That little voice in the back of my mind was saying ‘don’t do it’

I spoke to Helen yesterday.  She’s 66, been through the mill with a cancer diagnosis a couple of years ago, and struggles on with her work as a gardener.   She had one dose of chemo then decided to quit, as it made her feel so ill.  She followed her own judgement and believes the decision saved her immune system and she recovered.

Not so with the vaccine.  ‘I had the same instinctive feeling inside – not to do it – but there was so much pressure and fear in the media, I didn’t listen to my own voice.  And now I regret it.’  She won’t be having the second vaccine.  She had a terrible week after the vaccine and is only just starting to feel strong again.  A week long migraine and other symptoms.  She feels it was a mistake and she’s kicking herself for not listening to her own thoughts,and caving in to the pressure.

Nurse Sharon says she’s sick to death of hearing about COVID.  She doesn’t want to hear the word ever again.  When she’s at work, she says,’ Don’t talk about COVID this or COVID that.  I’ve heard enough of it all.  Just tell me what I’ve got to do and I’ll do it.’  She wants out of the propaganda as every day they change the rules and instructions.  She’s heard enough lies.  Have you?