.

Humans cannot tolerate such contradictions for long, even with coercion. It is unsustainable, for it is against their natures. The knowledge, technology and the will now exists to coerce and imprison humankind into perpetual mental submission. If we succumb now, there maybe no way out. Having captured the food chain, nations, capital and the sovereignty of our mind, body and spirit the victor of this struggle may rule ad infinitum.


CMO Whitty supports the notion that unvaccinated doctors should be subjected to GMC discipline. Sanctioning doctors for refusing unnecessary, experimental gene therapy is an extraordinary suggestion even in today’s unnuanced universe. I see it as part of a propagandised neoliberal movement to create a libertarian underclass.

How soon before ‘vaccine’-declining patients are also excluded from the doctor-patient relationship?

Whitty is but one very flawed supra-specialised man without the necessary broad wisdom and holistic medical experience to aid his reason. He does not have the confidence of all his colleagues. His conduct suggests a man long-lost to the allure of managerial, bureaucratic and commercial power.

There was a time when the GMC would have erased Whitty from the medical register for coercing patients into unethical and experimental commercially advantageous treatments. Criminal charges would have been been brought.

Alas, Whitty has a certain professional and criminal immunity which Drs. Mengele and Shipman did not. A key difference with Whitty is he targets us all at once, but all three believed they were righteous.

There is also a sophisticated population stratifying, and targeted discrimination all three share. NHS ‘BAMES’ were a vulnerable doyenne of the government propaganda machine in April 2020. Now they are the societal problem. Not only is the government reporting that a significant proportion of NHS doctors and nurses refuse the ‘vaccine,’ they release data suggesting it is a peculiar BAME NHS employee issue.

They have gone so far as to target the incredibly valuable Filipino nurses specifically, many of whom maybe be on work-dependent visas. Patently, refusing ‘vaccination’ is not about colour, but the government are making it seem so. Biden says something similar, but obliquely.

It is a sinister, divisive BAME carrot-stick strategy tantamount to sugar-coated race-baiting. It has been long clear vaccines cause harm, and no person is qualified to coerce another into unnatural harm.

The die was cast for Whitty a long time ago. He plays his rôle predictably in an elaborate battle of chess for dominion over our lives. Even if he doubts his conviction he has not had the courage to lose face or his job.

Instead, he is going to create an exodus of good doctors and nurses from the NHS. He is a reason why peoples’ faith in government and medicine has been shattered this year. That Whitty is confident he can take on a whole medical profession of wiser and more bioethical, morally inclined patient-centred colleagues is a measure of how far medically-driven technocratic totalitarianism has come in one year.

When the GMC and CMO demonstrate this unethical approach to bioethics our society has a profound disease.


The government misleads with the rhetoric of ‘Save our NHS’. Surely, the ultimate aim is to do no harm, and save human lives? In this, the government has consistently failed.

The NHS is not a life to be saved. It is an instrument that was set up to save us, not for us to save it, and certainly not to kill us. Its only risk of ‘death’ has been every successive neoliberal government since 1979. All the NHS requires is depoliticising, funding and intelligent management to save people’s lives where it is realistic and possible to do so. The NHS needs to be vaccinated against politicians and Pharma.

Saving an 82 year old with the common terminal event of a winter lower respiratory tract infection has always been difficult, even in a well-funded NHS, not to mention a terminally defunded one forever teetering on an impossible precipice between chaos-management and barely coping; and all for the sake of getting rid of a couple of extra winter surge-capacity wards in each hospital.

How much more idler is each hospital, now due to Covid?

Our government has committed itself to the collision course of impossible, rapid pharmaceutical solutions. Rather than put the science first, and first do no harm, it still prefers to hurt us, both with lockdowns and the harsh reality of misdirected vaccines and gene therapies.

Expect the neoliberal coup de grâce to be announced: if you desire freedom from lockdown and coercive treatments, accept that your NHS is dead. The blunt reality is if you can afford UK private healthcare, coronavirus regulations do not affect your healthcare. The only bottleneck is on NHS care as a matter of policy, not necessity. It is a confidence trick to deny healthcare by the state.


Ambulance-chasing Johnson and Hancock remain gripped by folie à deux, and the UK suffers Stockholm syndrome. It has fallen in love with its coronavirus captor. The global response is neither characteristically scientific nor medical.

It is more an expression of the corrupt, profiteering public-private collusion between corporate-captured states, Machiavellian individuals and supranational bodies. That expression utilises the corporate tactics of PR, management, HR and Health & Safety risk-aversion to create the end product: a rapid siphoning off of wealth and autonomy from the individual to the state and its corporate handlers.

First world pandemics have become a contrivance. It should now be clear that there are screen-played pandemics with a disproportionate response, and then there are obvious, severe pandemics. Covid-19 is the first variety, of a magnitude often seen before and not worthy of the disproportionate damage of the response.

In this type of pandemic, people do not realise there is one unless they wear a useless mask or fail to wear one. It is the variety that does not require doctors, but rather deranged policemen to ogle and respire aggressively in to their fellow man’s face before punching it. Corporations have joined in with gusto, Morrisons badged the mask-exempt with yellow stickers, and others talk of ‘no jab, no job’. This is fascist control backed by the Big Lie of Goebbels.

It would not be so bad if there were a traditional vaccine that was non-experimental, safe and well-proven. But there isn’t. Rather than meddling with eight billion people’s immune systems unnecessarily, it would be better to let the infection run its course because 99.97% survive, and predominately it is the over eighties dying slightly prematurely relative to the normal age of death.

Even the CDC records over 1200 US vaccine-related deaths, 25,000 significant reactions, and an average age of death with the ‘vaccines’ of 77 years. The danger of death by vaccine for some may be exponentially greater than by Covid.

It really is a case of more diminishing returns, except for the pyrrhic political victory and litigation-free, unimaginable riches the pharmaceutical elite will make to further consolidate their dominion.


To emphasise the rarity of deaths, an average GP practice looking after 6000 would statistically record 1.8 Covid deaths at the gross global mortality over the year of 0.03%. Thus, it is entirely conceivable my experience in a practice of 6000 mainly under 65s has not actually had one documented death from Covid.

This is not even after reasonably reducing the death rate further by the fact that the purported death rate is artificially heightened by well-known but under-emphasised measurement anomalies.

Just as many died (half-a-million) in UK, 2020 as in any other year. This is also the case with Sweden. These countries’ patterns of Covid mortality over the year were similar.

Neil Ferguson suggested that UK mortality might double to one million in the first wave, alone. That the cumulative death toll from Covid is stated as 120,000 (UK) over the last two respiratory virus seasons should strongly suggest an industrial misattribution of causes of death.

In Sweden where mitigation was practically absent, Ferguson’s model predicted an unmitigated 96,000 deaths by June 2020; by March 2021 there are about 13,000.

In the more innocent medical times of 1968-69, 1-2 million died of Hong Kong flu globally, with 80,000 in the UK. Correct that for the intervening population change and it is equivalent to the massaged 120,000 of Covid-19.

The UK lockdown ranked as the third strictest in the world, yet had one of the worst death rates. It seems reasonable to hypothesise that the UK lockdown didn’t work and/or it inflated its deaths by gross misattribution. The UK government has more than halved hospital beds from 300,000 to 140,000 in 30 years whilst the population has aged and increased by 10 million. This may be what made Sweden resilient and the UK fail.

The virus may become an additional virus of the winter landscape, so I suggest that a cheaper and more sustainable way out of this and further pandemics would be to double winter ICU capacity, increase the number of general medical overflow wards and consider ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine. The Great Barrington Declaration proposals should be given due respect and serious attention.

This a seasonal virus. It ought now to be clear to SAGE that a season cannot be locked down, nor can the sorcery of a summer PCR pseudo-epidemic mask gross incompetence. The government have irrevocably lowered the threshold for a yearly terrorising of the population to little above the usual mortality of flu.

The indiscriminate, mindless testing of well, returning school children is setting us up to fail just in time for the parliament vote to extend the executive’s Coronavirus Act dictatorship for another 6 months. That would bring us to October 2021 and back to the usual winter killing season.

The timing is such the Act may never be revoked by a decerebrate parliament.


We live in an extraordinary time when the world can be pandemic positive and negative simultaneously. Thus, I find my medical observations are becoming more politically tinged as I realise that the coronavirus situation is more a creation of political expediency, arbitrariness and superstition than of medical science.

Vaccination has become a political act.

Politicians have co-opted all knowledge, expertise and science and weaponised it beyond recognition. Big Pharma has captured governments. Mainstream media has uncritically lapped and regurgitated it up for our constant delectation. There is no alternative perspective. World medical experts have been propagandised and censored out of existence.

The result is an unsustainable, polarisation of the mass consciousness, where those with courage, knowledge, and those losing out in lockdown are neutralised. This is very bad for humankind whatever side you believe you bat for.

Hence, I have decided to present an unabashed opinion on this occasion, based upon my previous accounts and analyses of the past. In part, my reason is because the government is not only refusing to listen to the mounting pile of contrary scientific evidence, it has destroyed the battlefield of truth and moved firmly into the realm of fiction, lies and propaganda.

So, I reserve the right to be wrong in the pursuit of intellectual multiculturalism, equality and diversity. My recent experience suggests the totalitarian capitalists and authoritarian socialists wish to hoard these liberal principles for their exclusive advantage. May I reclaim them, for everybody.

In a world where the politics of compromise has been devoured by the polarising effect of vaccination and identity politics, lockdown is the miracle glue that unites us in inclusive segregation.

Rather than accept in a pandemic that death is inevitable, the government and media panders to the sheer impossibilities of woke-ness. No one is allowed to die of the virus. Therefore, all must suspend reality and accept the trough-point of civilisation.

What happened to Keep Calm & Carry On?

One must hope one day political convenience will bow to reality rather than try make reality bow to it. There is a limit for psychological techniques to impose themselves on reality. It was reached many months ago.

The mainstream Covid-19 delusion represents the final failure in our civilisations. Without an improvement in the integrity and intelligence of our leaders, the media and an end to their polarising mass-messaging there is no escape. Their conduct has led us to a year of deliberate self-harm and to the point of collective suicide.

It is not just happening with coronavirus. Polarisation has ravaged even the common values of truth and liberty in the free world to such a degree that affiliation to a political movement trumps basic morality, truth and justice.


We no longer have a functioning democratic government, parliament nor judiciary. The government pursues a scorched earth policy, unchecked and unbalanced. Parliamentary parties collude and are detached from their party memberships.

Politicians like Hancock, who confect rhetoric into unassailable truths, seem increasingly unhinged from reality and democratic principles. What is to be done? They ought start by acknowledging they might be dangerously wrong, and confess that the justification, ‘but I disproportionately hurt you to help you’ is incoherent and cruel.

Hysteria-whipping political opportunists, the immature and obeisant media ideologues eyeing votes and ratings leap on the ‘not one person must die’ band wagon, yet they take and destroy many, and save none.

Government appears to have an unwavering policy of ignoring cheap, safe pharmaceutical measures and targeted risk-population driven policies in favour of continuing to push illegal pharmaceutical experiments, fear, and futile, poorly-evidenced non-pharmaceutical interventions aka facial cloths, unemployment, house arrest and a police state.

Of course, home-made masks cannot contain a near molecular-sized virus any more than they contain air. Yes, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin seem to work, and this is not the world’s greatest pandemic by any stretch; but at the same time all three statements are not true for our ruling classes.

These are the blatant contradictions our lives are predicated upon. If there is a chance of ivermectin protecting hospital colleagues, why haven’t the government implemented that? There is nothing to lose, in contrast to the danger to life and liberty of the gene therapy agenda.

Brexit is another example of malignant fissuring. It was a near-miss, a mere symptom of the political septicaemia that was yet to kill democracy.

For four years we witnessed the near negation of a democratic referendum at the hands of our democratically-elected politicians. It was in hindsight the harbinger of BLM, Covid lunacy and the crisis of the American Constitution.

Is it mere happenstance that race, gender and sexual political theory is replacing natural play and the three Rs in pre-schools, that both the Nobel peace prize nominated BLM and Covid-19 found lovers in multinationals and the Democrats in the year of the most important US presidential election?

Intersectionality, critical race theory and socially-segmented marketing strategies all depend upon propaganda and phylogenetic population division and rule for their immoral advantage.

Should the end justify the means? It feels a more poignant question if falsehood is the means by which a final system of untruthful existence is entrenched irreversibly. That is the truth of our collective direction, today.


Was there election rigging in the US elections? You might have thought all democracy-minded Americans would support a forum of truth-telling, transparency and justice in which to examine the evidence.

But no, it turns out that politics comes before not only the truth, the rule of law and justice, but before democracy itself. Who would have thought that Venezuelan mafia politics and election systems could transfer so well to the US.

It seems it is not only COVID which is pandemic: Myanmar and it’s Rohingya-persecuting Nobel peace prize-winning leader are the subjects of a military coup over concerns of systematic election fraud.

We have witnessed a sitting POTUS censored and cancelled whilst in office by a parallel totalitarian regime. Why 100% of the US seem not outraged has to be a matter of political bias, ignorance and propaganda. The inevitable result is democracy, liberty and the concept of co-existent, competing, self-improving discourse is dead. It is a blow far more fatal than the Covid-19 which helped usher it in.

That one POTUS who had not commenced one war and signed several international peace accords can start being impeached on the day of entering office and weeks after leaving office; and another prematurely wins the Nobel peace prize on entry to office only to subsequently start, foment, and commence multiple theatre wars ought to astound, disturb and have been vigorously queried. Yet it was not.

President Trump can be continually ridiculed as a dunce by the media, but when President Biden so obviously has advancing signs of cognitive impairment the media do not express concern, not even for the poor man himself. Isn’t this carer abuse? None of it sits comfortably with me. Something is very wrong.

There was a time a when journalists were regarded as the fourth pillar of democracy. Now such inconsistencies are swept by the media under a propaganda rug and the crimes continue.


Today, the justification for evil and tyranny is not prejudice toward a race, it is race. Iyola Solanke, a Leeds University-sponsored law professor believes the cure for the prejudice which led to genocide is the extermination of prejudice.

How does she propose to do this? By treating it like a virus. For her, prejudice is a virus to be exterminated.

The difficulty is that all people carry prejudice, whether asymptomatically or symptomatically. Her ilk can view everything it does not like through the lens of unconscious bias and race division.

So, does she kill or lockdown on people she does not agree with, or merely medicate, vaccinate and reprogram their views out of them? Or does she take unreasonable offence, muzzle, cancel and deny them free speech, thought and religion? How will she relieve herself of her own manifested prejudices? Such is the hyper-polarised madness and unlikely convergence of Marxism, Nth wave feminism, BLM, critical race theory, corporate-sponsorship and Covid policy into one suicidal singularity.

As ‘war on terror’ is a futile and never-ending concept, so is ‘war on virus’. It cannot be defeated, nor made truce with, only accepted, eventually adapted to and conciliated with by our species.

The fact is humankind cannot survive without such co-existent, often helpful, natural micro-organisms. This war is a war against ourselves and our immune systems by a dehumanising, corporate and profiteering attitude to health, life and the human spirit.


Covid is no ordinary failure, it is a global system crash. Questions remain to be answered. Was it deliberately triggered, wilfully perpetuated and gleefully capitalised upon?

My observations of individuals, companies, governments and the WHO and my knowledge of medicine tell me it is all most possible. What I wish for is the hard evidence to lead to criminal convictions. It has increasingly seemed to me this last year that the same people who created the problem, simultaneously benefit and are encouraging humankind to crash into a wall.

If every family had a member dying of a flu-like illness we’d all quite naturally be obedient and take a spin on the wheel of the pharmaceuticals lottery. It would not be necessary to bully, cajole, coerce, threaten, propagandise and use the police to beat us in to obedience. We are not even close to a black death scenario. Raised standards of living, hygiene and sanitation are the reason why we are not ill, not vaccines.

As with flu, we’d be targeting the elderly as they seem to have an extraordinarily disproportionate risk of mortality and morbidity from Covid. We would certainly not target children for vaccination as they are already relatively invincible to Covid-19 (though not to flu). However, these are not the sensible findings of our government, its scientists nor its corporate partners. The new normal is perversely abnormal.

The proposition by governments that we, as eight billion relatively healthy people, should expect perpetual lockdowns and serial, designer gene therapies yearly, if not more frequently, is grotesque. At this point we are not the raison d’être, we exist for the vaccines and gene therapies.


Asymptomatic false-positive diagnosis is unforgivable, but one without testing for other common causes is even worse. Misdiagnosing what would have been death from old age or some other usual event with an asymptomatic false-positive Covid test is falsifying the cause of death and is literally criminal. Natural deaths seem no longer a thing. Bad science, shoddy medicine, central directives to certify COVID-19 where there is any doubt, and poor data gathering mean the crime is perfect.

The WHO cooks definitions of Pandemic, Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFIs), PCR tests and herd immunity like a criminal cartel.

Tossing a coin is far more diagnostically accurate than community Covid PCR testing on well persons. Ideally, there should have been a parallel influenza test for each Covid test. My experience of patients’ hospital discharge letters reveals not one influenza test result was recorded.

Our police, who under their own oath should police the criminal common law with our consent are now acting like the vigilantes of commerce. They enforce unnatural statutory law, regulations and guidelines. Where does that leave non-commercial, natural human interests? They tackle unmasked, healthy people as if they were undetonated bombs.

Since when did the spread of a cold or flulike illness become a crime? Since when did a well person become a potential suspect? The police never used to become involved in the politesse of a cough, fever or cold.

In 2019 it used to be a badge of honour to keep coming, sniffling into the office. Now it seems a crime against humanity. I am waiting for the first bona fide coryzal assault case, where the brain-washed magistrate will accept that the victim reasonably apprehended a harm from a defendant’s sniffle.

What material difference is there between terrorists and the actions of the WHO, Gates and our government?

Well, those three seem like mere terrorists, but not also another’s freedom fighter. Our government preach of how ‘hateful extremists exploit the pandemic,’ but there is no mention of themselves. Moreover, it is the questioning norm which is smeared as terrorists. What if the vaccines are killing more than Covid. Do we convict Drs. Whitty and Fauci for crimes against humanity?

In stark contrast to my first patient, I speak with my last patient, she is socioeconomically vulnerable.

In March 2020 she complained of a lump in her throat. Her urgent scan was cancelled due to ‘Covid measures’. In February 2021 she complained of multiple lumps in her throat and difficulty swallowing.

This is the mountain of disease concealed under the magic carpet of Covid. Coronavirus Regulations-sponsored NHS medical negligence is often grossly negligent, bordering on criminal.

The game is to keep the patient away and out of your zone of accountability. Like hands-free patient ping-pong.

One might conclude life on earth is impossible without Big Pharma. It has moulded the world in its own vision. The vaccine passport is likewise an inappropriate response. Particularly when viewed through the lens of another continuously, unpredictably mutating, elderly-targeting respiratory virus. Would anyone else find the prospect of a flu vaccine passport troubling?

It is not coincidence that Monsanto GMOs abduct the food chain, Farmer Gates pushes a Pharma lifestyle, and gene modification is both’s central pièce de résistance.

When Gates becomes America’s biggest owner of farmland one has confirmatory triangulation that Mother Nature is no longer boss. Most of us only need basic sanitation, an active life, family love and a natural diet to remain well.

Bipolar Corona-Politics Positive?

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