When you look more closely, you start to see how the boody traps are rigged . . .


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Personally I am almost grateful to the government for its Covid terror attack on my country for the simple reason that it got me looking more closely at vaccines. I probably never would have paid much attention had not the Covidiot Terror Faction in my government launched its psychological warfare attack on the nation’s citizenry That kind of things tends to make you wonder what is going on and what manner of skulduggery is afoot.

So you start to look more closely . . .

I had never, I confess, taken a huge interest before and was certainly unaware of the problems with them that are being hidden from plain sight by a corrupt industry and its equally corrupt stooges in  government.

I grew up believing, like most people, that vaccines are a safe and effective technology that is a boon to mankind. And maybe they were but it seems to me that over the years vaccine technology has been hijacked by the unscrupulous, messed about with, abused and corrupted to the point, long since passed, where the biochemical agents now being marketed and over-sold at immense profit under that benign epithet “vaccine” have become a booby-trapped  liability.

We really need to start LOOKING VERY CLOSELY at vaccines and what they actually are.

Check out this video, and arm yourself with wit the knowledge you’ll need to arrive at an informed opinion. It contains info from a very worthy source that you definitely need to nnnow

The pediatrician Dr. Larry Palevsky briefs a Health Committee Public Hearing” ” on Proposed Legislation Concerning Immunizations” that was aired on CTN Connecticut Network.

Very clear, concise and easy-to-grasp info.


URL  https://www.bitchute.com/video/JbsxGG0tsEjp/

When you look more closely, you start to see how the booby traps are rigged . . .


2 Responses to “When you look more closely, you start to see how the boody traps are rigged . . .”

  1. ian says:

    I remember watching a biologist, who had spent time as a fisheries scientist talking about aluminium. The presenter said that the vaccines only contained 15 micrograms per litre of aluminium, a tiny amount. He replied that 5 micrograms/litre kills salmon. It rapidly ended the debate.

  2. ian says:

    To be clear that was 15 micrograms of aluminium per litre of water.