One Response to “Amazing Polly: Corona Crimes Against Humanity! Were You Harmed? – Must Video”

  1. Alan Vaughn says:

    Yes, these German human rights activists are indeed dedicated heroes, but they’re about to find out that the courts, including this International Criminal Court are not on their side and will not be interested in hearing these charges. They only need to look to Donald Trump and his experience with these biased and treasonous institutions of iniquity and lawlessness.
    Therefore, our heroes should be preparing themselves for huge disappointment.
    So too should all the lazy, cowardly citizens who expect others such as these heroes, to do what they can and should be doing themselves to end this tyranny:
    Forget the useless corrupt courts and wasting time with open letters and petitions, that no-one would even read, let alone respond to. Instead, simply STAND UP to the humanity loathing oppressors en masse and tell them NO! We WILL NOT COMPLYI
    And of course, DISOBEY en masse, each and every dehumanizing diktat they think they have the ‘right’ to impose on us all. They DON’T.
    Time is long overdue to tell them under no uncertain terms they don’t.