Lockdowns or the Planet Gets It? Guardian ‘Accidentally’ Suggests Covid-like Shutdowns Every 2 Years Because … Climate

ER Editor: We also recommend this RT piece from Feb. 27 titled World Economic Forum shouted down on Twitter for suggesting Covid-19 lockdowns ‘improved cities all over the world’. Like The Guardian below, the WEF outed themselves. Journalist Helen Buyniski mentions this story below.


Lockdowns or the planet gets it? Guardian ‘accidentally’ suggests Covid-like shutdowns every 2 years to meet Paris climate goals

The Guardian accidentally confirmed the suspicions of a whole lot of conspiracy theorists with an article suggesting a “global lockdown every two years” was needed to meet Paris climate goals. The title was quickly changed.

Lockdowns or the planet gets it? Guardian ‘accidentally’ suggests Covid-like shutdowns every 2 years to meet Paris climate goals

If carbon dioxide emissions don’t drop by the equivalent of a worldwide lockdown “roughly every two years” for the next decade, the earth will heat to apocalyptic levels, a team of researchers at the University of East Anglia warned in a Nature article published Wednesday.

This apparently so excited a certain strain of climate fanatic on the Guardian staff, that they originally posted the piece under the title “Global lockdown every two years needed to meet Paris CO2 goals – study.” After being dragged mercilessly for such fear porn, the headline was changed to “Equivalent of Covid emissions drop needed every two years – study,” with an explainer that “experts say” that “equivalent falls in emissions over a decade” would be “required to keep safe limits of global heating.”

Despite calling for “completely different methods” to achieve and lock in the emissions drop from the pandemic, lead researcher Corinne Le Quéré nevertheless insisted that climate change couldn’t be a “side issue. It can’t be about one law or policy, it has to be put at the heart of all policy.”

Every strategy and every plan from every government must be consistent with tackling climate change.

While Le Quéré didn’t come out and suggest people be arbitrarily deprived of their liberties every two years in order to please a climate model (ER: which, according to our research, has no credible scientific data to back it up), the other “strategic actions” she mentioned to keep some of the gains of the pandemic were already being implemented – and in many cases had been implemented for years. From city planning to incentivize “active transport” (walking and cycling) and growing public transportation, to promoting remote work where possible, her suggestions were not exactly new – and unlikely to convince anyone they were sufficient enough.

“There is a real contradiction between what governments are saying they are doing to do [to generate a green recovery], and what they are doing,” Le Quéré told the Guardian, calling the phenomenon “very worrisome.”

Her co-researcher Glen Peters was more explicit in what latitude countries should have to move away from fossil fuels on their own time, calling for structural changes” to move economies toward renewable energy.

Some on social media, seeing the “quiet part” said out loud on the first edition of the Guardian article, had an “I told you so” moment. The threat of ‘climate lockdowns’ has been alternately presented and “debunked” by mainstream media for months.

…others at first assumed it had to be satire, because no one would post something that on-the-nose –

…except maybe for the World Economic Forum, which actually posted in praise of what lockdowns had done to cities – presumably turned them into uninhabitable hives of snitches where one can’t even take in a Broadway show anymore – earlier this week, before removing its tweet under public pressure.

The WEF had posted a video praising the “silence” and clearer air – and lack of humans, though they didn’t say that part out loud.


Lockdowns or the Planet Gets It? Guardian ‘Accidentally’ Suggests Covid-like Shutdowns Every 2 Years Because … Climate


8 Responses to “Lockdowns or the Planet Gets It? Guardian ‘Accidentally’ Suggests Covid-like Shutdowns Every 2 Years Because … Climate”

  1. ian says:

    Image yourself talking to a normie. You see a spark of interest and swap email addresses allowing you to send them some videos about the covid hoax etc. Then you tell them that really it’s about Climate change and, you’d see them cloud over. This may be just for that reason.

    • Adon says:

      Lockdowns are neither for the covid hoax nor for the climate change hoax. The Guardian is fooling you with their “accidental’ suggestion. I’m surprised Tap has not been Red Pilled yet. For your information, it’s ALL about cleaning out the D.U.M.Bs WORLDWIDE. Yes, worldwide, believe it or not, and rescuing millions of tortured children – thanks to President Trump who’s working now behind the scenes for a few weeks and will be back soon, Gd willing. May Gd bless him and his family and the military.

  2. Alan Vaughn says:

    “Yes, worldwide, believe it or not, and rescuing millions of tortured children – thanks to President Trump who’s working now behind the scenes for a few weeks and will be back soon, Gd willing. May Gd bless him and his family and the military.”

    ‘Gd’? Maybe a typo, but twice? Not likely.
    It’s ok to say God here. You don’t have to feel ashamed to believe in Him and respectfully refer to Him by name.

    Anyway, according to who, Q-anon? Simon Parkes maybe, or perhaps Gomez Adams?
    EX-President Trump has stated he is going to try to run for POTUS again in 2024, That is a FACT. When 2024 comes around, he may not actually run, who knows, but it’s true that he said he would try.
    For the time being, Donald Trump is the EX-POTUS whether you Q-Anon followers like it or not, he has no power or influence and he has no such ‘rescue plan’, nor is he actively involved in any secret operation ‘behind the scenes’ to clean out the worldwide D.U.M.Bs. If you believe that, you’ve been conned – thoroughly hoodwinked.

    For your own peace of mind, you should all stop buying into the false hope stories being propagated by delusional dreamers like Simon Parkes and Charlie Ward, et al. By listening to those famous peddlers of totally false hope, or any of their ilk, you’re only setting yourself up for major disappointment and heartbreak.

    Nobody can and nobody is going to save us from this tyranny and certainly not an EX-POTUS.

    The ONLY solution to end this stealthily executed global coup d’état and total enslavement of humanity, lies entirely with us: the oppressed and subjugated ‘serfs’. By growing some balls en masse and STANDING UP to them, TOGETHER AS ONE. REVOLT. By exercising mass civil disobedience, instead of obeying the unelected low life pond-scum that has ordered our complicit, treasonous governments to enslave us.
    Total NON-COMPLIANCE to ALL of their dehumanizing orders and mandates by everyone and I mean EVERYONE.
    It’s our ONLY hope. If the cowardly and compliant masked zombies could only wake up and give them the middle finger salute, instead of obeying them by proudly wearing their dehumanizing slave muzzles and following the ludicrous ‘social distancing’ spots on the floor at the supermarket, reopened their businesses, went back to work, sent their kids back to normal (not ‘socially distanced’) schools: the whole anti-humanity scam would go legs-up within a few days.

    Bottom Line? Simple:

    • ian says:

      Well said Alan. I am not very good at reasoning with people who’s views I find odd. I tend to either not react, or over react. You however seem rather good at it.

      • Alan Vaughn says:

        Thanks ian,
        I only wished there was a ‘vaccine’ to protect the numerous vulnerable sheople against the pandemic of destructive lies and false propaganda, which has many more ‘mutations’. Including highly infectious new strains of ludicrous false hope based agitprop, than the original fake Covid-19 scamdemic’s bizarre propaganda.
        All of which are adversely infecting many gullible sheople and are similarly ruining their lives, often to a much larger degree than the ‘deadly pandemic’s’ incessant, hysterical fear-porn is capable of.

  3. pete fairhurst says:

    Very well said Alan. You warned me about Simon Parkes and co in January when I had been sucked in by their stories to some extent. And you were spot on, I’ve kept a leery eye on them since and one thing stands out above all else: their predictions are wrong, they rarely, if ever, come to pass. So, yes, what you say makes total sense. A POTUS as a saviour? Get real, they are ALL on the other side, without exception. Hell will freeze over first….

    And yes to disobedience and non compliance too, its the only realistic way to go. Their “guidelines” are all voluntary in effect. There is usually a way to stand firm and say say NO. I’d love to think that everyone will do that but, hell will freeze over first I fear…. But if we get a significant minority then, I like to think that will suffice. Just say NO, its easier than you think…..

  4. Adon says:

    Just 1 question Alan and others: What are lockdowns in cities, states and countries for? Are they are to shoot the fevers and flu out of all the citizens in the world and nobody will become sick again – ever? Isn’t this what your “reliable sources” are telling you?

    • ian says:

      Adon. Please let me help you. You have not just happened upon a bunch of numpties who believe the MSM and Bill Gates, no we are beyond that. Also beyond believing that Q or Trump is going to drain the swamp and the DUMBs. We all know that the Covid hoax is just that, and that all the lies etc are pushing an agenda towards the great Reset. We know how potentially dangerous the vaccines could be, and definitely know that the masks and lockdowns are not to prevent infection. Please stop assuming that everyone except you is naive and uneducated. You might get on better.

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