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We truly must act now to get David Noakes and Lynda Thyer not only free but back to their vital work on GcMAF. NHF needs to pay their attorneys’ fees amounting to at least $20,000 immediately for the French attorneys to defend them at trial within the French court system. Their trial begins on March 22, 2021, and will run for five consecutive court days.

But we need to raise money to pay their French lawyers

Many have donated but we do need more please

Cancer insinuated itself into our lives in December of 2009, right before Christmas when my sister Jacqueline K. Leeba, then just 55-years old, was diagnosed with double breast cancer. Stunned, I wrote in my journal, “Train yourself to number your days. Accept that it is always later than you think. Take action now. Do not delay. For one strong word (such as a cancer diagnosis) can remove your options in a moment’s time.” She had received that strong, life-shattering “C” word and it reverberated throughout our Christmas season and the next five years.


Her cancer quickly spread to the liver and bones. At the time of diagnosis, she was a Depth Psychology student working on her dissertation, ironically on Compassion in Health Care. However, she found little true compassion in the harsh, quick efficiency of mainstream medicine for herself. Her option to become a practicing psychologist, along with many other options, was wiped away with that one strong word and her blind faith in mainstream medicine.


I could feel that her time was short and made time to visit my sister. Jackie, as I called her, was coping with severe pain and drains from her double mastectomy; trying to be brave as bits and pieces of herself were slowly vanishing.


At that time, I was just a few years into the health-freedom field and working with the NHF. Years earlier, my sister and I would dream together and share, and determined that we would find a career that would allow us to be true to ourselves and our destiny’s calling. As I walked away from that last visit, never to see her again, Jackie said, “It looks like you have found your true path in life [with NHF].”


Taking the orthodox medical route instead of my nutritional-therapy approach, by degrees Jackie incurred these increasing losses in her health – over and over. First, her beautiful, thick, long hair fell out multiple times over the course of her illness. Then, the doctors removed both of her breasts and even though she was clearly dying, wanted to rebuild them! After five hard years, the whole sordid ordeal left her without dignity, bankrupt, and on welfare, which she had never used in her life prior to that.


Jackie’s generous boyfriend had drained his $100,000 savings account to help her. We all helped as we could in all the ways a family can. On October 8, 2014, the night of the Supermoon, she passed away. Jackie’s one integrative physician (and a NHF member himself) was a godsend; but the Vitamin-C-IVs treatment he prescribed with a considerable measure of success and an excellent track record was discontinued by the FDA around the same time, most likely because of its very success.


The Politics of Cancer was required reading in my Nutritional Therapy Practitioner course from which I graduated in 2004. I distinctly recalled reading in that book that physicians who were asked if they would choose chemo and radiation for their spouse or children most often gave a firm “no.” With a pathetic 2% success ratio and cancer usually returning after up to five years, they knew better than taking that dead-end (pardon the pun). But people such as my sister keep the Medical Mafia running since her faith was blindly rooted solely in the standard allopathic medicine. Such personal decisions hurt us all, yet everyone is entitled to them and we must not waste our sorrows. This pattern is repeated in thousands of people reading this, isn’t it? We must use pain in this case as a catalyst for change.


This is precisely what the National Health Federation’s founder, Fred Hart, did an incredible 66 years ago, and part of what made me fall in love with NHF and its noble, enduring mission. He used his inconsolable pain and sorrow to change the system, founding the very first health-freedom organization in the World.


Radical, disruptive change is still NHF’s destiny. It hearkens back to our roots in 1955 when the NHF was established because one man, Fred Hart, had lost his beloved wife Eva after the American Medical Association denied his right to use a frequency device on Eva’s cancer. This device had already been successfully used on animal models with cancer. Eva lost her life, sacrificing it needlessly on the altar of the Medical Mafia as so many others have before and after her. Fred started a now sixty–six-year-long battle for health freedom that you and I are fortunate to be a part of. When you remember all of the big names in business that have fallen into ruin and bankruptcy, not only in the pandemic year, but before: Eastman Kodak, Montgomery Ward, etc., you can see that miracles surround the NHF, allowing our mission to protect health and health freedom to persist and the NHF not to be “cancelled.” But we cannot take anything for granted!


Soon after Jackie’s death to cancer, I rescued a six-month old German Shepherd pup from an abusive puppy mill. We aptly named him Liberty but were devastated to learn a few months after the adoption that he had perianal cancer. The vet gave him two weeks to live. Other dog stories I encountered at the time all ended with the predicted death. Liberty had already lost ten pounds and a massive amount of hair. He looked like he could not possibly hold on for two more weeks. Sharing this with NHF President Scott Tips, an animal lover, started a seemingly miraculous chain of events involving David Noakes and GcMAF.



Fortunately, around the very same time, I had the immense pleasure of meeting David Noakes in person. He was part of the NHF delegation at Codex in Germany at the Codex Committee on Nutrition and Foods for Special Dietary Uses (CCNFSDU). While attending the meeting, I overheard David’s strong voice passionately educating the listeners as he gave an online interview. And he was doing this despite being sick with a fever; and, unstoppable, he continued to work.


With his vitality and huge aura surrounding him, I cannot even begin to imagine David confined to a prison cell. It would be akin to caging a wild tiger. His ferocious commitment to his work and to exposing the corruption in the European healthcare system are reminiscent of zealots of old times. Most of them became martyrs. This short-circuiting of David’s life and work is just shy of martyrdom. So far, he has been effectively “cancelled.” But, the NHF has been steadily keeping his name and that of David’s research assistant, Dr. Lynda Thyer, before the World. We truly must act now to get David Noakes and Lynda Thyer not only free but back to their vital work on GcMAF. NHF needs to pay their attorneys’ fees amounting to at least $20,000 immediately for the French attorneys to defend them at trial within the French court system. Their trial begins on March 22, 2021, and will run for five consecutive court days.


David Noakes and Lyn Thyer had already been teaching many people about the naturally occurring protein, called GcMAF, found in our own bodies. More importantly, David and Lyn were having absolutely outrageous success with GcMAF in England healing even clients with stage-4 pancreatic cancer! Past-NHF President Maureen Salaman Kennedy died from this very thing … It is a shame this therapy was not in place while she was still with us.


Building on the 2008 and 2009 GcMAF articles by Bill Sardi that he had published in the Health Freedom News, President Scott Tips began writing regularly about GcMAF as well. Scott kindly spoke with David Noakes about my dog Liberty’s death sentence. David wasted no time. In short order, we were administering minute amounts of GcMAF that David had very graciously sent to Liberty free of charge. We had previously tried several natural remedies to no avail. GcMAF was working, and fast! Later, as more product was shipped to us, the FDA would confiscate (steal) this life-saving therapy at the border declaring it “illegal” despite the fact that it is a natural substance we all produce in our body. Thankfully, Liberty was extremely responsive and not only healed but literally became beautiful again and thriving because of David’s love and care.


Meanwhile, David and Lyn were entering the nightmare of their wrongful imprisonment.  Scott’s detailed accounts can be read on the NHF website, www.thenhf.com , and throughout Health Freedom News. He has meticulously chronicled both of their stories with the crucial details only a lawyer can provide. We have also always asked our members to stay in contact and write David and Lyn to sustain them with hope and prayers.


While in prison, Lyn once wrote to me that she was about to lose her mind. Her health was in a serious and precarious state. David’s picture and story of his persecution due to GcMAF’s success was on the cover of the Spring 2017 issue of Health Freedom News. He is a true hero and neither he nor Lyn deserve any of what they have endured and are indeed still enduring!


Years later, we had a return visit at the veterinarian who first diagnosed Liberty with that gloriously healthy and beautiful dog waltzing into the clinic beside me, and she was speechless. I handed her the 2017 issue of the magazine, hoping that she would further explore for herself what had created that miraculous cure standing right before her in her exam room.


On NHF travels for Codex attendance, I have often reflected on Scott’s tireless fighting, finding lawyers in France, negotiating terms, raising money, providing his legal advice as he can outside his jurisdiction. So many Codex trips were punctuated by Scott’s excusing himself to take calls to arrange for legal help for David’s and Lyn’s release. It has become ever-present in the life of NHF as we all keep sharing this ordeal together in the ways we can. Once thrown into a French prison, it is not easy to extricate oneself from there. David and Lyn need us all more than ever after having been embroiled for YEARS now in this Big Pharma “mess.”


To date, on or around Saint Patrick’s Day, 2021, David remains incarcerated. Lyn was finally freed in late January 2021, but with her health in shambles because of the strain. Both of them will stand for their trials – at last – in late March 2021. At one point, David did not even have eyeglasses so he could read! His health in total (including diabetes) has suffered greatly. I cannot even imagine what these two health-freedom giants, true doctors, healers and teachers, have endured for you, for me, for Liberty and for liberty in healthcare. Many others who have spoken against the Medical Mafia found themselves, as Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, M.D. did, dead. We must take action now. We must make every day count in this battle for our right to choose therapies we determine best for us. It is always later than you think. Do not delay. Liberty can be lost. Our lives can be lost.


 Please, take action now! Help now to put into place a therapy that is proven to be healthy and successful:


NHF is asking again for your generosity now that David and Lyn’s trial is fast approaching. In deep faith, NHF has moved forward and paid one of the two attorneys, which amounts to a rather large sum. Immediate replenishment of the NHF’s legal fund is essential now as there are more bills forthcoming. Kind donors have come forward with generous funding during this tribulation sending what they can, writing letters of support to David and Lyn in prison, and truly expressing their care with tangible deeds.


Earlier this month, I spoke with a woman on the phone who said, “David saved my life. Of course, I must help him!” She immediately gave her credit card over the phone to cover an $800 shortfall in his attorney fees at the time. This is love in action. This is OUR NHF family showing love in action! We are asking you now to be bold in your giving, realizing that you are a vital part of a benevolent and life-saving cause that deserves serious championing.


For donors of $3,500 or more, I can personally offer a special package of a week’s stay at Adytum Sanctuary, a luxury retreat in the great Pacific Northwest near Mt. Rainier and overlooking Lake Mayfield, the Tilton and Cowlitz Rivers, with world-class fishing and extravagant privacy. There you will also meet sweet Liberty, the happy and lucky dog saved from a sure death sentence by David’s love and generosity. And, you can sit and reflect in the beautiful memorial garden created in my sister Jackie’s memory and realize that it is truly later in our lives than we think. We must act now to create a version of the World that already exists! Healing is possible NOW!


If anyone in your family has cancer, or you know someone impacted by this devastating disease, perhaps even yourself, then you will want to spare them needless suffering and defend the free use of GcMAF around the World. Wouldn’t you? It begins with getting David out of jail and, together with Lyn, returning to research and work on the field. Become a part of this new chapter of NHF and take our dear founder’s vision for the freedom to use therapies of our own choice into the future for your family and your children.


It is truly later than you think. Take action now. Do not delay lest one strong word removes your own options or the ones of those whom you love!


© Katherine A. Carroll 2021