Bill Gates To Address FORTY Heads Of State At Climate Summit [Video]

Bill Gates To Address FORTY Heads Of State At Climate Summit

Climate expert AND the world’s most powerful doctor?

Steve Watson

The world’s most powerful doctor Bill Gates is to be given a platform this week to address FORTY heads of state at a climate summit hosted by Joe Biden, according to a Reuters report.

Gates, also a renowned climate expert because he is selling a book about it, will be the keynote speaker at the virtual summit which begins on Thursday and will be attended by French President Emmanuel Macron and British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Gates will reportedly talk about “Innovation in clean energy” and “industries that have yet to be created”.

The announcement comes as Democrats reintroduced their revamped ‘green new deal’, which seeks to plough hundreds of billions of dollars into so called ‘green’ initiatives in an effort to transition to a 100 percent carbon free-economy, as well as meeting 100 percent of power demand from zero-emission energy sources like wind and solar.

Critics have warned that it will collapse an already stretched economy while handing government total control over all aspects of society.

Senator Rand Paul also noted that the initiative lays out plans to form a Civilian Climate Corps youth army that will be trained to follow government mandates.

Bill Gates has poured millions into bizarre geoengineerng research into blocking out the Sun, funnelling at least $4.6 million to the lead researcher on SCoPEx, Harvard applied physics scientist David Keith.

Gates was recently lauded as the man to “save the world” and help the planet reach zero carbon emissions in a report by Wired Magazine, despite such standards not being reflected in the billionaire philanthropist’s own lifestyle.

A CO2 super-emitter, Gates owns 4 private jets and a collection of Porsches which are kept in his 66,000 square foot mansion.

As we previously highlighted, while Americans are being told that the dream of owning private property is over under a future ‘Great Reset’, Gates and other billionaires have been buying up huge amounts of farmland.

Gates is now the biggest owner of farmland in America, according to a Forbes report, all the while lecturing Americans that beef farming is killing the planet.

While the mainstream media continues to champion Gates’ influence, he has received harsh criticism elsewhere.

As we previously highlighted, Lawyer Robert F. Kennedy Jr., son of Robert F. Kennedy and the nephew of former U.S. president John F. Kennedy, wrote a comprehensive report accusing Gates of engaging in neo-feudalism.


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Bill Gates To Address FORTY Heads Of State At Climate Summit [Video]


3 Responses to “Bill Gates To Address FORTY Heads Of State At Climate Summit [Video]”

  1. Mick says:

    Why is Gates still alive? Where are all the Second Amendment Americans and their “…you’ll have to take it from my cold, dead hands.” It looks like Gates will take it from their cold, dead hands – after he’s killed them with his lethal injections.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      The brainless, TV indoctrinated and gleefully compliant muzzled morons (our collaborating, Stasi-like fellow citizens), happily surrendered the Second Amendment to the state oligarchy, along with our God-given freedom and almost all of our human rights, we all once took for granted, until very recently.
      They (not Gates or Fraudci, et al), are the ones who all need to have cold dead hands, and the good news is that soon, they probably will have: They’re all jumping over each other for their place in the long queues for what they believe they need in order to survive and return to ‘normality’:
      Kill Gates’s magic, lifesaving ‘vaccine’ followed by 2 or more booster shots each year. ?????
      We must therefore, encourage the eager herd of sleepwalking, muzzled sheep to be euthanized inoculated and of course to continue to wear full PPE: Minimum: 5 slave muzzles and a fish-bowl over their vacuous heads (including when they are alone outdoors and in their cars, and of course, absolute MUST: while alone in bed sleeping); and 2 pairs of blue latex gloves, plus a light-blue plastic full body (neck to ankle) cloak even on a 100 degrees plus, summer day…

      Message From the esteemed Dr Anthony Fauci:
      Please ALL of you loyal and obedient worthless slaves out there: PLEASE: Get your lifesaving ‘Covid vaccine’ ASAP! And again, please: continue to signify your virtue and acceptance of your voluntary servitude by ALWAYS wearing your dehumanizing triple shame-muzzles EVERYWHERE, 24/7.
      Finally: please ignore those irresponsible asymptomatic super-spreaders and conspiracy theorists in Texas and other states, who ‘returned to normal’ and abolished all covid pandemic mandates: Yes, they might all appear to perfectly healthy, because they are, but I insist they are definitely infected and could potentially infect the entire population of their states with this fatal disease and possibly the entire country. They are all going to die eventually, if they continue to flout the law! My partner: the wonderful Philanthropist and humanitarian Mr William Gates and his lifesaving pharmaceutical companies, along with the humanitarian WEF and the UN have practically guaranteed it.

      Remember the new rules: ACCEPT the New Normal. We MUST Save the planet from humanity and its exponentially growing population of useless eaters, thus:
      ‘We’re all in this together’; ‘it’s all for the greater good’.

  2. Mick says:

    A video I watched recently said one effect of having our protein limited by being forced to eat lab-grown gunk and insect meal is it will lead to malnutrition and limit our ability to produce the many amino acids we need for good health. So it’s doublespeak: they tell us it’s about feeding us when it’s about starving us and keeping us weak. The sustainability bit seems to be sustaining us with a high-carb diet so we still produce energy for labour, but that would make us mere pack animals. A a low-protein/high carb diet puts us at risk of kwashiorkor, or distended belly, like people often get in developing countries.