Office of National Statistics – ‘Non-COVID deaths have fallen 20%’. No they haven’t.

  • COVID deaths are presumably likely to be extra to normal?  If so non-COVID deaths have reduced by 2100 odd this week, by simple mathematics, taking total deaths less ‘COVID’ deaths.
  • In Week 7, the number of deaths registered in England and Wales was 18.8% above the five-year average (2,182 deaths higher).
  •  all English regions had a higher number of deaths than the five-year average for the 15th week in a row.
  • ONS –
  • TAP – 27% of the UK population has been vaccinated, it is suggested in main media reports.  Yet deaths are up by 18.8%.  When will deaths start to fall?  That presumably is the purpose of the vaccine.
  • Or do the ‘side effects’ of the vaccine include raising the rate at which people die?  As predicted by Professor Dolores Cahill and others.
  • Please note the following from the ONS.
  • The number of deaths registered in the UK in the week ending 19 February 2021 was 15,577, which was 2,374 higher than the five-year average; of deaths registered in the UK in Week 7, 4,447 deaths involved COVID-19……
  • TAP – COVID deaths are presumably likely to be extra to normal?  If so non-COVID deaths have reduced by 2100, by simple mathematics.  This amazing reduction of around 20% in non-COVID deaths suggests that the lockdown and keeping people away from their doctors is saving a great many lives.  Either that or the number of COVID deaths is greatly fabricated and exaggerated which does seem to be the case from many reports (People saying the death certificates are falsified to say COVID).  Either way the figures require some explanation which so far is not forthcoming from the government..
  • It means essentially that your life expectancy is rising quickly as long as you don’t watch television and find yourself believing in COVID!
  • It is the fake epidemic of all time, with all kinds of other illnesses being roped in to feed the void – flu just one example.  Vaccine deaths are not to be laughed at, however.  They will see death rates soar, and could be why the statistics are pushing upwards in the grand total.
  • The fact is that non-COVID rates of death are not down.  Death rates were rising a little before the COVID scam struck.  The totals of deaths in Week 7 were high because of the vaccines.  The COVID deaths are all fake.  The toll of vaccine death is being hidden in these fake statistics.

Shame on the NHS