Drenched in propaganda. Youtube and all media. Why the rush?

I know that spiritually time ran out on them long long ago, but it feels to me like it may be running out on them in a mundane, Earthly sense as well. They seem to be running scared, though I am not sure what from. I read panic in their actions as well as in their faces, and not the common panic they have of getting old and having done nothing but evil. It is a new panic, not seen before in history, a panic of their financial schemes actually backfiring. Of their millennia of lies falling apart. Of their 5,000 year hegemony falling into dust.

We Are Top?


by Miles Mathis

I was looking for something on youtube when I got sidetracked by a recommended video on my frontpage. Hence this paper. Once youtube dumped thousands of independent channels doing real reporting, we knew they would have to replace them with something, and this is one of the channels they brought in as a replacement. Started in March of 2020, that is one year ago, this channel We Are Top has no information about its creators. But I assume it is broadcast out of Langley or some such place. It claims almost 200 million hits in just one year, but there is no reason you should believe that. These stats are faked like everything. Youtube can make up any numbers it wants, suppressing numbers on videos it doesn’t like or exaggerating numbers on ones it is promoting.

I knew immediately this was a propaganda site for several reasons. One, it has a professional announcer with a perfect voice. Two, the editing is perfect. Three, they have access to millions of feet of film on every possible subject. Four, they don’t just have film, they have top-file computer imaging and editing, including CGI. Five, they claim to be an educational site, but they manage to work blatant propaganda into even the lightest fare. For example, the first video I clicked on had to do with “snakes messing with the wrong opponent”. It claims about half a million views in just three weeks. So this must be on almost everyone’s frontpage, heavily promoted. Why? Why would we need to be educated about guinea hens chasing off snakes? I’m glad you asked.

It is because the video isn’t really about that. The video actually leads off by “educating” us about flames in low gravity environments. Flames are supposed to look very different in low gravity environments, like on the Space Station. The video doesn’t mention the Space Station by name—that would be too obvious—but that is obviously what the segment is selling. Unfortunately, given the footage in the video, we can’t tell anything about the flames in space, since they are all in slow motion. Of course flames are going to look different in slow motion. But the most obvious propaganda is at minute :50, when we are shown an astronaut blowing on a flame and the flame flaring up. The announcer tells us that “this is literally the opposite of the whole concept of terrestrial combustion”. Except that it isn’t. He has just lied right to your face. Combustion has to do with oxygen, not gravity. This lie is, I suppose, aimed at young people who have never used a fireplace, or heard of a common tool called a bellows. Many people with working fireplaces used to have them, and they were used to blow air on a fire, to increase the oxygen levels and facilitate combustion. So the propaganda is very raw here.

In a later segment of the same video we see cell towers camouflaged as trees, and the announcer tells us they are to fool crazy people who don’t like cell towers. We are meant to understand there is something seriously wrong with people who don’t like cell towers.

Later in the same video, we are shown a lot of images of the Earth tagged as images from the Mars rovers. It easy to see they are fake, since most of the images show the effects of very recent surface water. Most of them look like dried up lake beds. The problem: Mars doesn’t have any lakes. The announcer even tips his hand to you, since he says you can just watch the recent Hollywood film The Martian: “really, the scenery is very similar”. But of course that wasn’t filmed on Mars. There is a reason they look so similar, though: they were filmed in the same place.

Wow, that’s a lot of propaganda for one 11 minute video.

If you think that was just an anomaly, let’s hit another one. That one is called “One day before extinction”, and you go in thinking it is going to be about extinct animals. A lot of this channel’s videos are about animals, which is how they get you in. But this video isn’t about animals. Guess what we find at minute 1:30? The last images of the Titanic as it left port. The problem: there is no indication it really is the Titanic. The ship doesn’t say Titanic on it where it should, and the video could be of any large passenger ship of the time. Nonetheless, they use the segment to resell the wholeTitanic story as real. Though I proved it wasn’t and isn’t. Which means this youtube channel We Are Top could be retitled the “Answer to Miles Mathis’ papers” channel.

Or how about this video entitled “Extremely real”. In it we get the hardsell for imitation meat, see minute 4:15. We are assured that cows have a serious impact on greenhouse gasses, and that imitation meat could save the environment. So we are starting to see who is probably funding this youtube channel: Bill Gates and his buddies in investment. This channel is looking like another production of the Gates/Rockefeller/Ford/Carnegie Foundations. Brought to you by the Phoenician Navy.

The very next segment in that video is just as disturbing and even spookier. For some reason, scientists recreated a dead Asian girl in holographic CGI, so her mother could talk to her via a Virtual Reality helmet. We are supposed to be impressed by this, instead of seeing it as the creepy nightmare it is.

In the very next segment, we are supposed to believe we are on the cusp of developing an imitation Sun, just in case ours goes out or dims due to a volcano. Yes, really. Because Korea developed a plasma that reached high temperatures for a few seconds, we are supposed to believe science can replace the Sun. This is obviously about selling you science as the answer to all problems, and scientists as the new gods.

This segues into the question: what are the odds you will go into space in the future? The answer?

“Pretty decent, if you don’t bother with the details”. Meaning, you can buy a trip on the Zero Gravity plane. Yeah, if you are a multi-millionaire. Or if you are Steven Hawking. Yes, they have to show the famous film of Hawking on the ZeroG Plane. Except that. . . it wasn’t Hawking. It was the younger blonder Hawking imposter whose cover I blew a couple of years ago. Even the Daily Mail in London admitted I was right.

OK, I have proved my point with that channel. But it isn’t just that channel. A lot of the promoted channels on youtube and elsewhere are now like that. Propaganda has gotten a lot more sophisticated and a lot more prevalent in the past 20 years. The media is now drenched with it. Propaganda is dripping from everything you see or hear. In the past year the levels have become truly awe-inspiring, like a hose turned to full, like a pipe organ at full volume. The reason I am reminding you of this is that most people still aren’t getting it. They know about propaganda, but don’t realize it is hiding everywhere. EVERYWHERE. Even in these innocuous videos about animals. Even in yoga magazines. Even in beer commercials. Even in sporting events. The Phoenicians have taken over every last form of communication and turned it to complete shit. Video, TV, print, literature, poetry, art, education, email, phones, EVERYTHING. Everything is now a total constant mindf$ck, wheedled past your unprotected eyes in order to disorient you, hypnotize you, and ultimately disempower you. Your only chance at this point is an Amish total refusal. You must protect yourself and your family from it like a fatal virus, because—unlike Covid—that is exactly what it is. It has already infected a large percentage of the US population, turning them into semi-human zombies who can be controlled by their masters almost at the touch of a switch. And no, I am not exaggerating or trying to be funny. This was the goal, and it has so far been highly successful—though still far from perfect.

Since March of 2020, they have attempted to move us (prematurely, I might say) into the next stage, playing all face cards at once. Finding their curtains torn, they felt they had no choice but to turn up the music and try to force us into the next act. The problem is, we are no longer being herded at a natural pace. We are being rushed along, hoping we can be shoved into the shute before we balk. We aren’t just being channeled, we are being pushed. In their desperation, the herders have lost their historic patience (see the Fabians and “the turtle who strikes slowly”). The Fabians are no longer “hurrying slowly”—festina lente—they are now hurrying with all engines on full. As if time is running out on them.

Is it? I sometimes think so. I know that spiritually time ran out on them long long ago, but it feels to me like it may be running out on them in a mundane, Earthly sense as well. They seem to be running scared, though I am not sure what from. I read panic in their actions as well as in their faces, and not the common panic they have of getting old and having done nothing but evil. It is a new panic, not seen before in history, a panic of their financial schemes actually backfiring. Of their millennia of lies falling apart. Of their 5,000 year hegemony falling into dust. Is it that they know something we don’t about a new ice age or asteroid impact? Or is there actually some prophecy being fulfilled, the arrival of some person or persons? I don’t know and you probably don’t either, but I now suspect they might know. Even after all my uncloakings, there is a deeper mystery, one whose conclusion we may live to witness.

Which all goes to say that we are living in exceedingly interesting times. I know it is hard to see past your very real and immediate problems, but if you manage it you will see that things are happening now that never happened before. If your pre-born spirit had requested being inserted into the most incredible time in history, you would be born here. . . and you may have made just that request. You aren’t here by accident, you can be sure.


You may say I am just talking to myself, as usual. . . but you are here, too. We are all here watching events unfold more incredible than any Hollywood blockbuster, spy thriller, or futuristic fantasy. Even accounting for the fact that most of the stuff we see on TV is manufactured theater, the real lives the least of us are living now are far beyond the imaginations of science fiction writers just a century ago. As just the closest example to hand, neither H. G. Wells, Jules Verne, nor anyone else in the 19th century ever imagined you would be able to tap into a video screen, in which all the lies of history would suddenly evaporate. Not even Isaac Asimov or Michael Crichton ever imagined such a thing. Which is a rather provocative way of reminding you that you, as my readers, are the first people in the history of the world to know a lot of the things you know. Did anyone before you know that the Tudors aren’t really Tudors, but Stanleys? Well, the Stanleys and their cousins knew, of course, but I mean who among regular people knew? No one until you. Who knew the Phoenicians were really the Israelites, and vice versa, with Solomon and David marrying into the royal family of Tyre? Well, a few top rabbis knew, I suppose, but no regular people knew it. Did anyone before you know about the Komnenes, Vasas, Jagiellons, and Radziwills, including all their links to current lines? No. Did anyone before you know the Salem Witch Trials were faked? No. Did anyone know the Presidential assassinations were all faked? No. Did anyone know the serial killers were all faked? No. Did anyone know all the big ship sinkings were faked? No. Did anyone know the Vikings were Phoenicians? No. Did anyone know Hitler and all his pals were Jewish, that the Beer Hall Putsch was faked, and that Hitler never had German citizenship and therefore couldn’t have been Chancellor? Well, a few Jewish historians knew, but they weren’t telling anyone. Did anyone ever realize how much of history was composed of gay Jewish actors faking their deaths? No. Did anyone figure out that Paul McCartney and Elvis were twins or that Sharon Tate lived on as her sister Patti or that Nicole Simpson lived on as her sister Nicole? No. Did anyone ever figure out the English, French, Russian, and American Revolutions were all staged? No. Did anyone before you ever get to see a working diagram of the atomic nucleus? No. Did any casual reader before you know that charge made up 95% of the universe, and that all particles were built from photons by a simple spin equation? No. No one before you knew it, casual reader or not.

I could literally go on for hours listing things that you know that no one has ever come close to knowing before. Bode’s Law, superposition, axial tilt, Lizzie Bordon, the Medicis, pressure flow, Canada’s gravity, the angle of Uranus, John of Gaunt, John Reed, Lindbergh, C. S. Lewis, the real actors in and point of the Crusades, John Lennon, Karl Marx, Jack Ruby, the Boltzmann constant, Bohr’s mistakes, Newton’s lemmae, kinematic pi, Rasputin, Lenin, Stalin, fake photographs by the hundreds.

These are things Galileo didn’t know, Newton didn’t know, Darwin didn’t know, nor Tolstoy nor Tesla, nor Einstein nor Feynman. You are the first people in history to know, and it has all happened in the past 20 years. Just as the rulers were pulling 911 and thinking they were moving into the next stage, their ground began slipping beneath them.

Not only did no one before you in history know this, but no one in history ever imagined it would or could be known—because they didn’t know it was unknown. And those who knew it was hidden couldn’t have imagined it would ever be unhidden. It wasn’t even thought of, not in anyone’s wildest dreams or hopes for the future, because in most cases no one even knew there was a problem to be solved or a lie to be overturned. The entire Matrix has been inverted in a short span of years, and you were here to see it happen. Do you honestly comprehend the enormity of that?

I know I must sound wildly immodest, but I have to say it because no one else is. The mainstream is doing their best to bury me, and even my best readers don’t really seem to be getting it. Some thank me

for my work, and a few even donate, but I often have the sinking feeling no one is seeing this for what it actually is. Things are happening now that have never happened in history, and that have never even gotten close to happening. All of history is being unwound and rebuilt before your eyes, including the entire history of science. You are not only witnessing that, you are witnessing the mainstream looking the other way as if it isn’t happening at all. At the most exciting time in history intellectually, you are witnessing a total information embargo. You, as a casual websurfer, have easier access to my work than university professionals in any number of fields, who have to look over their shoulders while sneaking a peek at my pages. They actually have to access my site from home, on personal computers and encrypted lines, since if they accessed my sites on university or government computers they would be called on the carpet for it. And that is not exaggeration. That is the way it is.

Even as we speak, the current Covid/vaccine/NewWorldOrder project is unwinding on them, as they lose control of the narrative. Trust in the government and media is quickly dropping to zero, at which point they won’t even be able to control the spin on the tail out. Their plan to insert their own savior will crash with the rest of it. Their manufactured chaos is turning to real chaos, at which point hoarded paper or digital wealth will become meaningless, since it won’t be able to be accessed. They will be at the mercy of the hordes, who will show no mercy.

You may think that was all a strange diversion, but it wasn’t because it circles back to where I was before. I asked if maybe the Phoenicians were panicked by a new ice age or asteroid, but I think their panic may be caused by something closer to home.

So this is the point where I look into the camera and talk directly to these people. Maybe this is what you know that I don’t: maybe you look over my shoulder and see the Archangel Michael with a fiery sword.* Honestly, I sometimes look over my own shoulder to check for the same thing. But at this point I don’t know as much about it as it seems you do. He may have my back, he may not. You should know by now I will continue on whether he is there or not. And you should also know that, for my own part, I believe you can still avoid a war, a loss, and a fall into the pit. That is the word I have not from Michael, but from my Muse. She continues to advise you to back away slowly. You are not lost and can never be lost, no matter what you think. You have only lost your way, but you can get back on track tomorrow. I am told that the Phoenicians are a cursed people, but only in the sense that they have cursed themselves. The moment they stop preying upon the Earth and all her creatures, that very moment the curse will be lifted.

I suggest you follow her advice. Watching Michael smite you would be more cinematic, would make a better story, and would admittedly be cathartic for the rest of us, but my Muse assures me it isn’t the desired outcome. The desired outcome is simply a change of course, which will occur one way or another. If the Phoenicians reverse course, it would be so much easier for everyone, themselves most of all. It is never too late. Since you are on the wrong road, you will have to reverse course at some point, so why not save yourselves a lot of misery and do it now?

*Or maybe you see Loki licking his lips.