3 Responses to “This is a message to @BorisJohnson from The Reclaim Party. We urge you to lift lockdown in time for the Easter holidays permanently and finally.”

  1. ian says:

    It’s pretty feeble, asking the architects of this plan, the plan to cull the masses, destroy the economy, and create a great reset, to just stop it because we’re pretty fed up with it all. It will change nothing. The laws are being changed to enable the use of secret police,
    and the lockdowns, the masking, and any carrot and stick coercion they can use, will be used to increase the culling injection uptake, such as health passports to fly to travel, go to concerts, whatever is necessary to pressure people into accepting their kill shot.
    I’m afraid please stop it won’t cut it.
    Again, it might prevent anyone else doing anything in the hope that it will go away.

    • Tapestry says:

      I prefer giving support to Robin Tilbrook who will use all legal devices available to maintain life, democracy and liberty. He’s the lawyer/Chairman of the English Democrats. The elites will always maintain a system for their own to survive. They will need a system of law so get into that game is my advice. Vote for English Democrats in upcoming police commissioner elections.

      • ian says:

        Hi Tap, Yes Robin Tilbrook seems very clued up. I however am just the wrong side of the border and have wee Nippy to contend with, and in my books she’s more compromised than Boris. I do get Robin’s newsletters though, and as I said, he comes across as the real deal.