WHO insiders blow the whistle on total immunity of Bill Gates through GAVI

The biggest violation of human rights ever, right now, is a SIGNAL that the system is broken, and the only ‘authority’ to transform harm into harmlessness is our collective consent based on evidence of the closest truth.

I transcribed some of the video below b/c it is being taken down as fast as people post it. Twitter blocked the video. If the link below does not work search the title.

05:27 mins
Dr. Astrid Stuckelberger health scientist
I was involved with European Union and have a lot of expertise in international. The international health regulation was adopted in 2005 but implemented and came into force in 2008.

Switzerland is the center, and I speak as a Norwegian, it’s the center of a lot of corruption because we have one of the most important NGOs. It’s GAVI, the Global Alliance for Vaccine initiative, the foundation of Bill Gates, which I tell you, and I have the papers, has TOTAL IMMUNITY. They can do whatever they want. The police cannot come and look into their computer.

What they say is pandemic happened when I was in South Korea, and I realized something is not right, not corresponding to the international health regulation. When I traveled back, the media news says one thing and people don’t behave the same in airports. So I started to look, and I realized over this whole year all the breaches compared to the international health regulation and preparedness plan.

I’m working now for a lawyer in Quebec, Dominic Desjarlais. I organized the Stockholm Peace Summit Post Covid where I invited you and you couldn’t come. Dominic was there with two other lawyers Rocco Galati and Matt [Bru??] for France because I don’t think we will solve this public health problem, and population, economic problem without lawyers. It’s impossible.

So what I’m doing now with lawyers is finding out more, and I have four points I can talk to you about but since Silvia is here she can confirm that this Obligation is signed by 194 member states and it is embedded in the Constitution of the WHO. So they don’t need to adopt it. It is immediately approved and it’s an Obligation so it is legally binding directly.

Reiner Fuellmich lawyer: The international health regulations or what?
DR. S: Yes. International, and this is the trick because nobody knows this. It’s in the papers but you have to dig. You have to go and dig the inconsistencies of everything they’re doing to see they are directing as a corporate agency the WHOThis made the health security a dictatorship where the director general can decide on his own to sell vaccines, to sell the PCR instead of all the documents that say you have to have a confirmation of a clinical, and there are other tests than PCR. I’m finding out some inconsistencies that have not been used at all in law.

The first one is it’s an Obligation, so if it’s an Obligation what Tedros says, this secretary general terrorist in the WHO, when he [Tedros] says something all the countries have to have to obey under law.

Reiner: All the member states of the WHO, everyone who signed the agreement with the WHO because automatically, as you’re saying, this is part of the Constitution of the WHO. This is binding law for everyone who is a member of the WHO.

Dr. S: Right, with two reservations. It was the USA and Iranthey don’t want to obey the WHO completely.

The 2016 third edition. Bill Gates was already around mingling, saying he pays so much money. He became visible in 2017. I know this from my colleagues there, he requested to be part of the executive board of the WHO like a member state. It’s incredible, and they went to the vote. They tried to lobby the countries, of course he tried to bribe. It’s really an event because it is not mentioned. Maybe we can get the minutes of the executive board. They even accepted that he would be considered as a member state because of the money he gives. This is unprecedented in a Constitution of member states.

Reiner: Is he [Bill Gates] now being considered as a member state?
Dr. S: Not officially.

Reiner: But unofficially?
Dr. S. Not that I know.

Reiner: But unofficially, yes? And that’s why he has this immunity, right.
Dr. S: He has total immunity in Switzerland.

Reiner: Unofficially he probably holds that kind of status right?
Dr. S: Yeah. I can tell you why it is very suspicious. I think he has done something with every member state, the same contracts. What I found out with Swiss Medic, the FDA of Switzerland, the Swiss Medic signed a contract with Bill Gates and the WHO. This is abnormal.

13:05 mins Dr. Hoffman: He literally tried to lobby himself into the WHO as a member state to basically found the country of Bill Gatistan. At that point he would have been basically a one-man country.

Dr. S: Yes, he could be a dictator so he can influence. The fact he was not accepted by vote to be a member state, that’s why the minutes would be very interesting, he then started to sign papers for countries, that’s my hypothesis, because he did it with Swiss Medic. So, the WHO, Bill Gates and country in charge of accrediting treatments and vaccination are signing contracts.

Dr. S: How can you, if your country signs a contract between three signatures, Bill Gates, a country, and WHO, because WHO signs with countries and even that I find pretty weird. Why does the WHO have to sign with a country an agreement?  This is a corporate agency doing that not the WHO.

Correct me Silvia. The WHO accepts to have a private company, selling, a merchant, signing together the three, to make the surveillance and to choose the medication. I think that Swiss Medic had posted it on the website. I think every country, that’s my hypothesis, they have done this everywhere that’s why everybody says the same thing, the same message every week there’s the same thing happening. 

Reiner: Tell us more about this immunity, how does this work?
Dr. S: It’s shocking. Normally NGOs because I’m an NGO, I’m an NGO activist with academics in the UN since 20 years. An NGO has a status of accreditation to the United Nations. You can come and speak, you’re an observer but you cannot intervene in many things and you don’t have immunity. If you open an office you are submitted to taxation. GAVI has no taxes to pay, this already is very strange.

Switzerland is hosting an NGO international who doesn’t pay taxes and who has total immunity. There are clauses in there you can read them. The police cannot come and take a computer. If there is a criminal problem in the office the police cannot get in.

Reiner: So they are criminally immune.
Dr. S: Yes.

Reiner: Criminally immune from any criminal sanctions.
Dr. Hoffman: I just looked it up. They have qualified diplomatic immunity within their within own area of operations. They don’t pay taxes since 2009. They ratified the law in Switzerland in 2009 and this is a shared responsibility. It’s published on Wikipedia.

Reiner: Yeah but people don’t know it because nobody cares.
Dr. S: We don’t even think that it’s possible as citizens.

Reiner: Yes, that’s why we’re not thinking about where is the basis for all this because we simply accept what is being told, and now we’re going to start thinking because this is extremely important information. Everything is out there in the open but most people don’t want to see it because they don’t believe it can be possible.



Abusing the system through NGOs

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