I think I know the end game with the vaccinations, and it is “impossibly bad,” I am probably right, here it is:

The end game is to turn people into living computers that can interface with 5G, and it is not far fetched at all. Here is how it can happen:


First of all, to interface remotely, you need an antenna. Anyone with any common sense knows there’s nothing in the body that can be used as an antenna that can transmit, RIGHT? Well, common sense would indeed imply that, but as it turns out, human DNA is in 23 pairs for a total of 46 strings that are all bundled up in a neat little antenna, which if stretched out is 1.695 inches in length. The actual length of all the strands is 78 inches if you put them end to end, but that’s not how an antenna based on DNA would work, it will work on the actual length of the individual DNA strands that are all wound up together. That’s 1.695 inches long, JUST RIGHT FOR 5G.


So there is something in the human body that can act as an antenna – DNA itself.



What else in the system is missing? To interface people you need a processor, RIGHT? That can’t be done, can it?

Actually, YES, and it has already been done. In a report I posted yesterday, researchers managed to manipulate DNA well enough with CRSPR to force a cell to turn itself into a dual core microprocessor. That’s something I never thought we’d see, but yes, it is indeed possible to command a cell to create structures that can be used for computing. That is, by conventional logic, not possible. And it has been done, it is not the future.



But there’s no software you could run on that, RIGHT? How would that work?

Actually, everyone has seen the reports by now where AstraZeneca openly admitted their version of the corona vax is an operating system. That’s month old news that has been around long enough to turn bread moldy. Literally, that’s how fast things are moving now, – the life span of a loaf of bread is long enough for all new horrors to come to fruition –


AND, finally, ALL the vax manufacturers are admitting that their vaccines work by tweaking the genetic makeup of cells. FIGURE IT OUT. HERE IT IS, ALL ADDED UP:

Via a DNA tweak in a corona shot that they ALL ADMIT, ALL MANUFACTURERS ADMIT, functions by causing genetic changes, they will soon, (if not now) be able to cause cells to create within themselves microprocessors via a shot (they already have done this, whether or not they can via a shot is the only question) – and those microprocessors have a cute little 5G antenna right there inside the cells they can use – the DNA itself. We have AstraZeneca being honest, stating they already have an operating system.

They don’t have to broadcast far, – only to the next street light, because there are going to be so damn many 5G antennas installed. They can’t justify 5G even existing, because 4G was already so powerful it was impossible to exhaust the bandwidth with a typical customer base, why did they suddenly need MANY TIMES more bandwidth? EASY ANSWER: They want everyone connected to a system no one can escape from by leaving their cell phone at home.


5G was forced on us when almost everyone said they did not want it. Why? why would they then proceed to force a totally unneccesary system on us, with 4G being enough to truly connect everyone very well? EASY ANSWER: FREQUENCY. They needed the 5G frequencies to make it possible to install a system that could receive signals that were broadcast directly from strands of DNA. And from there, they have their perfect inescapable 666 system, as outlined in the Bible. Lots of people said “They’d never be able to do that” but now we know exactly how that could indeed happen, and it is probably happening now. The vaccines are devastating people because let’s face it, you are not made to be a transmitter.