The Covid Macguffin Why do current events read like a bad movie?

6 March 2021

A shadowy cabal of billionaires engineer a fake pandemic in order to fool the world into adopting an experimental vaccine called JANUS. The vaccine’s real purpose is sterilise the world’s populace – ‘humane genocide’, as the billionaires put it – so that Earth is left to be enjoyed solely by the very privileged few.

I’ve just described the Macguffin of a dark and brilliant 2013 TV conspiracy thriller called Utopia. It’s also, unfortunately, not dissimilar to the plotline we’ve all been living for real these last twelve months. Chances are you haven’t realised this yet. Probably, like most people, you’ve trusted the near-universal media narrative that the pandemic is real, that masks and lockdowns are necessary and that vaccines are the only solution. By the time you realise otherwise it may well be too late to stop the unfolding disaster.

To understand what’s really going on, a good place to start is the beginning of last year when rumours began to circulate about a terrifying new virus in China. The stories were so scary it was hard not to share them on social media: video of people apparently dropping dead in the street; apartment blocks having their doors welded shut to prevent plague victims escaping; a phone recording of a relative desperately ringing a hospital for help only to find all the staff sick or dead.

Perhaps, if we’d stopped to think for a moment, we might have wondered how such lurid tales had managed to slip through the net of the Chinese Communist Party’s famously efficient censorship system. Only months later – by which time the pandemic narrative had us all in its grip – did it emerge that we’d all been deceived by a brilliant CCP propaganda campaign.

The whistle was blown by Michael P. Senger an American lawyer and investigative journalist in a piece for the Tablet titled ‘China’s Global Lockdown Propaganda Campaign’. Read it: you’ll be shocked, appalled and just a little bit impressed by the audacity and scale of the operation. At each stage of the unfolding ‘pandemic’ scare narrative, vast batteries of CCP social media bots were tweaking the message, manipulating the West’s reaction.


This even included making us all adopt lockdowns – which had never before been used to control even the worst viral outbreaks (like the Hong Kong flu of 1968, when everyone carried on as normal), not least because they would have been considered too totalitarian and extreme, and because anyway there’s no evidence that they work.

Lockdowns were actually the invention of China’s President Xi himself whose propagandists promoted the concept aggressively. Italy was the first country to fall for the trick. The countries (such as New Zealand) – or states (such as Dan Andrews’s commie fiefdom Victoria) which adopted them most enthusiastically tended to be those with the closest relationships with China. Those that resisted, such as Sweden, tended to be those most sceptical of China.

Huge pressure was brought to bear on countries that wouldn’t play China’s game. When, for example, the United Kingdom was in danger of following Sweden’s sensible ‘herd immunity’ strategy, a battery of Chinese bots soon helped put Prime Minister Boris Johnson right. Dozens of Twitter accounts all relayed similar messages on the same day: ‘Stop the British genocide’; ‘You will have blood on your hands Johnson. This country will not forgive you’.

One reason the Chinese propaganda was so insidious and effective, Senger has argued, is because of a combination of Western naivety and racism: the idea that orientals, who for decades had lagged behind the West, could never dream up a plan of such sophistication. But they did – helped, of course, by many years of generous donations (well that’s a polite way of putting it…) to Western individuals and institutions, especially in the realms of science and academe. In May 2020, for example, Richard Horton the editor-in-chief of the influential medical journal, the Lancet, was moved to tell China Central Television that China’s lockdowns were ‘the right thing to do’ and how other countries ‘should respond in the face of such an acute threat’.

But it would be a mistake to blame the Chinese for everything. After all, to resist this epic scam, all the West had to do was exercise a bit of due diligence. Sure at the beginning, it might have feared the worst. But within months if not weeks it ought to have become perfectly clear that this was just another nasty, infectious bug going round, not a killer to rank with the Spanish Flu. In the UK, for example, if you look at the age-adjusted mortality rates going back to 1942, you realise that the death toll was no worse in 2020 than in 2008 and an improvement on every year before.

So why have our various branches of the Establishment – politicians, medics, scientists, the media – contrived to pretend otherwise by ramping up the scare narrative? Why, for example, in the UK if you die within 28 days of a positive test does ‘Covid 19’ get put on your death certificate – even if the actual cause is cancer or being hit by a bus? Why, till a recent ruling by the World Health Organisation, were the PCR tests run at an elevated number of cycles guaranteed to generate vast numbers of false positives? Why, for that matter, were cheap, effective treatment protocols such as Vitamin D, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin largely nixed by the medical establishment?

Because, all along, it was never really about ‘coronavirus’. Always, that was just a handy pretext for the endgame and, compulsory ‘vaccines’ for everyone, enforced by restrictive health passports. These, in turn, will lead eventually to embedded biochips containing all your health and financial details – auguring in a Chinese-style social credit system, where your livelihood and freedom of movement will depend on your toeing the approved government line.

This has been decades in the planning by a technocratic, billionaire elite, some of whose names you will have heard of but many of whom remain in the shadows. Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum’s ‘Great Reset’ is part of this; so too is the United Nation’s Agenda 2030. It’s almost impossible to believe that our governments, our media, our judiciary – all the various institutions and checks and balances which should have protected us – are instead playing along with this terrifying takeover. But under cover of our innocence and ignorance they are.

Yes I know it sounds like the plot of a dystopian thriller. My, how I wish that’s all it was.


One Response to “The Covid Macguffin Why do current events read like a bad movie?”

  1. ian says:

    This reads as if it’s a China project. It’s actually a lockstep project eagerly initiated in most countries, by the slimy ploitical puppets at the bidding of the Bankster Mafia.