Anal Schwab test. Had yours yet?

Ned’s still drawing his political cartoons.    I’m not sure I can laugh at anything concerning these people any more, but I promise to try.

Mass murder surely has its funnier aspects.  Spike Milligan laughed his way through WW2.  Ned’s doing the same with the great COVID fake,

and the murder of thousands/millions of vulnerable people worldwide.  It makes a change from the main media, I suppose.

It would be funnier still if these people were all strung up.  That’s what happens when you climb all the way to the top of the greasy poll, I believe.

The useful idiots are suitably disposed of by their Illuminati masters, to keep the truth from spilling.

Ned writes –

WHO. Boris the spider. Herr Handycock & real life Bond villain Klaus Anal Schwab. My grotesque portrayal of the grotesque creatures currently directing our lives.
All we have to do is stop acquiescing & return to normal. There is NO pandemic except on the BBC.