UFOs are here

TAP – This footage is worth seeing.  Crop Circles may be a mystery but you can see them being made, and you can see what’s making them.  Without a slo-mo camera you would never see what’s around you every day of your life..

12,000 year old evidence of UFOs & Crop Circles, NASA astronauts discussing UFOs and EGYPTIAN ARTEFACTS discovered in Mexico…

These are the subjects covered in SECRET SPACE – a new three hour documentary film produced and directed by CHRIS EVERARD on the ENIGMA CHANNEL…

A new THREE HOUR DOCUMENTARY – join our global audience – click here https://gumroad.com/l/zzBZy

SECRET SPACE is the companion film to Chris Everard’s book DEEP STATE. If you want to see HD FOOTAGE of UFOS flying at 3,000MPH in broad daylight over StoneHenge – then you must watch this new film by CHRIS EVERARD.

…We’re not talking about just one, or two UFOs in a single frame of blurred footage – this new documentary shows DOZENS of UFOs all filmed in broad daylight in HD from all over the world.

If you thought UFOS were just a ‘conspiracy theory’ then think again – not only are they here – but they are here in HUGE NUMBERS…


A new THREE HOUR DOCUMENTARY – join our global audience – click here https://gumroad.com/l/zzBZy

SECRET SPACE Vol.4 is a new THREE HOUR in-depth documentary exposing the SECRET SPACE PROGRAM and shows clear evidence that planet Earth’s atmosphere has been invaded by HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of UFOs. 



7 Responses to “UFOs are here”

  1. NPP says:

    Crop circles are not made by aliens…. they are made by ropes & boards.

    The Web 1994 01
    The Web 1994 02

  2. Tapestry says:

    On television they are made by ropes and boards. You need to watch the footage on enigmatv Ned. The complexity of some circles are way beyond ropes and boards. They do make a few for TV to con the public using those and create a false narrative – obviously. Otherwise people would be aware there are things going on and they don’t want that.

    • NPP says:

      Nonsense. A few? Give me a break.

      The Web I sounded recorded being made was 360ft across, appeared on morning TV, hailed by Reg Presley as ‘couldn’t possibly be made by humans’ & to this day remains featured in crop circle books such as the one on my book shelf. I love it. It entertains, but it was not made by aliens.

      But, it does make money & takes people down cul de sacs of imagination.

      • Tapestry says:

        All part of how they con you Ned. Get you laughing at the truth. As I say, watch the footage first. Then comment. Not from TV or entertainment. But from alternative media, people who’ve spent their lives recording these events, not just thirty minutes.

  3. NPP says:

    I recorded this 1994. My voice seems ridiculously high. It was recorded on a bulky hospital radio tape machine. I assure you it took more than 30 mins. They were ‘professional’ crop circle makers.

    I assure you I have spent years looking into the UFO issue from a convention at The Royal Geographical society c.1985 with Stanton T. Friedman to painting the Istanbul Kumburgaz & Swiss Billy Meier UFO’s.

    Just now my country & the world is under attack from The Communist Internationale. Patterns in crops are not my priority, but it does amuse me & I do not watch TV…. except the odd FA Cup or Arsenal game.
    I did watch Trump press conferences, alas, no more.
    I assume Chris’ films are also entertaining, but it is a long time since I watched his material.

    I, we, have a battle with communist-eco-fascists just now & Herr Gruppenführer Handycock is my damned MP. This must be the priority, hence I sent you Vera Sharav’s testimony.

  4. NPP says:

    Never met Bob nor Dave.

    I give in! It’s aliens! Their leader is the MP for West Suffolk!

    • Tapestry says:

      The truth is nearer to your humour than you realise, Ned. A programme to eliminate humans in large numbers would not be coming from a human platform.