WATCH: Flash Mobs for Freedom

In his latest episode of Solutions Watch, James Corbett discusses flash mobs, and how organized groups can peacefully make a difference

We’ve all heard of flash mobs, but can they be used for more than just organizing pillow fights in Times Square? Join James for this week’s edition of #SolutionsWatch​ as he explores how freedom fighters are using flash mobs to carve out a space for normal human interaction in these increasingly insane times.

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2 Responses to “WATCH: Flash Mobs for Freedom”

  1. Occams says:

    lol…. I’ve been Flash-Solo’ing since this hoax began. Not ONE person has joined me, and in 15+ months, I have seen ONE client sans ‘submission gear’ as we bumped into each other and laughed, and one younger guy, late 20’s, in a Ralphs market, and we gave each other the thumbs up.

    Oh, yea. And he was Black (guess we both forgot the script where we’re enemies)

    That’s it.

    Wow. What an ‘awakening’. What a ‘mob’. What a ‘rebellion’. What a ‘stand for freedom’!

    ‘Pathetic and spineless’ is what I call it.

  2. Occams says:

    Oh, yea; And if ANYONE tells you you ‘need to wear a mask’, ASK IF THEY ARE A LICENSED HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONAL?

    If not, then tell them they are practicing medicine without a license, which IS a jailable offense