You’ve Been Vaticanated!

Children who get flu vaccine dying in America.  Check it out.  In a word – Vaticanation.

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Too few vaccines? Never.

People running scared of vaccine injury. Always.

Won’t cure or prevent COVID. Won’t stop COVID spreading.

Does kill and cripple healthy people.

No wonder less and less people want it.

If you’ve been spooked into wanting one by the endless TV assault on your brain, go and get Vaticanated.

But don’t say you were not warned.

Make sure you form your own opinion by checking out the facts.

To ‘vaticanate’ someoneto make a person believe a medical procedure will help them, when in fact it will disable them and/or kill them, whether the outcome is known to the vaticanator or not.

Vaticanationbeing made to believe a medical procedure is good when in fact, either quickly or over time, it will disable and/or kill.  Vaticanation usually happens to people who are watching television, which disables their survival instincts.