Global fightback news – the London March in March



by The Masked Writer

There was a massive turnout for the protest March in London yesterday – itself a part of a global day of protest in which the event was mirrored in cities across the planet.

The resistance to tyranny is certainly growing and its speed of growth is accelerating.

So much for the manipulation, mendacity and mind games of the psychological warfare knobheads currently “advising” our quisling and somewhat dim government and forwarding their sly poison through the collaborative CMM (Corporate Media Matrix).

In the face of truth and the raw power of ideas, their tricks and crude “mass psychology” technology ultimately do not work because increased awareness is the antidote to brainwashing.

Something is happening. We are heading for a new era in which we the people cease forever to play to role of serfs or cattle the self appointed global elite think we should play.

The globalist cultish crime syndicate that has blighted this planet and its aspiring civilisation like a voracious parasite for way too long is finally unravelling.

And the message from The People to the aforesaid criminal cult is this: there are millions of us and our numbers are exploding so cease and desist your push against humanity while you are still in one piece because as sure as day follows night, you ain’t seen nothing yet.

For those of us who missed out yesterday and were not there, we take our hats off to our brothers and sisters who were and thank you for being there.

The CMM will probably keep very, very quiet about what happened yesterday lest the news encourage more of what was, when all said and done, a warning shot across the bows of tyranny and the harbinger of outright revolt.

Below, I have included some notes from a friend who was at the march and witnessed it directly, followed by a small sampling of videos of it.


Eye witness account by Lior Losinsky:

I haven’t seen anything posted on Facebook today about the protest in London – but in case you haven’t heard it was absolutely massive.

Minimum 50k people – some people reckon 100k.

Hard to say exactly but it really was that big.

Police didn’t have a chance in controlling it and had to just let us go where we wanted.

MSM reporting hundreds or a few thousand – their lies betray them yet again.

I was there and saw it myself it was a great day today. Some very passionate people and busses were honking in support – some people stood through heir sunroofs and cheered – today definitely sent a message to the police and our government we will not accept this and that there is a lot of us.

Lior Losinski

And now some videos




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