A message from Dr Kevin Corbett of the British Nursing Alliance.


Courtesy of Gordon.

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  1. User says:

    Anyone care to support this?

    Coerced vaccination, no jab – no pay – no job, is not a thing of the future. The ‘vaccine hesitant’ are being sacked and it is happening now.

    Barchester Healthcare Ltd employ a staff of approximately 17,000. Over several months they have conducted a campaign successfully to ‘persuade’ all their workforce to have a Covid-19 vaccine. They say about 90% have been vaccinated. They have written to the rest to say that, unless they can provide evidence of medical exemption, then their employment will be terminated.

    Their campaign of persuasion has been nothing less than coercion. Barchester have offered a vaccine bonus for the vaccinated but for employees who do not agree to be vaccinated, they have repeatedly and expressly threatened

    • to withheld bonus payments

    • not to roster for work (and therefore to provide no pay)

    • dismissal

    These threats are being put into practice and Barchester is commencing the dismissal process across its workforce from 23 April.

    The employees need your support in this case to express theirs and your opinion.

    The legal case

    The law has not changed. The Human Rights Act is still in place, as is the legal requirement for informed consent.

    Coerced injection of any substance is an interference with fundamental human rights that must be justified as necessary and proportionate. In circumstances where the government keeps repeating that the vaccines do not stop transmission and that the vulnerable have been vaccinated already, it is difficult to see any justification whatsoever.

    Irrespective of your thoughts about these treatments – who may or may not benefit from any Covid vaccine, their efficacy, the adverse events, their experimental nature, unknown medium or long term harms or whether they should be regarded as unlawful because there is no longer an emergency – everyone still has the right to their personal and bodily autonomy.

    The employees complain that the coercion to be vaccinated is a breach of the contract of employment, that the process involves significant invasion of their rights to privacy and, for many, it also amounts to unlawful discrimination.

    What we are asking for

    This case is being fought by Laworfiction with specialist leading barristers.

    We are asking nothing less than for the Court to issue an injunction to end the company’s practice and threats of using vaccination status as reason to refuse offering employment.

    Implications for you and other workers

    Although brought against a private sector employer, if we are successful this case has immediate implications for NHS workers who will be able to rely on the legal principles re-established.

    These principles go well beyond the health sector. The principles have never changed but have only been forgotten in the hysteria of fear and relentless promotion of vaccines as a ‘way out’ of the nightmare which the government and SAGE has wrought upon us. They apply to every business and employer throughout the country.

    This goes beyond the workplace. If we can stop coerced vaccination by employers, the numbers of people who say no will render vaccine and health passports even more pointless as a health measure than they are already. The refusal of services to customers will almost certainly become impractical if not also declared unlawful without need to consider discrimination issues.

    Time is critical

    It is no coincidence that on the same day the letter before action is sent to Barchester, Matt Hancock announces he wants to Parliament to make vaccination mandatory. The parliamentary process will take time but will also be far more difficult if the Courts confirm what we say this is – a breach of human rights.

    We have set an initial target of £15,000 just to get going quickly. The application is for an injunction and for the case to be heard quickly. Given the significance of this case, the damage it can do to the government’s and vaccine manufacturers’ plans to the whole population and the profits under attack, the legal costs may mount swiftly and may reach into six figures.

    Your donation is vital. Please express your opinion by pledging to support this case. If we don’t stop this, your body and your job will be next.

  2. maverick says:

    Even the most ardent advocate of vaccines should by now be questioning why this paranoid obsession of attempting to make compulsory covid gene therapy injections on all and sundry, no exceptions – for a variety of the flu!

  3. sovereigntea says:

    Here is a shorter url for the video 🙂

    A message from Dr Kevin Corbett
    of the British Nursing Alliance. – 3:37

    A message from Dr Kevin Corbett of the British Nursing Alliance.

    Co-Founders Dr Kevin Corbett and Kate Shemirani have created the British Nursing Alliance for qualified nurses who have or want to speak out, with a view to forming a new nursing register for those who are taking this risk.

    Qualified Nurses can join here:


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    • Tapestry says:

      Be careful of any organisation which is bound to be ‘controlled’ and a way to catch would-be whistleblowers before they blow.

  4. sovereigntea says:

    Reiner Fuellmich – We have the Evidence – 19:31