3 Responses to “Clare Hocking-Okell – Hancock Court Hearings…… The Covid Scam”

  1. Occams says:

    There’s no ‘arrests’ going to be made, and it’s ALL downhill from here. I watched the Q nonsense do EXACTLY what I told people would happen (some people now won’t talk to me), so anyone who thinks anyone of the ‘elite’ are going to jail, sorry. You’re dreaming.

    Love to be wrong. Just watch

    • Alan Vaughn says:

      I’d love to be wrong with you Occams, unfortunately however, we’re not.

      The believers in all this nonsense all share one thing in common (apart from being obedient, stupid slaves and proudly wearing their hideous face nappies everywhere): They wholeheartedly believe that someone, i.e. Donald Trump, is going to come and save them, when the ONLY solution to this global dilemma lies entirely with them.
      All they need to do is firstly, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE), MUST STOP COWERING to these unelected and largely unknown lunatics, who are in fact more afraid of us than we are of them.
      Then, to win back our freedoms and human rights, which most of us were tricked into gleefully surrendering on the pretence of a fabricated, (thus non-existent) ‘deadly pandemic’ threat, they simply need to make a STAND AS ONE and REFUSE OUTRIGHT, TO OBEY ALL of their dehumanizing orders and diktats.

      If EVERYONE just stood up to them by refusing to comply, the whole scam would go arse-up within a few days.
      It’s so simple yet almost impossible to invoke, because most of the stupid, compliant masked zombies still don’t even see a problem, let alone see it as a threat to their very existence!
      This frightening reality about our TV / radio fake-news indoctrinated fellow citizens is mind-numbing and quite chilling when considered even superficially.

      • ian says:

        My thoughts exactly Occams and Alan. I have been without internet for the best part of a week for the second time in a month. Sadly, I miss it really badly especially on wet days. AS soon as I saw this video, I said Q out loud.