Mask wars break out in quiet country town

Schools and employers requiring staff/students to wear masks must communicate to them the risks of doing so, or be in breach of the Nuremberg Code.

Resistance to masks is growing with more people refusing to wear them.

I’ve noticed this week shops are stopping asking why I’m not wearing one.

Mask fatigue is at last breaking out.

In the wine warehouse, a young man bounded over to me and asked if he could help me. Assuming his enquiry referred to my purchase of wine, I informed him that I had already made up my mind on the Chianti, but I was merely interested to research other choices for another occasion. Then the real reason for offering his help became apparent. ‘Do you have a mask?’ he enquired. ‘No,’ I replied. ‘Would you like me to give you one?’ he ventured. ‘The correct way to address a customer on this matter, so as not to cause offence, is to first enquire whether I am able to wear a mask,’ I replied. ‘If you had asked me that first, then your other questions would have been unnecessary.’

This was a couple of weeks ago the same day an idiot assaulted me in the cheese shop saying,’Why aren’t you wearing a mask? You look perfectly fit.’ Flattered by the compliment, I replied that it was none of his business. He wouldn’t let go and withdraw from the counter despite having finished his purchase. I approached the counter, ‘Don’t come near me,’ he barked raising his dog string winder up to my face, as if suggesting he would use it I didn’t withdraw. ‘If you don’t let me approach the counter, I will call the Police,’ I replied. ‘Yes. Let’s call the Police,’ he retorted dialling on his mobile. He loitered outside the shop with his dog, glaring threateningly through the window. The shop-keeper asked me to go out the back and leave her to handle the situation which, like a coward, I did. I really couldn’t be bothered with more of this tripe and then having to talk to the Police as well.

Let’s hope he gets both vaccines as soon as possible, and I can shop for cheese in peace!


11 Responses to “Mask wars break out in quiet country town”

  1. Occams says:

    I was on this mission to educate and save people…. Now I 100% wholeheartedly encourage getting the vaxx as soon as possible, and as many times as possible.

    These people are WHY we’re here and cannot get on with our lives. They want things to ‘go back to normal’, but THEY ARE THE REASON WE’RE HERE AND WE CAN’T

    • Aldous says:

      Well said Occams.
      I was talking to a friend today who has had the ‘first jab’ and swears by the official narrative and claptrap – looking forward to their second jab – and insists they are unaffected by it.
      All the time we were talking, their behaviour and body language was abnormal and disturbing.
      Their life, their body, their choice.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Thank you Occams, That would have to be the best comment I’ve seen about the entire scam since its inception!
      A Tome of essential information packed into just a few words…
      You are a literary genius sir!

    • ian says:

      Brilliantly put sir.

  2. archer says:

    I’m sorry to hear about your experience in the cheese shop, Tap.

    I hope I don’t get into such a pickle (excuse the pun), as I may be pushed to do something that I regret. That said – I tend to shop as late as possible and where possible, to avoid the crowds.

    I’ve had the odd person ask me about a mask but nothing more than that so far. I am quite burly and sporting a shaved head at the moment though (due to the bloody barbers being closed) and so even the security guards that think they’re tough guys hesitate (and often don’t say anything at all) I can see it in their eyes, which is quite amusing.

    Keep on keeping on, Tap. Hope young Tap is also hanging on in there at school. Cant be easy, but it will certainly be character building for him.

    • Tapestry says:

      ‘Young Tap’ – Lolz! Thanks Archer.

    • Aldous says:

      Hi archer.
      Well the satanic Bohemian Grove so-called ‘elites'(sic) behind all this heinous Covid crap and nonsense routinely rape, mutilate and murder little ones before eating them and drinking their blood soon after terrorizing them to make their blood and flesh more ‘rejuvenating’ so to speak.
      Beyond belief but real.

      • archer says:

        Hi Aldous. I try not to think about what goes on (too much), as I think I will go mad if I do.

  3. Aldous says:

    These satanic abominations are being performed by some of the most powerful men on earth. They imagine that their grievous behavior is hidden from God and from you and me. But God sees all. His judgement awaits. And now, with the book Bohemian Grove: Cult of Conspiracy, we, too, may observe the wicked sins of these arrogant and violent men.

    The Bohemians hold the lives of billions of human beings in over 175 nations across the globe in the palm of those hands that former President Richard Nixon said are “faggy” and unclean. Be wary, dear friends. Your very life and that of your loved ones are at stake here.

  4. Tapestry says:

    It’s very sad seeing friends and neighbours getting unwell when you know why they are unwell. One is too proud to admit she’s in trouble, having gone for full publicity on facebook showing her vaccine achievement online – in full costume as a nurse working for the NHS, brandishing her vaccine card with a broad smile. Unfortunately she wouldn’t listen. Her colleague committed suicide since. She’s now on long term sick leave, unable to sleep well and feeling very depressed. She was the bubbliest person we know til this happened to her. Another friend is sick vaccinated just a week ago. Another had a stroke and is housebound. Another died within five days.

    Luckily I persuaded a couple for people not to do it, but that’s about all, apart from hopefully hundreds or thousands who have found this blog and many other alternative media sites pumping out the sensible advice – don’t get the vaccine – especially the indefatigable Weaver who only started on Tap News a year ago. She’s done an amazing job. Most of the people I tried to approach in person were cross with me for suggesting that their opinion on vaccines might be wrong. The internet is now filling with stories of people being very ill – with blood clots and so on – regretting having had the vaccine. It’s been hard dealing with the mask wearing masses for the last year. Now it’s tragic watching them going into decline as predicted by so many people who know the awful truth. This is a genocide, which has been planned a long time ago and is now here. The television is the killer, literally, the tool of the genocidal elites getting billions to rush to be vaccinated with their killer vaccines. Let’s hope we can save a few more, but the numbers of early and tragic deaths and the disability will be awful to live through and witness. That is already the case, and it’s only been a couple of months.

    The media and the politicians are still pumping out the lies – Telegraph today –

    Boris Johnson will receive a first dose of the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine today amid worries that confidence in the jab has been damaged by various European countries suspending its use.

    Yesterday the Prime Minister insisted the vaccine was safe and reminded the country that it was essential to ending the lockdown. Most of the European countries that suspended the use of the AstraZeneca jab have now reauthorised it following the findings of the European Medicines Agency.

    There had been reports of blood clots in people who had received the jab. 17 EU countries then suspended their use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, supposedly to retain public confidence.

    The actions of EU countries, however, appear to have damaged confidence in the UK as well as on the Continent, with vaccine centres reporting more cancellations than normal.

    – One in a million –

    There is, though, no causal link so far established between the blood clots and the vaccine and, most importantly, the number of blood clot cases is not higher than the normal background level one would expect.

    Just as a number of people who receive the vaccine will fall down the stairs or get food poisoning for reasons entirely unrelated to the jab, some people will develop blood clots.

    What has caused a small amount of concern is the possible links to a type of blood clot on the brain that is so rare that reliable statistics for it are unavailable. Officials in England are investigating five cases of CVST.

    Again, though, no causal link has been established and even if there had been, the risk is unbelievably low (one in one to two million). It is also much, much lower than the risk of death from Covid-19, even among the young and healthy. For that reason, as Sarah Knapton sets out here, the balance of risks is still overwhelmingly in favour of getting vaccinated.

    ENDS. In our count of severe adverse reactions to the vaccine, it’s not one in a million but more like 50:50. The second 50 will no doubt be clobbered by the second vaccine. A friend just called. They had the vaccine yesterday prior to travel abroad. In his words, his wife is wrecked, but he’s OK. 50:50 again. He wondered if he’d had a placebo as he himself suffered no effects at all, leaving him puzzled as he was expecting effects after hearing about them from others. Maybe they are running a 50:50 killer vaccine so that some survive enabling the safety narrative to maintained, and then get people to get another vaccine for coming Variants. So that all get clobbered in the end.