The Unravelling Terror Op: yet more doctors takes a stand in defence of The People

by The Masked Writer

The drive to build a new and more able civilisation from the engineered train wreck of the old is producing real heroes.

Dr Sam Bailey is one such of a distinguished line –  YET ANOTHER doctor risking all to speak out against the Covid Terror attack on the human community by subversive factions infiltrated into the hijacked governments of  many one-democratic nations.

We have selected for your consideration her  video briefing from a week ago in which she interviews fellow freedom fighter Dr Claus Kohnlein.

This is the most recent of a serious of extremely informative videos by Dr Bailey that do a first class job of arming we laymen with sufficient understanding of the key issues to see through the smokescreen of outright lies and marketing deceptions used by the subversive factions to implement the Covid Terror attack on our countries.

It is thanks to Dr Bailey and other doctors, epidemiologists, virologists and so forth brave enough to speak out despite tremendous pressure and intimidation to keep quiet, that the tide of public awareness has begun to turn and the Terror op has started to unravel.

This might have happened sooner, with the saving of many more lives, had others has the courage and sense of duty these trailblazers have displayed. We will be forever in their debt.

The video below can be found on Bitchute here.

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A list of Dr Bailey’s videos can be found here