A couple quick items

It is rumored that some women are expelling their entire uterine lining after getting the corona jab

It is actually not really rumor but since I did not talk to anyone directly for this topic, I’ll call it that. I just went over social media posts and I did not even know this could happen before reading them. After the corona vax searches on this topic spiked dramatically so there’s something to this.


I am going to throw a few bones out there for those who are interested in this –

Under normal circumstances this is very rare, and when this happens it is called a decidual cast. These usually happen when pregnancies go wrong, or after abortions, or when women take any of the pregnancy hormones at too high an amount and then suddenly stop taking them. The entire uterine wall gets expelled and it comes out in one piece that looks like a uterus. It is rare, this seldom happens even due to the causes mentioned here, it takes a serious hormonally traumatic event to trigger a decidual cast. Under normal circumstances, they don’t lead to infertility.

But what if the woman had no pregnancy go wrong, took no hormones, had EVERYTHING normal, and then this happens? Well, it does not happen. Yet after the corona vax it is happening.


Let me explain something here –

Even when a woman is not pregnant, she still has pregnancy hormones in her at a constant level. When she gets pregnant, they increase to help maintain the pregnancy but even without a pregnancy, she still has them. If the corona vax is triggering decidual casts, it means that normal non-pregnant hormonal levels are spiked downward so much the body believes a traumatic pregnancy event happened and it expels the entire uterine wall. My guess (and I am more than right, I am damn right and it’s really no guess at all) – my FACTUAL supposition that goes beyond theory is that if you take a woman who’s not pregnant and down spike her hormones so bad that this happens she’s no longer fertile, and probably never will be again. My guess is that the vaxxes are tracked via serial number so that some women always get a saline shot and the elite will end up with about 50 million fertile women left over when this all washes out so they can keep and manage a slave pool. There’s absolutely no reason for women who are not messing with their hormones intentionally at a level well beyond birth control, or women that did not have a traumatic pregnancy event to have this happen EVER, IT DOES NOT HAPPEN OUTSIDE THOSE CONDITIONS, EVER. Yet after the vax, it is happening. Welcome to the new normal.