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Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone. Schools opt for tests and mass stupidity.

Dear Dave, (Head teacher of a school somewhere in the UK)

Thank you very much for your latest letter of today March 15th.
I am pleased that 8% of the school has refused lateral flow testing.  The Daily Telegraph writes that the results of the test are mostly wrong.  That means that 92% of your pupils might be forced at any moment into isolation by a bogus test result along with their families for presumably 14 days.  There is no risk at all from the illness to the pupils so this is nothing less than mass stupidity.  The PCR test is equally throwing up false results due to the excess number of cycles used.  As the virus has still not been isolated, let alone the so-called Variants Of Concern (TM), there is no test available which can locate it (or them).  The PCR test is simply another con same as the lateral flow test.  I am pleased that maybe 8% of the parents are informed of some of this, and it is worrying that 92% obviously still have no idea.
I would propose that in future my son will come to school on all days that the others attend. regardless, or that is quite clearly an exclusion, and I would then proceed to taking the advice of a solicitor.
The other pupils told him he was the only one to refuse a test.  If that is not harassment then I don’t know what is.  If the school does not accept responsibility for it, then that is clear cut.
Essentially you are writing to me saying that you are following government guidelines, yet the government makes it quite clear that all the decisions are yours.  You Dave are the ones demanding the wearing of masks by your pupils,  It is your responsibility to assess the risk of mask wearing and communicate these, as with testing, and you cannot require pupils to undergo Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions without going through this process.  You might not like the word illegal,  Although in the opinion of at least one lawyer that is what this omission amounts to.  as we do not currently expect to face each other in a court of law, we can’t make a total statement.  The one I sent to you originally would be a good guide of the lines you are faced with.
As for setting me homework to read the Universal Declaration Of Human Rights, that came out after I studied Law at Oxford, but I will give it a butchers to see later on.  Obviously imposing medical interventions without consultation and information is covered by Nuremberg,
I do not intend to contact The Rt Hon Total Bastard MP on this matter.  For a start like all government ministers he’s got his snout firmly in the COVID trough getting commissions for supplying 100s of millions of £s of PPE, fake testing equipment such as you are using in your school, and he’s simply not interested in stopping the flow of booty.   Baroness Harding is making the most of having the ******** protege MPs Hancock and Jenrick in place while the peerage rape and pillage the country for payoffs on this fake pandemic, huge property developments and so on.  The supposed scientific committee are all heavily corrupted members of the vaccine industry pretending to be objective advisers to the government that you keep quoting as your guide in all matters on all occasions.  Please be advised they will destroy you if you let them, as they do not care.
I want to hear of Dave’s ideas and notions, of Dave’s common sense and courage to face up to evil bureaucracy.  If all you have to say is ‘I am following government guidelines’ then I am most disappointed in you.  The stink of corruption coming from government has never been so great, along with propaganda and lies.  The children in your care deserve better.  You deserve better.  Surely you should have some input in this process yourself.  Inform your community that mask wearing has significant dangers, and they are not risk free.  Then ensure they understand that wearing masks is optional, and that non-wearers will not be victimised.
If a lone voice is what I am then that’s fine by me.  That doesn’t mean I am the only one who knows that this is all wrong.  As we know from the suicides and the child who hung herself at my other son’s school, the least of the risk being faced by you and your community is the fake virus.  It is the way you and the corrupt government are dealing with it.  You need to put a little distance between yourself and these pieces of filth to maintain your credibility.
Your sincerely,

2 Responses to “Hey! Teacher! Leave them kids alone. Schools opt for tests and mass stupidity.”

  1. NPP says:

    Hear hear.

    Just told the local NHS surgery NO to the latest covid1984 injection invitation.

    She sounded as if I were not the first NO she had heard.

    • Tapestry says:

      Very wise. Our neighbour had a stroke soon after being jabbed. Another friend is cracking up and is taking time off work – NHS employee. Maybe half of those vaccinated seem to be getting ill already – from a single shot. The second shot is four times as powerful. Dr Judy says the mRNA won’t easily biodegrade. Until someone finds a way to undo the damage, 20% of the UK population is at risk.