Fire at OVH Servers Goes Up In Smoke Leaving Part of French Web Knocked Out

ER Editor: This fire happened two nights ago, during the night of March 9. We’re classifying this as an odd, dramatic event along with some other odd, dramatic events of late. How on earth would a securely guarded site like this end up on fire with permanently devastating consequences for some of its important website clients? And just as it was about to make an initial public offering?

We’re linking to a report we published in January 2021 titled Dutch Government Suddenly Collapses – And Other Curious Events [VIDEO] (see image below), which includes some of these recent oddities that the MSM have studiously avoided. We recommend looking at this. And remember the Madrid explosion on Catholic Church property later in January? Scale of Disaster Site after Fatal Madrid Explosion Revealed in Aerial Footage Filmed by Spanish Police (VIDEO)Remember the camper van explosion in Nashville on Christmas Day last year that was memorable not least for the curious way in which it suddenly blew up, harming nobody?

For those who follow Simon Parkes (and we’re not testifying to the reliability of his information), the explosion at the OVH cloud site was part of ongoing events between what he terms the white and black hats, without specifying which side was responsible.


Fire at OVH Servers Goes Up In Smoke Leaving Part of French Web Knocked Out


A fire broke out last night on one of the sites of the company OVH in Strasbourg. A part of the data center has been completely destroyed.

The major fire that occurred overnight in a Strasbourg building of OVH, specializing in computer servers, could have lasting consequences. On March 10th, thousands of websites, but also company applications, all hosted by OVH, have suffered from this fire.

On Twitter, hundreds of cities, sports clubs, media and publishing companies declared that their respective websites were temporarily unavailable. And for good reason: OVH hosts nearly two thirds of the French Web in all its data centers.

Hundreds of sites

Among the sites currently inaccessible, those of the cities of Vichy, Cherbourg, Arras or Saint-Ouen, but also of media, including Le Nouveau détective, the kiosk of So Press, which allows access to the various magazines of the group, or Front populaire, the sovereignist media launched by Michel Onfray.

Sports clubs, including ASM Rugby, US Créteil Handball and AS Saint-Priest, an amateur soccer club, also indicated that they were affected. And that’s not counting CityScoot, an application for self-service electric scooters. On Twitter, François Asselineau, the leader of the UPR, said that the website of his party is also temporarily unavailable.


The governmental platform of public data, on which Covid Tracker, a tool for monitoring the Covid-19 epidemic, is based, was unavailable for a few hours, before returning to normal by mid-morning.


OVH is inviting its users to use a disaster recovery plan to accelerate the return of their sites online and, most importantly, to get their data back online. But for those with less foresight, data lost in the fire could be permanently lost.


Back in 2017, the same data center suffered a large power outage, with considerable repercussions for thousands of French sites. At the time, the company committed to compensate the victims of the outage.

The fire comes at a time when OVH announced on March 9 that it was preparing for an initial public offering.

Fire at OVH Servers Goes Up In Smoke Leaving Part of French Web Knocked Out