Former Gates Vaccine Scientist Predicts Mass Genocide

March 15, 2021

We are “at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal.”



A former Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Senior Program Officer in Vaccine Discovery, former Head of the Vaccine Development Office for the German equivalent of the CDC, and university professor, has released an open letter to the scientific community and to the world warning that the present mass vaccination program may “wipe out large parts of our human population.”

Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche writes in his Open Letter, which he submits to the world science community for open discussion:

“…it’s becoming increasingly difficult to imagine how the consequences of the extensive and erroneous human intervention in this pandemic are not going to wipe out large parts of our human population. One could only think of very few other strategies to achieve the same level of efficiency in turning a relatively harmless virus into a bioweapon of mass destruction…”

While the science behind his explanation is somewhat complex, Bossche argues that vaccinated subjects and Covid-19 seropositve people will lose “both, their acquired and innate immune defense against Covid-19.” (Dr. Bossche Open Letter post at Twitter)

The new technology in vaccines which has never before been tried on people, mRNA technology, has so far resulted, according to a reporting platform run by the CDC, in over 1,000 deaths possibly, but not for certain, related to the vaccinations, and nearly 20,000 “adverse events.” The system is the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System. One of the best resources for following adverse events is Barbara Loe Fisher’s website The Vaccine Reaction.
survival-rates.jpegSeparately, different groups of doctors and scientists have issued statements warning of the unnecessary risk of the vaccines for 99.4% to 99.8% survival rate virus, which is similar to normal flus. For most age ranges, one has a greater chance of dying of flu than of COVID.

One group, America’s Frontline Doctors, has published the white paper “On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19”. The doctors predict long-term vaccine reactions will be blamed on a “new strain.”

Another group, Doctors for COVID Ethics has published “Urgent Open Letter from Doctors and Scientists to the European Medicines Agency regarding COVID-19 Vaccine Safety Concerns.” One of the signatures of that letter is a former Chief Science Officer and Vice President for Pfizer, Dr. Mike Yeadon.

In January the government of Norway issued a warning over the safety of the COVID vaccines for people over 75 who are frail or had other conditions, which is exactly one of the target populations in the US.

Statement by Geert Vanden Bossche, DMV, PhD, independent virologist and vaccine expert, formerly employed at GAVI and The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundaton.
 To all authorities, scientists and experts around the world, to whom this concerns: the entire world population. I am anything but an anti-vaxxer. As a scientist I do not usually appeal to any platform of this kind to make a stand on vaccine-related topics. As a dedicated virologist and vaccine expert I only make an exception when health authorities allow vaccines to be administered in ways that threaten public health, most certainly when scientific evidence is being ignored. The present extremely critical situation forces me to spread this emergency call. 
As the unprecedented extent of human intervention in the Covid-19- pandemic is now at risk of resulting in a global catastrophe without equal, this call cannot sound loudly and strongly enough. 
As stated, I am not against vaccination. On the contrary, I can assure you that each of the current vaccines have been designed, developed and manufactured by brilliant and competent scientists. However, this type of prophylactic vaccines are completely inappropriate, and even highly dangerous, when used in mass vaccination campaigns during a viral pandemic.
 Vaccinologists, scientists and clinicians are blinded by the positive short-term effects in individual patents, but don’t seem to bother about the disastrous consequences for global health. Unless I am scientifically proven wrong, it is difficult to understand how current human interventions will prevent circulating variants from turning into a wild monster. 
Racing against the clock, I am completing my scientific manuscript, the publication of which is, unfortunately, likely to come too late given the ever increasing threat from rapidly spreading, highly infectious variants. This is why I decided to already post a summary of my findings as well as my keynote speech at the recent Vaccine Summit in Ohio on LinkedIn.

7 Responses to “Former Gates Vaccine Scientist Predicts Mass Genocide”

  1. Tapestry says:

    One group, America’s Frontline Doctors, has published the white paper “On Experimental Vaccines For COVID-19”. The doctors predict long-term vaccine reactions will be blamed on a “new strain.” You don’t say…

    • Occams says:

      Have to give credit to ‘them’ on this one; EVERYTHING can be blamed on Covid, and the sheep will never utter a bleat.


  2. Occams says:

    Just posted this here:

    I am being ridiculed as a conspiracy theorist, so I am wholeheartedly encouraging ALL to ‘get their jab’.

    Face it. 98% don’t want to know. There’s no logic to it, they refuse facts, they just want their shot. I’ve never seen such dedication to an extinction-level event

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Face it. 98% don’t want to know. There’s no logic to it, they refuse facts, they just want their shot. I’ve never seen such dedication to an extinction-level event

      Yes, it’s all playing out very much like a certain story in the Bible about a bloke who was tod to build an enormous wooden ship, in anticipation of a global scale flood where every inch of land would be inundated… He tried to warn the dumbed-down mockers, even invited them to join his rescue mission but he’s a conspiracy theorist they laughed.
      The biggest difference between that story and today’s is that unlike Noah and his ark, we have undeniable evidence that this current extermination plot, is everything but ‘misinformation’ or a conspiracy theory promoted by right wing white supremacists.
      They don’t want to listen to the facts, so let ’em go – let them ridicule and laugh behind their hideous slave muzzles…. We’ll be safe in in the ‘ark’ of knowledge based on simple common sense and critical thinking, which nobody will ever take from us.

      It just goes to show too, that despite many centuries of progress and learning, humanity is still very small minded and naïve, thus vulnerable to manipulation through fear, therefore so easy for evil psychopaths to indoctrinate and control:
      Even in 2021, they’re proving how they’re even more superstitious and scientifically ignorant than were our witch-hunting medieval era ancestors.

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      Oh BTW Occams, I should mention that I read the conversation and your comments on the thread you linked to above, on that psuedo-sciencbasedmedicine propaganda site and you had me in stitches, especially this one:
      “Qanon was a psyop. New that from the get-go.

      Please; get the so-called ‘vax’.”

      • Occams says:

        I started this in Aug ’19, when I began warning others an event would be used to hide the economic collapse (I was watching the unfolding repo-market disaster) and knew it wouldn’t be long in coming.

        I was dismissed

        In October, 2 months later, I was listening to ex-Green Beret Mike Glover and he said; ‘A virus-scare would be used – like how we were trained”, but again, my warnings fell on deaf ears.

        When this laughable event started, and people were calling to ‘make sure I was okay’, I reminded them; ‘THIS… what I warned you about. Relax. It’s a psyop’

        I was ASSURED it was quite real, as many told me;

        “I. Know. Doctors”

        Therefore, of course, no question should be asked, because ‘someone above my station’ told me it was real, so therefore, it’s real, right?

        I absolutely LOVED the Lockdowns. No one around, no one at the beaches, surf, tennis courts, airports/airplanes/destinations (I get giddy just thinking about THAT and how good it was!), worked non-stop (clients, luckily, knew it was a nothing-event, too), and basically saw California ‘as it used to be’ – I guess – when there was almost no one around.


        So, if by ENCOURAGING those stupid enough to take this, perhaps we’ll end up with a brighter, new day, filled with the remaining who ask questions and simply don’t just accept.

        THAT….may not be Circus Leader Bill’s desired outcome, but I’ll do my best to see it happen on my end!

        Cheers. By the way, most of my comments are being removed as ‘conspiracy theories’ by the Mod ‘WLU’ – and I believe the one you referred to is now gone, too (as I went back to Grammar N@zi my own post – New = Knew….damn!


  3. Occams says:

    Remember; He’s ‘just a veterinarian’ – according to those rebutting me/him.