Travel Warning – gmo mosquito release Florida Keys

OVER A BILLION genetically modified mosquitoes will be released in Florida and Texas. Take action today.

Mar 24.21

Release of 750 million genetically engineered mosquitoes will begin in less than a week in the Florida Keys. There are no cages or controls to keep them there.



#1 People in trial areas have not provided their consent to being experimented on with OX5034. Please take action. Read more at

Traitor politicians

Traitor politicians assist globalists in implementing staged, well organized problem, reaction, solution tactics that pit man against man.

Make ‘NO’ a complete sentence

If you know people who live/vacation in gmo mosquito release areas, or who plan to travel there, please share this message. Thank you.

Without Prejudice and Without Recourse
Doreen A Agostino


5 Responses to “Travel Warning – gmo mosquito release Florida Keys”

  1. ian says:

    A billion mosquitoes, GM mosquitoes. GM to do what? Give people disease?

    • pete fairhurst says:

      They are madmen Ian.

      Follow the link to a pdf from Friends of the Earth, which says:
      Oxitec has genetically engineered the Aedes aegypti mosquito, known to transmit tropical diseases like dengue fever, zika, and chikungunya. The GE mosquitoes, once released, are intended
      to mate with wild Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and are supposed to pass on a lethal gene to offspring. The GE mosquito’s female offspring are engineered to die at the larval stage in the absence of the antibiotic tetracycline, which acts as a chemical switch to allow for successful reproduction in the laboratory. After millions of GE males are released across a region, the intent is to reduce the wild Aedes aegypti mosquito population. The population reduction, however, is dependent on ongoing repeated releases of GE mosquitoes, which Mosquito Control Districts would continuously need to purchase.1
      The proposed trials are for a new version of the GE mosquitoes in which only the female offspring are supposed to die and the GE male mosquitoes continue to live and breed for multiple generations.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        Oxitec is a UK-based commercial
        company, which produces genetically engineered mosquitoes and other genetically engineered insects. In early 2020, Oxitec was purchased by U.S.based venture capital firm, Third Security.

      • pete fairhurst says:

        At present, oversight and safety assessment for genetically engineered mosquitoes is completely inadequate. The EPA considers GE mosquitoes to be biopesticides, but regulations for biopesticides are not specific to genetically engineered insects and their potential impacts on human health or the environment.2
        Full company data related to these patented organisms is not publicly available. Ahead of any consideration of the release of genetically engineered mosquitoes, mandatory, independent, and transparent safety assessments, as well as oversight specific to genetically engineered insects, must be in place. In addition, government agencies must not allow for company selfassessment of risks and must require third-party peer-reviewed public health and environmental assessments.

      • ian says:

        Thanks for all that Pete. I’m naive in the ways of GM mozzies. Investigating begins here.