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6 Responses to “UK Column News.”

  1. ian says:

    Bizarre as it sounds, it makes a lot more sense to kill the unvaccinated than the sheeple.

  2. Tapestry says:

    The rich c*nts at the top won’t breed illnesses that might kill their own children. Leaky vaccines might well produce super variants which some people cannot survive without a vaccine. But the main agenda is to create fear. This narrative would release fear, so I would put a question mark over it for that reason. The human immune system, if left alone from the vaccine, can see off any coronavirus is still my position. Newer versions bred in laboratories from other species will challenge older people who rely on their immune systems knowing the viruses that attack, and the viruses will vary in potency as always. This newer narrative has come from the top of the pharmaceutical industry, which makes it suspicious also for that reason. I would need confirmation of the story from Dr Judy Mikovits and others first before seeing this as the primary threat. The primary threat is simply the mRNA vaccine dismantling the immune system. This newer narrative is telling highly fearful people it is safer to be vaccinated, which is also very suspicious. Dr Judy and others are saying the vaccine will break your immune system. That is the threat. Unless she recants and lends credence to the leaky vaccine threat, I’m sticking with her interpretation of how the vaccine is the primary threat we all face. Chicks are kept in airless packed cages surrounded by corpses, urine and faeces. They are pumped with growth hormones. No wonder they need vaccines to survive as their immune systems will be heavily suppressed and compromised by the environment they live in.

    Humans are being attacked by microwave emissions from wifi, cellphone towers, phones and so on which need to be dealt with and avoided, along with toxic mains water supply, diesel fumes and numerous other pollutants, not to mention loneliness from the lockdowns. If we avoid these factors, socialise and stay happy, have running water, flushing toilets, showers and we filter the water we consume to under one micron, eat nourishing fresh food, our immune systems will carry on working well. To my mind this narrative is simply another weapon being delivered into the currently overcrowded fear zone.

    • ian says:

      After having time to think about this, I agree with you Tap. I immediately thought the same about the chicks. They have a terrible existence, something I have used in arguments against hunting. Many of those who rage against shooting, using cruelty as the reason, are happy to eat 5 week old birds raised on chemicals in semi darkness and stench.

      The rich c*nts at the top, are desperate to get people vaccinated as you say, and they hardly can claim to care, the orchestrated plandemic, the lockdowns, the masks, etc. This is their depopulation agenda. As you rightly point out too, they themselves would be at risk if the scenario mentioned by UK column played out.

      In addition, regardless, I wouldn’t take their poxy vaccine. It certainly carries great risk, either on receiving it, or on contact with the real virus. My wife and I agreed to take our chances vaccine free.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Yes, I agree with both of you, Tap and Ian. This “increased virulence” narrative seems to me to be fear porn for anti vaxx folk like us. I said as much on the earlier Vernon Coleman post. Modern virology is all assumption with an incredible absence of empirical evidence

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    Here is an interesting perspective on the ongoing genocide:
    “A Eugenic Solution for the Baby Boomer Demographic Time Bomb”

    I cannot copy and past for some reason but the link works for me. Some headlines:

    Boomer healthcare costs skyrocketing
    “Complete Lives System” produces a “priority curve” so,
    15 to 40 year olds get most substantial chances
    Young and old get chances that are “attenuated”
    “Cost effective curve” values 20 year old life as more value than 3 or 75 year old
    “Quality adjusted life years”, pioneered by NICE and Liverpool Care Pathway
    Under the control of “independent panels of experts” [Death panels?]
    LCP caused 130k extra UK deaths each year 1995 to 2013
    LCP dissolved in 2014 but just rebranded and still continues
    Why do US doctors not reject death panels? Because,
    65% US doctors now employed by corporations, 85% were independent in 1963, and
    Pressure to abide by cost mandates from technocrats have “grown immensely”
    Euthanasia being instituted across the 5 eyes
    Euthanasia now completely legalised in Canada, Belgium, Holland, Germany and Columbia
    Comparison with euthanasia in nazi Germany
    Orgs who promoted nazi eugenics have leading roles in WHO:
    Rockefeller Foundation
    Wellcome Trust
    Human Sterilisation League now called Engender Health. [“Health”!! – ironic or what?]
    Eugenics orgs rebranded themselves after WW2, and
    Are now involved in the RNA vaxx business, with
    Galton Institute [formerly British Eugenics Association]
    Pfizer, and of course the
    Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation

    Covid vaxx anyone?