Gordon Logan updates on Russia vs The Rothschilds

Putin’s conflict with Rothschild and the West goes back to February 2000, when as a result of my inadvertent intervention [sic], the Russians got together with the Saudis to hike the price of oil. Previous to this the US Dept of Energy had controlled the oil price for the Rothschilds. The hike was the foundation of Putin’s economic miracle, which benefitted not only the KGB oligarchs, but also the Russian people. In Feb 2003, the Russians shocked the Rothschilds by opposing the invasion of Iraq in the UN Security Council.

Later that year, Jacob Rothschild flew to Moscow to see Putin about dropping the prosecution of his point man Mikhail Khodorkovsky, who controlled 3/4 of Russias’ wealth on behalf of Rothschild. Putin turned down the request and Jacob returned to London beaten. Russia had escaped from Rothschild’s clutches. There followed ‘Operation Beluga’, which involved multiple operations to discredit Putin’s reputation in Russia and abroad. Politkovskaya, Litvinenko, Beslan, Berezovsky,Nemtsov and Skripal were all false flag operations aimed at demonizing Putin. Usmanov, a Chechen terrorist who had been brought up in the UK, attempted to assassinate Putin. The fact that Putin’s hands were relatively clean, meant that he had to be discredited.

The mud that was thrown at Putin should have been thrown at MI6 and the Rothschilds.

Incidentally the Rothschilds support the USD in return for aggression, nothing else.

As someone once said, ‘All wars are bankers’ wars.’

Sent as a comment to Tap News by Gordon Logan, former MI6 agent in Russia and Eastern bloc.