Eugenicide Minister waffles, Parliament wobbles, unrest rumbles


by Steve Cook

The following video features the Minister for Eugenicide, Hatt Mancock, famous for having pretended to cry live on TV so as to cover up hysterical giggles.

It was good to see our nodding donkeys that comprise the present-day parliament have a bit of life in them but, oh dear God, is their “challenge” subdued and timorous.

They should be tearing the guy apart for the lies and inconsistencies. And he as good as admitted that the gov is not dedicatedly keeping up-to-date stats on vaccine deaths!

You’d have thought that was of paramount importance given that they make no secret of the fact that the vaxes and pseudo axes are experimental and the people submitting to them are guinea pigs!

If I were an MP truly concerned as to the wellbeing and human rights of my constituents, I’d be giving the criminal government what-for over its negligent and irresponsible behaviour. Many MPs are, its seems, in dereliction of their duty or are themselves collaborators in this attack on the nation. One starts to wonder if there is anybody there dozing on those green leather benches who actually represents the people.

Still, a tiny timorous challenge is better than nothing at all and it was good to see that even in the face of that weak response, the Minister of Death was nervous and looked like a man with a cupboard bursting with skeletons.

More heartwarming were the responses of viewers of the video.

When I viewed it there ware 850 comments.

From what I could see scanning through them, virtually ALL of them were hostile to the gov and its hoax. ALL OF THEM.

And I am seeing similar on other videos and articles about this attack.

This suggests that many more people than I realised have seen through this scam and recognised it for what it is: an attack upon our countries.

The simmering unrest may be far deeper and more widespread than our quisling government is gambling on. This is extremely dangerous for this execrable government.

Someone should tell it: if you do not get honest and straight and improve your behaviour, the game is going to become ‘getting you’.

Here is the link to video

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Eugenicide Minister waffles, Parliament wobbles, unrest rumbles