COVID Fascism

Fervent pandemic follies

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Angst Everywhere

And it is hard to take heart from anywhere. US States that have thrown off the yoke of COVID “autocracy” are flourishing comparatively. Infections (“positive tests”) in Texas post removal of their mask mandate roughly a fortnight back, have plunged by roughly 29%. But too much of the US is still in a fact-free delirium. The UK is a true basket case, and the slippery slope from proud liberalism to crotchety authoritarianism has been depressing, not to mention shocking. The fact that excess deaths are again below a 5-year average seems irrelevant, the depth of economic devastation is just ignored.

The Pandemic Playbook

There is a playbook here, as commentator Naomi Wolf has identified for would-be tyrants. First, you invoke a terrifying internal and external threat, then move on to creating a “thug caste,” target or recruit the media (depending on their independence or lack thereof, what a change there has been on that front in the US for example from the time of Watergate to WMD), moving onto “emergency” suspension of the rule of law and annulling its progressive cohorts.

Then Cameth COVID

Medical crises have historically been rich fodder for such intrusions into lives and liberties. As Ms. Wolf highlighted, cholera and typhus were exploited in the 19th century by the British to intimidate freedoms and invade people’s privacy. Interestingly, the first anti-vaccination movement arose from British parents in the Victorian period.

How absurd does absurdity need to be, before people demand their lives back?

6Forced “face nappies.” Sweden has no such requirement, Florida does not, in much of South Asia people wear these contaminated masks (from soot, pollution, and their own exhaled waste), half off and half on, and all these places have either “as good” results in terms of mortality (Sweden matches the EU average despite its mismanaging of care homes), or better (Florida’s stats are better than 70% of US States, certainly better than the “poster children” of the orthodoxy as I call them, New York and California) or far better (South Asia’s death stats are so remarkable that you cannot factually say “pandemic” and be remotely serious).

your life is ours, we own your liberties, simply because there is an unsubstantiated outbreak of paranoia over a virus strain.

Rather than verify, and only take actions that inhibit life and freedom, gradually, reluctantly, and very provisionally, we opt to panic outright and leech life, a literal blitzkrieg of autonomy devastating political effrontery.

Beware the Western Contagion

Currently writing from Asia, recently at a dinner with Ambassadors from Europe, this hit home so clearly.

Bonding face-to-face is part of our humanity, to enjoy smiles, nuances, jokes, irony, the full range of our expressiveness.

We run the danger of losing the ability to pick up social clues or read each other, from behind our ineffectual wrappings. After New Year’s in Asia, the Super Bowl in Tampa, teeming protests, much of this mercifully “maskless” on the celebratory front, again it is demonstrably absurd.

And as a corollary, children in and out of school still having to be distanced and wear masks, when every iota of medical data argues against it, shows a dogmatic immunity to facts that undermines the entire educational enterprise on its face.

Imagine a generation terrified of every “stranger” as a source of infection! Oh, and this has to be anchored in the conclusion that somehow all human biology, immunology, virology, and the evolution of coronaviruses, all transformed fiendishly and malevolently in 2020! All public health nostrums (which were anti lockdown and masking prior to 2020), without any new studies or evidence, were with the swish of political “magical wands” completely upended.

And the Contagion Could Spread

So, now, if human interaction becomes ever more congregated on Zoom, not only do we run the risk of too much being recorded, IP being harvested and spied upon, but the “inconvenience” of throwing off our ennui, inertia, and torpor, and “going” somewhere to meet people and being enlarged by doing so, becomes not only a health hazard but something that we can ban on “efficiency” grounds, having lost sight of larger, more ecumenical value.

We can’t ever do this again, it’s not sustainable.

Eventually, even serfs rebel and the tipping point of this no longer being adequately credible even to those untroubled by facts, I suspect is coming.

We have to reclaim for human beings the right to be “alive” and the accountability to decide, individually and collectively, what that will really mean.

And nothing, no pathogen, no virus, no tragedy or challenge, can possibly matter more than that. The story of humanity is not about enfeebling fears, much less the amplified “terrors” of a flu. The story is about grand conquests of the spirit, audacious excursions of body and mind, the majesty of vision, the challenge of converting intentions into action, of transforming and transcending challenge after challenge. We fumble, we falter, we weep at our follies, but we keep moving.

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2 Responses to “COVID Fascism”

  1. Occams says:

    ‘But maturity happily, perhaps providentially, prevailed there, after many dubious years.’

    How many millions of dead, innocent Middle Easterners are there in ‘dubious years’?

    I really don’t care about allied troops. You want to die for Israel attacking the US on 9/11, go, or invading a country because they have no Rothschild bank, by all means, go get killed – or maimed – so you have PLENTY of time to dwell on your atrocities.

    • ian says:

      I understand what you’re saying Occams. It is so infuriating watching the controlled masses following the lemming script. I have a tendency towards pity, but I also know that they’d turn on me in a second, like a rescued snake, and bite me at the command of their TV. Even the videos of atrocities from war zones doesn’t matter to the great masses, TV soothes them, to accept our brave heroes coming home. Smedley Butler had the answers. Coudenhove Kalergi wrote the script for what’s coming next though, You won’t recegnise the white countries in 10 years time.