4 Responses to “The UKHSA the UK governments April Fool Joke. Not.”

  1. Derek says:

    Pass the bucket . . . .

  2. Tapestry says:

    BLOOD CLOTS are slow-motion killers – it can take years for a blood clot to travel through an artery and get diagnosed.

    If a blood clot blocks blood to the brain, then a Stroke or even death is a common occurrence…

    …And that is exactly what is happening in people who have been vaccinated…

    Blood clots are sometimes referred to as a ‘Thrombosis’ which can often appear in the leg.

    On March 15th, one of the biggest COVER-UPS in the English-speaking world began: No less than 12 European nations, representing 450m people – announced the suspension/ban of vaccines because of a shockwave of deaths in Norway, Germany and other nations.

    French Google results show a dozen European nations suspending or banning Covid vaccines… But much of the mainstream media in the English-speaking world ignore the news… Good job you have the Enigma Channel team reporting from around the world in different languages.

    In a new investigative documentary, the Enigma Channel team gather reports from Thailand, Germany, Norway and France, comparing the REAL NEWS with the FAKE NEWS created to hide this suspension in Covid vaccines across Europe…


    TAP – my posts are disappearing into thin air so I’ll post comments!

    • pete fairhurst says:

      That explains the lack of posts then Tap, not a good sign. You’ve always said that it is just a matter of time before the thought police turn their attention ,…
      I very much hope that you guys can find a way to keep going, you are my first port of call most days, one of the most valuable sites that I know….

      The blood clot comment is grim but on the money too I fear

      • pete fairhurst says:

        And immediately after I post that then, you are back!! Happy days, long may you keep going