IMPORTANT: Government wants to hear your views on Covid-19 Status Certification / Freedom Passes – Deadline 29th March

If this comes to pass then it is over. Vaccine Passports a.k.a Covid-19 Status Certificates, label them what you want they are in effect a Freedom Pass. We warned you they were coming time and time again but the majority labelled it as conspiracy. But now the general public of the United Kingdom have just days left to put a stop to them.

On Monday 15 March the Government launched a public consultation as part of its review into whether COVID-status certification, sometimes described as ‘vaccine passports’, could play a role in reopening our economy, reducing restrictions on social contact and improving safety.

You can find out more about this Review, and share your views on the potential implementation of COVID-status certification, here:

The deadline for sharing your views is 23:59 on Monday 29 March.

On Tuesday 23 March, MPs on the Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) will hold an evidence session to look at the ethical and legal issues surrounding the potential use of ‘vaccine certificates’, sometimes referred to as ‘vaccine passports’.

The Committee will hear from Gracie Bradley, Interim Director of human rights charity Liberty, Rt Hon David Davis MP, and Professor Jonathan Wolff, Alfred Landecker Professor of Values and Public Policy at the University of Oxford.

Watch the session from 9.30am, Tuesday 23 March:

Read the transcript (published some time after the conclusion of the session):

Find out more:

The Public Administration and Constitutional Affairs Committee (PACAC) is a cross-party group of backbench MPs appointed by the House of Commons to examine the principles under which the UK is governed (our constitution); the quality and standards of administration provided by Civil Service departments; and the reports of the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman (PHSO).

It’s up to you to put a stop to this, don’t just do it for you, do it for your children…


2 Responses to “IMPORTANT: Government wants to hear your views on Covid-19 Status Certification / Freedom Passes – Deadline 29th March”

  1. Mick says:

    The consultation is a lie because even if a majority said they don’t these health passes we know the establishment do, so they’re going to say not only does a majority want it, but they’re asking why it isn’t in place already. It offers them more control than Blair’s ID cards would have, because with them you don’t have the social control a fake-believe pandemic offers.

    It will then go further, as in making enforcers of the vaccinated by banning husbands, wives, relatives and friends from employment or shopping or using public travel if they live in a household where a refusenik lives, saying close contact with them is a health risk. They’ll want this in place and beyond pushback before the vaccinated start dying en mass.

    • ian says:

      Oh yes Mick, they’re coming. A big old bracelet like in Israel will be next, and after hauling it around for a few months of the pure nuisance that it will be, a micro chip.