3 Responses to “Flu or Covid”

  1. Mick says:

    When politicians capture science magic happens. Take 9/11. Either the floors of the twin towers were taken out by explosives to facilitate freefall speed collapse, or as the Bush Administration says there were no explosives. So physics was defied three times that day, never before that day and never after that day. So it must have been magic.

    Now it’s the same with Covid. No-one’s got it but so many died from it. Never been seen but it’s everywhere. Magic!

  2. sovereigntea says:

    A Brussels court has decided the government’s Covid measures are illegal, due to a lack of parliamentary scrutiny. This will provide impetus to those keen to legally challenge authorities’ handling of the pandemic worldwide.

    In Melbourne, Australia, the residents of a public housing tower block have filed a class action in court against their government over being shut inside during lockdown. Meanwhile, in Spain, the regional authorities of Madrid have overturned the national restrictions enforced on them last October using a legal challenge.

    But topping both those efforts, a court in Brussels has demanded the Belgian government lift all lockdown measures within 30 days or face a €5,000-a-day fine for every breach of the order.


    • Alan Vaughn says:

      That’s great, but let’s hope they hold them to it and don’t back down. They also need to show they’re serious: €5,000 is far too cheap and it probably won’t bother them very much. Should be €50,000, or even €100,000-a-day!