Why you’re a mug to be wearing a mask.


When the truth finally comes out about the dangers of masks, teachers making children wear
masks in schools will be sued. Bosses making their employees wear masks will also be sued.
Ignorance is no defence. And as the Nuremburg defendants discovered the reply, ‘I was
obeying orders’ is no defence.

Visors have one important advantage over masks. The evidence shows clearly that although
masks are useless at preventing the spread of infection they are potentially extremely
dangerous. On the other hand, although visors are just as useless as masks at preventing the
spread of infection they are at least relatively free of danger and are, therefore, the face
coverings of choice for those who feel the need to wear one. Although they have not been
tested extensively, visors are probably just as useless as masks but they may be less
dangerous to wearers. The fact that governments allow citizens to use visors proves beyond
any shadow of doubt that the whole mask wearing scam is just that – a scam. The aim is to
obtain psychological control rather than to control disease.

Dr Griesz-Brisson explains that while the mask wearer thinks that they are becoming
accustomed to re-breathing exhaled air, the problems within the brain are growing as the
oxygen deprivation continues.
She also points out that brain cells which die, because of a shortage of oxygen, will never
be replaced. They are gone for ever. She goes on to argue that everyone is entitled to claim
exemption from mask wearing because oxygen deprivation is so dangerous – and masks
don’t work.
Finally, Dr Griesz-Brisson points out that children and teenagers must never wear masks,
partly because they have extremely active and adaptive immune systems but also because
their brains are especially active and vulnerable. The more active an organ is the more
oxygen it needs. And so the damage to children’s brains is huge and irreversible.
She warns that dementia is going to increase in ten years, and the younger generation will
not be able to reach their potential because of the mask wearing.


One Response to “Why you’re a mug to be wearing a mask.”

  1. pete fairhurst says:

    I’ve never worn one and I never will. I am exempt under their guidelines. In fact anyone can exempt themselves under their guidelines because nobody is forced to reveal their medical history to anyone else. So they’ve got to accept your word ;-))
    In practice, a firm hard look straight into the eyes of anyone challenging you, combined with your declaration “I am exempt” is always sufficient