WATCH: UK – 2 Years in Prison for Selling Food

Many of you likely are already aware of the Ice Age Farmer podcast, but for those of you who aren’t we highly recommend his work. He puts out great material focusing on how the oligarchy undermines our food supply in an effort to control what and how we eat. This short video is a great example.

To quote his episode summary:

The UK is ready to throw you in jail for selling food, and issuing warnings about food being dirty and dangerous! This complements the news yesterday about potentially requiring proof of COVID vaccination just to enter a grocery stores. Access to food is rapidly being restricted, and you must start to grow and save your own food immediately.

This is a follow up to his video on the idea for “vaccine passports” being necessary to enter supermarkets, which you can watch here.

For links and sources – or to download an audio-only version – click here.

WATCH: UK – 2 Years in Prison for Selling Food