The Corona Project.

The Corona Project

We are now in the midst of a long-planned diabolical social engineering project, aimed at the radical transformation of global society, and having very little to do with any actual threat from disease – the manufactured COVID virus being the excuse, not the cause. I’ve been wanting to communicate about this, but I lack the energy/ability to talk about it except in these very general terms. Besides, those of you who want to reject such thinking would not be moved by the most informed and well-articulated argument, and those of you with thinking minds probably already have a sense for what’s going on. What I’d like to do with this posting is to share the thinking of Helen Buyniski, a well-informed and articulate journalist I met in Scotland, at a ‘Truth Movement’ conference I attended in January. Helen recently sent the message below out to her list of contacts.
Helen Buyniski:
“A cultish mentality has seized the West, leading populations who once valued their liberty to jettison such concerns lest an invisible enemy devastate all they hold dear.” Sounds a bit like the aftermath of 9/11, when the specter of terrorism turned Americans into jingoistic groupthinkers thirsting for the blood of whichever country we were told to blame that day for the murder of our innocent countrymen. But it’s also a description of the many nations living under the spell of the Cult of Coronavirus. Covid-19, a highly survivable if highly contagious respiratory ailment, has taken the place of Terrorism as the Dark Force threatening our Way of Life, and the same methodical propaganda campaigns – heavy on hypnotic repetition, emotional appeal, guilt and shame – have kicked into high gear to strip us of our few remaining rights.
I discussed our “new New Pearl Harbor” and the two-pronged effort to pin responsibility for the virus on China while the US mimics and turbocharges the most Orwellian aspects of its social credit system with Spiro Skouras of Activist Post recently – watch it here. Will also be delving into the current situation on Ian Trottier’s radio show this evening (Wednesday) at 5pm EST – listen live here.
As continuing Covid-19 lockdowns and fearmongering media sap people’s will to fight, a comprehensive police state apparatus is being meticulously snapped into place. Consent for this unprecedented power grab has been manufactured using many of the same techniques cults use to brainwash their members, reshaping independent individuals into unthinking automatons. Those who study such groups use various ‘checklists’ to determine if a religious or political group is exerting harmful undue influence on its members, and it might not surprise you to find that the Cult of Corona checks nearly every single box. You can read my analysis here or at my website. The first half has also been posted here (I recommend this format for sending to anyone you’d like to personally deprogram – the ‘cult checklist’ doesn’t appear until part 2, so even if they close the window once they read the word “deprogramming” they’ll at least have absorbed the first half).
If there’s any good news in all this, it’s that the ruling class’ propaganda is so sloppy that they’d never win “hearts and minds” were it not for their total dominance of both establishment and social media and their ability (exercised with growing ferocity) to censor dissenting viewpoints. You may have noticed I’m no longer linking to my Medium page – this is because I was deplatformed for the unthinkable crime of Covid-19 Heresy. In what is no doubt a perfectly innocent coincidence, Medium has received close to half a million dollars from the Gates Foundation, just like nearly every other media organization in the English-speaking world (and you thought no one spoke ill of Gates in the media because he was such a friendly guy who just happens to pull an “oopsie” now and then talking about “final solutions” and depopulating the Third World…).
Our only hope of remaining free as a species is to deprogram our fellow humans, one by one, from this pathological fear-based obedience before we’re made to turn on each other, because that’s where this is headed, via designated snitch-lines and “contact tracing.” It’s divide-and-conquer on steroids. Please share these articles and videos widely. We still have time to reach enough people to make a difference before the ruling class decides it’s their “Jonestown moment”** and starts going door to door weeding out the problem types with the help of some malevolently crooked croakers, but that window is shrinking.
**Not all members of the People’s Temple cult voluntarily “drank the Kool-Aid” – many were murdered by stabbing, shooting or injection, and many escaped. Funny how corrects one popular misconception about Jonestown (“it was Flavor-Aid, not Kool-Aid, silly!”) without bothering to address the much more serious oversight most people make in believing Jones’ 900-plus followers all obediently knocked back cups of cyanide on command.
Need a break from all-coronavirus, all the time? I was on RT’s CrossTalk recently talking about the Democratic Party’s stepping into a trap of its own design, a trap named…Joe Biden. Watch that here.
And here are a few non-corona pieces I’ve written recently on
-the Fed’s attempt at historical revisionism, blaming Hitler on the 1918 flu pandemic
-Michael Moore’s surprisingly watchable film exposing the hypocrisy of “renewables” and corporate environmentalism
-a bizarre attempt to revive phrenology under cover of pre-crime policing
Stay safe & healthy, but more importantly stay sane – humans are not meant to live cooped up indoors 24/7.
In solidarity,

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  1. sovereigntea says:

    Resistance is the key to freedom. Do not co-operate do not collaborate. Every act of resistance is a victory against our occupiers.