One Response to “Why The Lockdowns are being Continuously Extended.”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    One presumes Common Purpose Cressida Dick bears full responsibility for operational security 🙂

    Operational security (OPSEC), also known as procedural security, is a risk management process that encourages managers to view operations from the perspective of an adversary in order to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.

    The Met Police was reorganised in 2019 and a whole new list of operational codes for sections appeared. One in particular, MO3, is Met Operations which covers target surveillance using bugs and probes in cars, homes, workplaces and on telephone and internet networks.

    This highly sensitive work is at the cutting edge of the fight against Organised Crime Groups (OCG) in conjunction with the National Crime Agency, NCA. It also involves liaising with counter-terrorism command teams within the Met Police, regional counter terrorism units (CTU) all over the UK and of course the Security Service MI5.

    It is therefore surprising that the location for the teams and vehicles forming MO3 is publicised so much by the Met themselves. Throughout a major recruitment programme in August 2019, job adverts and brochures appeared detailing MO3’s activities and the precise location of its operational base. Even key personnel are named in the documents.

    Take a look at the junction of Union Road and Larkhall Lane near Stockwell Tube Station, north of Clapham, SW4. On one corner there’s the shell of the not-very-grand old Duke of York pub (latterly the DoY Bar and Grill), on another is a block of flats in Lambeth Council’s huge Springfield Estate, while on the other corner is a large unmarked police depot full of vehicles. To the rear and immediately next door on Smedley Street’s eastern end is the Larkhall Primary School and Sure Start Children’s Centre. A simple sign outside the police depot announces “157 Larkhall Lane” but there’s no other signage. The site was previously the 1950s / 1960s era Subarctic House, a food storage warehouse run by S. Frost and Company Limited. The modern day usage is just as chilling.

    In an amusing coincidence, the freehold management company, CLS Holdings, responsible for the Subarctic site on which the Met Police MO3 covert base sits, has its own HQ in the newly built office block directly opposite the NCA HQ on Tinworth Street, London.