Trump the new Teddy

A New Teddy Roosevelt
by Miles Mathis
First published March 10, 2021
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This paper was born from me rereading my recent paper on McKinley for typos, where I was reminded
that Roosevelt used the fake assassination by leftists as an excuse for coming in and cracking down on
the entire left side of American society, not only Marxists, but unionists, progressives, and normal

And remember two things: one, Roosevelt did this from the Republican party; two, he did it while
being sold as a populist and protector of the little man and the middle class. He is still sold as a
Progressive Republican, which is a joke. Roosevelt was extremely wealthy and privileged, and, like all
Presidents, was a tool of the bankers. Roosevelt’s mother was a Stewart, and so was her mother, so he
was a Stewart in the maternal line. He was also an Oswald, a Carter, and a Bulloch. And yes, this
links us to Lee Harvey Osward, Jimmy Carter, and Sandra Bullock. Roosevelt and all his kin are listed
in the British peerage.
I have warned you they are prepping us for another big crackdown on the left, though we are still in the
first stages. Since it seems like they are currently cracking down on the right, you may find this hard to
believe, but keep reading. I think you will see what I mean if you give me a chance.
There has been a growing revolutionary spirit in this country for many years and the governors know it.
So they need to counter it in some way. They need to manufacture an excuse to crush it, but to do that
they first have to manufacture support for their planned actions. So, as with the fake McKinley
assassination, they have to create an enemy. At the same time, they have to create and control your
response, making sure you hate that enemy with a high passion, so that when the enemy is crushed, you
will do nothing but cheer. You won’t ask any questions, and you won’t try to protect any marginal
parties that are swept up in that crushing. If a few innocent parties and movements are crushed along
with the fake Communists and liberals and radicals, you won’t lift a finger, since you will be so glad
your country has been “saved”.

To achieve this, they first have to convince you you aren’t a leftist or liberal. Although you are in favor
of change, you are supposed to think of yourself as a conservative. You are probably for a “cleaning
of the swamp”, the swamp being corrupt rich people, including bankers, politicians, big tech, and
media. Which should, by definition, put you on the left. Rich people are on the right. Rich people are
conservative, since they are trying to protect their privilege. That is what conservative actually means,
or used to, before the word was flipped on you. So if you are against these people, you can’t be
conservative, too.

But in order to control your response, they first have to make you think you are conservative. They
have to do that because you are being groomed to hate liberals. But remind yourself of this: the very
rich people also hate liberals. The billionaires and trillionaires and bankers have always hated
liberalism, because liberalism threatens their privilege. Liberalism was originally about fairness. It
was not about trannies or Antifa or BLM or Communism. It was about equal opportunity and things
like that. Look it up if you don’t believe me. Liberalism had and has nothing to do with Communism.
Communism was invented to blackwash liberalism, and I have proved that beyond any doubt.
Liberalism was invented by middle class people fighting against the privilege of the wealthy, while
Communism was invented by Marx and Engels—two superrich Jewish guys from banking families
who wished to destroy liberalism.

Therefore, you should find it sort of odd that you are being trained to hate liberals. You are being
trained to hate the same people that very rich people hate. If you don’t see what I mean, remember that
we have discovered the trillionaire families like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers hiding behind
Workers Parties, both in the US and in Europe. The Nazi party was originally supposed to be a
workers’ party, for instance, but a little digging showed us it was founded by aristocratic families. It
was later bankrolled by trillionaires. Same thing for The International, which was supposed to be a
Communist party, fighting for the workers. But it too was founded and run by nobles. And why were
these workers’ parties founded by the very rich? To infiltrate the opposition and destroy it. The very
rich don’t want workers to have any political power, because that just cuts into their profits. The very
rich and workers are enemies and always have been. Well, liberalism was invented to lobby for
workers, which is why the trillionaires have always hated it. The rich have always been anti-liberal.
So don’t you think it is kind of strange that you are being groomed to hate the same people the very rich
hate? Don’t you think it is kind of strange that the very rich, who are conservative, want you to be
conservative, too? Don’t you think it is kind of strange that you, a middle-class person being screwed
by the rich right now, should be groomed to call himself a conservative and support the Republican
party? Doesn’t that seem sort of suspicious to you? It should.

So those feeding you information have flipped you again. The alternative news sources you are
reading or watching like Infowars, NaturalNews, Zerohedge, Gateway Pundit, Qanon, Louder than
Chowderhead, and thousands of others, have redefined these old words out from under you, and the
reason they have done that is that they are part of Operation Chaos, just like the mainstream media.
Both sides of the argument are controlled by the same people. The governors own and run both the
mainstream media and the alternative press, and their top job is confusing you beyond all recognition.
They do this by rewriting history, redefining words, and lying all the time about everything. That is
what Operation Chaos is. It is the purposeful creation of confusion, a constant mindstir. Because they
know that if you are confused enough, you will have to accept their ideas. You won’t be capable of
forming your own coherent ideas, so you will beg them to insert their ideas in your head.
This idea that you are a conservative is the main idea they have been pushing for several decades, and I
just told you why. They have been doing it since the time of Reagan, and Rush Limbaugh was the
spearhead of the movement for thirty years. It is the required first step in this game, because in order to
hate liberals in the way they have planned for you, you have to think of yourself as a conservative.
They have to create a split. You have to pick a side.

Once you have been convinced you are conservative, the next step is making you hate liberals with a
white-hot passion. In 2020 this project went into highest gear. The governors manufactured a lot of
fake groups like BLM, #Metoo, Antifa, SJW, trannies, and on and on, all for you to practice your hate
on. Stories were planted both in the mainstream and alternative presses to convince you these groups
were real and that they were a real threat to you and your family. Literally millions of agents were
mobilized all over the country, and not only as guys in hoodies throwing bricks. They were planted in
schoolboards, in academia, and in government agencies at all levels, to promote chaos and foment
discord. They were instructed to say the stupidest things possible and to promote the most outrageous
reforms possible, like defunding the police, sex changes for children, legalizing pedophilia, and so on.
Yes, this has all been planned. The insanity has not been an accident. It is all scripted to call out a
response from you.

But let me tell you a little secret: it is not just conservatives that are against all these things. Almost
everyone is against them. Most real people are violently opposed to the current state of things,
including leftists, liberals, and progressives. No one is really for it, except for the paid actors on TV.
And those people are not real liberals. As I have said, liberalism has nothing to do with trannies,
pedophilia, Communism, or any of this other stuff. It is just a very obvious way to blackwash the left.
I’ll tell you another secret: most of the trannies aren’t even real. They are just actors. They are crossdressing actors pretending to be trannies. They are there to stir you up on purpose.

And another secret: all those people making comments online on Facebook, Twitter, and other places,
aren’t real, either. Those comments are being manufactured out of Langley and the hundreds of
psychological operations units on military bases all over the country. That is part of Operation Chaos
as well. They are stirring you up on purpose, making you hate liberals and pushing you right.
That also goes for the politicians in Washington and the talking heads on TV at CNN or wherever.
Those people are also actors, and their jobs are making you hate them. You are supposed to hate them.
Pelosi doesn’t just accidentally look and act like a witch, saying all the wrong things. That is her job.
Biden isn’t just accidentally doing everything wrong all at once. That is his job. Like everyone else, he
is reading from a script. It is a planned fail.

Yes, it is all theater, and both sides know it, both the Republicans and the Democrats, both CNN and
Fox, both the mainstream media and the alternative media. They are all in on it.
Right now that may be hard to see, because they haven’t pulled the plug yet. They haven’t moved this
play into the final act. Which is why I am pointing you back to Teddy Roosevelt, so that you can see
the whole story from a distance. They are doing the same thing now that they did then, but in a far
bigger way. The media is a thousand times larger, and so is Intelligence, so they can make the play far
bigger and brighter this time around. They can drown you in a sea of propaganda 24/7, so that you can
barely remember your own name, much less resist their stories.

But the final act in this play will be some variation of the usual one, and we know since they have done
it hundreds of times, not just with Roosevelt. It now looks like Trump is being groomed as the new
Teddy Roosevelt, and at some point—maybe this year or maybe in 2024—he will ride in and save the
country from the terrible leftists, scattering the trannies and the big tech monsters and the Communists
and the “leftists and liberals” of all shapes and sizes. The swamp will appear to be cleansed, as perhaps
a few bankers are sent to country club jails, but in reality nothing will happen in that regard.
What will happen is what happened with Roosevelt: all the real revolutionaries will be mopped up with
the fake ones, and the middle class will be fooled and diverted one more time. The unions will be
trampled on again, made to look like the bad guys. All margins will be trimmed, since even with a
restoration of free speech, the middle class will have been trained to detest anyone speaking out against
the “new prosperity”. All revolutionary spirit will have been quashed, since the middle class will
believe the revolution just occurred. As usual, a real revolution will be prevented by a fake one. The
people will think they have just been saved from Communism by the Republican party. They will
think the swamp has been cleansed. They may think a world war has been diverted. But, as with
Roosevelt, none of things will have really occurred, since the ruling class will continue ruling and the
peasants will remain the peasants. Income disparity will not change, it will just be swept under the rug,
covered over perhaps by a raised minimum wage or a tax on the rich (which will be just on paper—no
rich people will actually pay it).

The middle class has been fooled over and over in the 19th and 20th centuries by these stageplays, and it
is being fooled again. Remember The Who’s “Won’t get fooled again”? Oh, yes you will, and I know
because The Who were also nobles, from the same families that are fooling you. As I say, they control
both sides, and are always sure to provide their own opposition. They create all the pretend
revolutionaries, including these bands.

I mean, please look closely at that guy. Open your eyes and see what is there. He has fooled you