Dr Judy’s assessment of the mRNA jab. With Dr Joseph Mercola. Don’t get it.


It’s not a vaccine.

It’s going to cause disability on a massive scale – as well as deaths.

People with pre-existing auto-immune conditions should not have the vaccine – arthritis and so on.

It’s an important explanation to listen to.

She puts together all the pieces of the puzzle.

This is the real news, and it’s bad.  Shocking.  As bad as it gets.

Migraines. Tics.  Micro-vascular disorders.  Prostate cancers. Tumour development.  Arthritis.  Pain.  Severe pain.

Bladder problems.  Adults in diapers.  kidney disease/cancers.  The inflammatory diseases.

Psychosis.  Rage.  Anger.  Inability to sleep.  Narcolepsy as with Gardasil.

Athletic injuries.  In younger and younger people.

As in movie Vaxxed movie.  Kids dying.

Under 16 age limit is claimed.  Yet kids of 9 are being given Gardasil.


Cancer patients should not be wearing masks.  Hypoxia boosts cancer.

Kennedy’s dysphonia came just after he had flu vaccine.

Censoring Dr. Judy (molecular biologist) speeches and Amazon intentionally purchased all her books on C19 just so the public could not purchase and read them. Why burn books in 2021 when they now just prevent them from being sold.
Regarding people’s health, depopulation and the injections pushed by the government in 2021.
Dr. Judy states in her interview with Dr. Mercola, “It is so much easier if you kill yourself, then we [government] don’t have to kill you.”
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One Response to “Dr Judy’s assessment of the mRNA jab. With Dr Joseph Mercola. Don’t get it.”

  1. Occams says:

    Tried to wake people up, friends and family, etc., but no one wants to know, so I took on Dollar Vigilante’s Jeff Berwick approach;

    Encourage EVERYONE to get the vaxx. I found the so-called Lockdown to be wonderful. My life never stopped, busy as hell, did everything I wanted (WITHOUT a mask – ever), and LOVED the empty streets, parking, beaches, surf, tennis courts, etc.

    So much so that to anyone who wants the vaxx and can’t get there, I am offering free rides and ice cream if it will help!

    A population this stupid and gullible is a danger to EVERYONE and should be removed.