Ache conformity experiments.

How many are wearing the useless polyester masks because they believe it will stop spreading a virus, and how many are just conforming. I believe that the masks are just being used by the perpetrators of this crime, as a gauge of social conformity.


2 Responses to “Ache conformity experiments.”

  1. Gordon says:

    ” I believe that the masks are just being used by the perpetrators of this crime, as a gauge of social conformity.”

    Likewise, this CV19 experiment intentionally came at a time when there was much unrest in the world. Recall the street riots against governments in Hong Kong, France, Germany and Venezuela which needed to be suppressed by a fearful elite. It has to be said the Covid Hoax was brilliant strategy.

    The lessons learned from this (Agenda 21) will be carefully analysed and prelude to something more sinister leading up to 2030 (Agenda 2030). Anti-NWO government extremism will be brutally quelled, as we already see in the making, and all dissidents will be interred in death camps in America, Canada, Germany and I believe now Australia. – And you wonder what all the coffins were for!!

    Troubling times ahead folks.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      The key to ending all of this is to knock out the LYING, complicit and treasonous mainstream media shills. They are really the solid barrier that preventing us critical thinking and informed people from conveying the TRUTH about this dreadful coup d’état being carried out in plain sight of the dumbed-down and needlessly frightened muzzled morons.
      If we could figure how to silence them and expose their society destroying LIES and who is coercing the lying shills to propagate them, and WHY they are: we’d be about 95% of the way to ending the whole terrifying real-life nightmare psy-op, which the sleepwalking masked zombies don’t even realize they are the main characters of.

      The first thing they need to know is that there is no ‘pandemic’ – not even a mild one, there never was and they are NOT in any danger.
      Once they are aware of that, they won’t need any further convincing or ‘coaching’ from us, apart from maybe trying to calm them all down as they go after the evil WEF and UN based perpetrators.