Tuesday, 28th May 2019
Recently business man David Noakes was released from prison having served six months following his conviction on four charges relating to the manufacture, sale and supply of an unlicensed medicine.

(This article originally published on in-this-together.com. Republished in full with permission.)

Noakes pled guilty to all charges, including one of money laundering. This is something the MHRA and the mainstream media (MSM) have been very keen to highlight because it casts Noakes as a ‘real criminal.’

Money laundering is an automatically levied charge if anyone ever sells an unlicensed ‘medication.’ Pleading guilty to selling an unlicensed medication automatically makes you guilty of so called ‘money laundering.’ David Noakes is no BCCI executive.

Over 6 years Immuno Biotech made £7.6 million selling GcMAF. Out of that they paid a staff team of 27 including 4 research scientists, 7 doctors, 2 ultrasound staff, 4 nurses and admin staff for 6 years. They paid for the laboratories, staff travel (a significant expense) and accommodation. Any additional revenue they pumped back into GcMAF research and development. The CEO of GlaxoSmithKline earns approximately £6 million every single year.

The alleged medicine is not a synthetic manufactured pharmaceutical. It is actually derived from naturally occurring human protein. It is called ‘Gc Protein-derived Macrophage Activating Factor,’ or GcMAf for short. How and why GcMAF is being withheld from the public, despite an abundance of supporting scientific evidence, reveals a system of corrupt corporate control designed to profit from our sickness and death.

The scientific evidence clearly shows that GcMAF is potentially the most effective cancer treatment ever discovered. At David Noakes trial Judge Nicholas Lorraine-Smith made it clear that GcMAF was not on trial. He accepted that Noakes had acted out of a genuine desire to treat people; he noted that GcMAF had been instrumental in successfully treating people who had been written off by the medical profession and added that he was looking forward to GcMAF being made available to the public. He then sentenced David Noakes to prison.


Judge Nicholas Loraine Smith had little choice, and was compelled to make the required legal decision. He clearly felt uncomfortable and gave David Noakes just 15 months instead of the fourteen year sentence the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) were seeking. The difficulty he faced was highlighted when he stated, during the trial, that the court was not a court of morality but rather a court of law.

Clearly, in this case, the law is an ass. If the UK state recognised the codified British constitution then a jury could have annulled this statutory lunacy. However, through 800 years of lies and deception, the UK Parliament has unconstitutionally seized illegitimate sovereignty for itself and its statute laws. It was under this corrupt system the MHRA brought the case against David Noakes. When asked at the trial if he would do the same again David Noakes looked the Judge in the eye and said he would. He is a man who commands considerable respect in my opinion.

Under the 1939 Cancer Act it is illegal in the UK to advertise any cancer treatment which is not approved by the state. It is also illegal to offer any claimed cancer treatment, prescribe any claimed cancer treatment or offer any non-state sanctioned cancer treatment advice. I am not medically qualified, am not offering any medical advice and am not promoting GcMAF. I recommend you always seek qualified medical advice if you are ill. Rather, I am exposing what seems to be a rank injustice and questioning the system of cancer treatment approval and regulation in the UK.

The charges were brought against Mr Noakes, his team of research scientists, doctors, nurses and medical researchers at Immuno-Biotech, by the UK MHRA. David’s partner, and biomedical research scientist, Lyn Thyer, is due to be extradited to France to face similar charges. This at the behest of the French equivalent to the MHRA (the OCLAESP) who lobbied the EU to issue a European Arrest Warrant (EAW.)

Lyn has been found entirely innocent of all related charges in the UK and even the MHRA admitted she was guilty of nothing. Under EU law an EAW can only last a maximum of 60 days. At her previous extradition appeal hearing on 28th March 2019 the EAW had been in effect for approximately 700 days. The EAW is based upon charges simply copied from the original charges brought against David Noakes and are completely unrelated to Lyn Thyer. This copy and paste of charges was evidenced by the fact that the EAW charge sheet provided to Lyn had David Noakes’ case number on it.

Lyn Thyer

At that hearing most observers noted that the Barrister, representing the French prosecutor’s, presented no evidence to support the extraditions request. This is understandable as, under UK law, Lyn Thyer is not guilty and the charges she faced weren’t hers, they related to David Noakes. As far as anyone knew, including the MHRA, there was no evidence at all against Lyn Thyer. Justice Supperstone then stated he would give a written ruling and adjourned the court. Consequently, based upon evidence which only Justice Supperstone has seen thus far, Lyn Thyer was informed that the extradition request had been granted. It is reasonable to assume that David Noakes will soon face a similar extradition request. However, at the time of writing Lyn is yet to be extradited, so there is hope sense will prevail.

In 2016 the UK parliament passed the Access to Medical Treatments (Innovation) Act. It states:

The purpose of this Act is to promote access to innovative medical treatments (including treatments consisting in the off-label use of medicines or the use of unlicensed medicines).

The clearly stated purpose of the Act is to allow responsible doctors to prescribe off label (using licensed drugs for innovative purposes) or unlicensed drugs, such as GcMAF, if it is considered by the prescribing Doctor to be beneficial. All Immuno Biotech GcMAF treatments were prescribed by qualified Doctors who thought prescribing it would be beneficial. They were right.

In response to the Access To Medical Treatments Act (Innovations) 2016 the MHRA issued guidance which stated that prescribers should first consider using a licensed medicine where possible; if that is not possible, then a licensed medicine off-label should be used, and only if neither of these are available should an unlicensed medicine be considered. Every patient selected for the GcMAF UK trials by Immuno Biotech had exhausted all licensed treatment options. In each case (for the UK trials) treatment had failed. Therefore it seems providing them with GcMAF was both legal and within MHRA guidelines.

However, European Law, in regard to EAW duration, and UK law, under the 2016 Act, can simply be ignored in the case of everyone connected to Immuno Biotech and GcMAF. In fact, it makes you wonder why we bother with UK law at all. Clearly it only applies to some people and is utterly ignored when it is inconvenient to the state, its agents or its corporate backers. Especially if the EU demand it.

Despite the appalling bias in the reporting of the case by the UK mainstream media (MSM), in reality Immuno Biotech were undertaking scientific research and clinical trials into the effectiveness of GcMAF. Apparently with very encouraging results. Technically Noakes broke the law because he sold some GCMAF to those who could afford it. He also gave away 25% of Immuno Biotech’s GcMAF, to those who couldn’t afford it, free of charge.

For reasons we’ll soon discuss, David Noakes knew it was pointless seeking a license from the MHRA to develop GcMAF. However, he reasoned that he and his team should be safe from prosecution. Firstly they had approval from the Guernsey authorities and had applied for and been given an import licence for GcMAF by the Guernsey Border Agency which they withdrew only after the MHRA allegations. All tests and scientific evidence showed that GcMAF was safe, it caused no known adverse drug reaction (ADR) and has never harmed or killed anyone. So he proceeded with the trials and subsequent distribution of GcMAF. He did so in the knowledge the MHRA hadn’t even admonished pharmaceutical corporations who had sold drugs which were proven to kill people.

Research of GcMAF is warranted.Research of GcMAF is warranted.

In 2007 A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) diabetes drug Avandia increased the risk of heart failure by a minimum of 43%. The U.S Food and Drug Agency (FDA) subsequently acknowledged that an estimated 83,000 people had been killed by Avandia in the U.S. GSK were ordered to pay $3 billion in compensation.

Knowing this, in the UK, the MHRA recommended to U.K. doctors that they continue to prescribe Avandia ‘only to patients without a recognised heart condition’ and monitor patients taking Avandia more closely. The MHRA didn’t even criticise GlaxoSmithKline for marketing a drug which they knew to carry a significant cardiovascular risk, proven to be lethal. They eventually recommended its withdrawal three years later. They didn’t provide any data on how many British patients it killed.

Therefore David Noakes considered that the benefits of proceeding with GcMAF research and development in the UK far outweighed what he saw as the minimal risk of MHRA disapproval. What he didn’t take into account was the corruption at the heart of the MHRA and their role as defenders of Big Pharma’s monopoly. His mistake was thinking that the MHRA would be consistent if they ever investigated Immuno Biotech.

Immuno-Biotech carried out extensive trials, publishing more than 30 peer reviewed papers. Approximately 11,000 people received GcMAF and the collected data consistently showed very promising results. The scientific laboratory research results were also consistent and encouraging.

Some of the success stories with GcMAF have been remarkable. For example the only 5 patients with terminal stage 4 pancreatic cancer, which is particularly deadly, were all treated successfully with GcMAF. The patients were chosen for the UK administered trials because they had stage 4 cancers (and other chronic or terminal illnesses.) All the cancer patients had been told by the medical profession that there was no hope. Treatment had failed and many were advised to put their affairs in order and prepare for the inevitable.

Following treatment with GcMAF, Immuno Biotech found that it ‘removed’ all cancerous tumours, with 75% of stage 4 cancer patients going on to live full lives for years. Unfortunately, for patients who had undergone chemotherapy the success rate was greatly reduced to 40% but for those who hadn’t it was above 80%.

Among many of note was a 60 year old woman with terminal stage 4 inoperable breast cancer. She was unlucky to be one of a 20% of breast cancer patients who possess a virulent cancer producing gene called the HER2 oncogene, for which there ‘was’ no known treatment. After 3 weeks of treatment with GcMAF she returned to her specialist who was amazed to find her cancer had reduced and was now easily operable. They removed the tumour but were even more stunned when they tested her to find the HER2 oncogene was clear. She went from Stage 4 inoperable cancer to completely cancer free in 4 weeks. A medical first, thanks it seems to GcMAF.

However, perhaps the most remarkable success was Teri Davis Newman. She had a genetic predisposition to contracting a particularly vicious form of ovarian cancer called peritoneal carcinomatosis which, unless diagnosed very early, in stage 2-4 is fatal in 100% of cases. Teri was told by her oncologist that she would be dead by November 2016. She had watched chemotherapy ravage her sister before she died horribly and declined the treatment.

Her insurance company would not pay for the GcMAF and so Immuno Biotech gave it to her free of charge and even paid the shipping costs. As of February 2019 Teri is still posting videos on YouTube. It seems peritoneal carcinomatosis need no longer be considered an automatic death sentence. Another apparent GcMAF medical breakthrough.

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