2 Responses to “A MASSIVE side effect of the Vaccine that no one is talking about!!”

  1. stellanini says:

    We may not have an NHS much longer. HOWEVER, there are other, often better alternatives to blood transfusion; not least because a significant percentage of the time peopl are given the wrong blood type, Also, everyone’s blood carries their own personal set of diseases, and to pass these on to someone is hazardous: the Christian Scientists are right about that! The good news is that there are homeopathic remedies that can help someone recover within a couple of hours from severe haemorrhages: I have many years’ personal experience of that – so all is not lost. There’s also autohaemolysis, for the wealthy… I would myself not accept someone else’s blood, whatever the crisis.

  2. User says:

    Wow! There’s another undisclosed consequence of the vax. You may have heard how they have been researching on ways to switch off the God gene in people’s DNA. There’s an old video knocking about the internet on this. It seems they’ve put this kill switch in the COVID vaccines.