4 Responses to “is Coronavirus a re-run of the 1918 Spanish/Bolshevik Flu?”

  1. sovereigntea says:

    What You Didn’t Know About Vaccines & Human Animal Husbandry

    by Terry Melanson · January 8, 2014
    Dr. Maurice Hilleman, Merck’s current chief virologist, stated recently that the Brucella pathogen is now carried by everyone in North America and possibly the world.

    In 1993, Dr. Shyh-Ching Lo, senior researcher at the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology patented several virulent strains of mycoplasma. He stated in his own patents that they cause chronic fatigue syndrome. The Institute is currently reconstructing the 1918 Spanish Flu, inserting it into contemporary flu strains and enhancing its lethality. The Spanish Flu killed 675,000 Americans in the 1918-1919 interval. Many of the dead were vaccinated soldiers. Anyone born after 1918 has no immunity to the Spanish Flu.
    At least two dozen microbiologists around the world have died violently in the last few years. Curiously, some of them were working on DNA sequencing. The most famous was Dr. David Kelly who died in July 2003. Working for the Mossad, Kelly orchestrated the defection of Russian microbiologist Vladimir Pasechnik, who had been working on a doomsday biological weapon capable of destroying one third of the planet’s population.

    In October 2004, Dmitry Lvov, head of the Russian Virology Institute declared that up to one billion people around the world could die during the next pandemic. It would appear that the human herd is about to be culled in spectacular fashion. For whatever reasons, the dead microbiologists wouldn’t go along with the program.

    In order to ensure maximum confusion, an edition of the New York Times from January 2002 reported that the US government had seen fit to declassify hundreds of germ warfare cookbooks. Although Lee Harvey Oswald’s bank account information is sealed for another 50 years, federal agencies have been routinely selling biowarfare documents to researchers through the Internet and even over the telephone.

  2. sovereigntea says:

    May 10, 2009 https://newslog.cyberjournal.org/100-dead-scientists-and-microbiologists/

  3. Tapestry says:

    Spanish flu only killed 20 million. Aids did for 200 million. This baby’s targeting 2000 million (2 billion). Anyone who kept away from doctors survived Spanish flu (vaccines). AIDS an auto-immune disease was delivered via the Hep B vaccine and the Smallpox vaccine, . HIV was a created myth to cover up the true story. COVID-19 was generated via the flu vaccine, triggered by SARS 2 – an infectious but harmless coronavirus designed to trigger COVID if you had had the flu vaccine . The COVID-19 vaccine delivers an auto-immune disease similar to AIDS. The only way to kill humans on any scale with disease is to destroy their immune systems. Otherwise we can survive pretty well anything. The depopulationists are targeting our immune systems, and the COVID 19 vaccine is their most successful weapon to date. AIDS killed double WW1 WW2 and Spanish flu combined. COVID 19 vac seen could do ten times that number if people can’t stop it. The depopulationists won’t generate a totally effective illness as that would kill them and their children. vac seen is chosen as the kill method as they can target exactly who they don’t want walking around on this planet, leaving themselves untouched. The perfect weapon system https://network-4406209.mn.co/posts/12797069?notification_id=1370449418

    • sovereigntea says:

      It is worse – an intergenerational multifaceted full spectrum program to wither and weaken all life on earth leaving behind only what is chosen. We shall see in the next few months whether the flock stampedes or goes quietly to the Bolshevik’s beckoning abattoir.

      Is Someone Killing Off These Experts In Advance of Unleashing A New Bio-Weapon?

      What are the odds that so many people in such a small, specialized field, would suffer lethal accidents or kill themselves in a four year period? To my mind, the probability of such a string of deaths is infinitesimally small.

      If there’s been foul play, who would benefit?

      To my thinking, alarm bells should be ringing throughout law enforcement over this. It seems to me there are only two possibilities with regard to these events: Either someone is planning to unleash a “doomsday bio-weapon.” OR, these men have found cures to diseases that those who profit from treating those diseases don’t want released. More simply, it’s either someone with an evil plan or plain, old fashioned greed.

      Below is the list of dead microbiologists. Read it and weep. Something wicked this way comes.