COVID deaths in UK are being overstated by at least 2000 week after week.

In UK, the number of registered deaths involving COVID-19 in Week 8 (up to 26 February) was 3,196.

The number of deaths registered in the UK in the same week ending 26 February 2021 (Week 8) was 14,281.

The UK total deaths was up by 1143 on the previous 5 years average for Week 8.  taking the years 2015 – 2019, avoiding 2020.

Average UK deaths in 2015 – 2019 for week 8 were 13,138


14,281 take away 3,196 =  11,085 non-COVID deaths in week 8 2021.

That means there is again, as in previous weeks, a massive reduction in deaths not caused by COVID  –  2.053 in Week 8 in the UK alone.

Either that or more likely COVID deaths are being massively overstated by about the figure of 2000 every week.

The extra 1143 deaths could well be caused by the vaccine, it should be noted.

The government admits there are 493 deaths from the vaccine so far, only counting vaccine as possible cause up to 7 days after the jab.

Vaccine deaths could well be more like 1000 a week according to some estimates, and would explain the raised death rate where COVID does not, as could increased numbers of suicided from the lockdowns.

If an allowance is made for vaccine deaths and suicides, there could almost no actual COVID deaths at all.

Death statistics from Office National Statistics.

  1. The five-year average has been provided for 2015 to 2019 (rather than 2016 to 2020) because of the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on deaths registered in 2020. The average for 2015 to 2019 provides a comparison of the number of deaths expected per week in a usual (non-pandemic) year.
  2. Vaccine deaths are not mentioned by the Office Of National Statistics.
  3. The ONS leaves out 2020 statistics in their deaths average figures, and they use the 5 years from 2015 to 2018 to get their five year average deaths rate.  They state this is because of COVID.  In fact deaths were down in 2020 by a fair margin until the lockdown, after which they took off.  They don’t want people thinking too hard as to why significantly fewer people died in 2020, when a. there was supposed to be a pandemic, which should surely increase deaths by definition, and it was a time when doctors and hospitals were not taking in patients.   Not showing 2020’s figures is fully understandable as they don’t make sense.  Once the lockdown ended there were no extra deaths over previous years until the next lockdown period.  Lockdowns are far more lethal than the COVID they are supposed to prevent.
  4. Suicide figures are unlikely to be given accurately.  Usually the coroner returns an open verdict unless it’s simply too obvious that it was a suicide.  I know of five suicides locally in the last year when I doubt I’ve heard of one for the previous five years.  Suicide during lockdowns has skyrocketed.



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