Black Lives Matter — A Scam on Blacks, Whites and Everyone Else!

LC Vincent – March 18, 2021

Just as a pendulum reaches the natural limits of its arc, the reaction against the societal push by the virtuous “woke” social justice warriors promoting the slogan and image of “Black Lives Matter” is already in the process of creating a mighty force of resistance and defiance among the rest of the general populace.

Three Black lesbian Marxist indoctrinated women — Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi — started BLM.  They created the organization after young Black thug Trayvon Martin was summarily dispatched to his just reward after attacking a “White” Hispanic by the name of George Zimmerman.   Since its founding on July 13, 2013, BLM has expanded its presence throughout the U.S. and participated in multiple demonstrations, riots and looting sprees, always revolving around incidents of perceived “police violence” against Black people.

Despite being at the forefront of civil and racial unrest due to outright contempt and hostility towards police forces around the U.S. (their presence made infamous by marching thru New York City chanting “Pigs in a Blanket, Fry’em like Bacon”) Black Lives Matter has managed to raise it’s public profile to the point where it has now raked in 1.7 BILLION dollars from guilty, “woke” White liberals and corporate donors across the spectrum of the American public and business sectors, including donations from Apple, Nike, Walmart, McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Etsy, Lululemon, Amazon, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Target, Home Depot, Spanx, Levis, GAP, Warby-Parker, United Health Group, and Peloton, among others..

The unfettered largesse pouring into the coffers of this Communist-Marxist group, whose stated goals include the destruction of the nuclear family and Capitalism, is surpassed only by the combined corporate stupidity and ignorance of their financial contributors.  Ironically, Black Lives Matter is not even a legal charity.  The money for Black Lives Matter is actually raised by “Act Blue”, a Democrat front group who charges BLM 3.9%. Ironically, “Act Blue” claims to be a 501c3 “charity” — except that the U.S. Tax Code stipulates that 501c3 formations “….cannot be involved in politics of any kind.”  Yet “Act Blue” has donated millions of dollars to Democrat candidates such as Biden and others.  So how does “Act Blue” and BLM get away with this illegality?  Simple — the same way Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama got away with it — they are Democrats, and as the truly “woke” know, “The Law” does not apply to them; moreover, The Media will never go after one of their own.

So “Black Lives Matter” is essentially a scam to illegally raise money for the Democrat Party by preying upon the guilt of White liberal “progressives” who hope that their lucre will allay and keep at bay the Black mobs that descended on hapless homeowners like the McCloskeys in St. Louis, who dared defend their lives and property with firearms after being threatened with desecration and death.  Personally, I would not count on it.  All these corporate heads are doing is buying time before the torches, bricks, bottles, crowbars and baseball bats come for them.

We have seen that the NBA (National Basketball Association) decided to go all out to support BLM by painting “BLACK LIVES MATTER” in large black letters across all of their basketball courts.  The NFL (National Football League) also allowed its players to “take a knee” in sympathy with the horrible “oppression” Black people have experienced here in America due to the oft mentioned “systemic racism” that is, according to the New York Times, a genetic inbred component of the American experience.  Strange that BLM is at a loss to actually point out where this “systemic racism” actually exists in America, rather than simply relying on baseless assertions that it does.

Ironically, rather than drawing attention to the plight of many Black Americans — their lack of education, their poverty, their fatherless homes, their disproportionate occupation of American prisons, and their inability to ax and receive answers as to why 3% of their male population commit 57% of the murders in the United States — this constant “in your face” harping to all other ethnicities, including Whitey, that Black people’s lives count just as much as anyone else’s is apparently lost on the majority of the Black population.  For buried in the above statistic is the unwavering fact that the vast majority of Black people who are killed or murdered in the United States are dispatched to oblivion by members of their own Black race.

The irony of this troubling statistic is not lost on the general population of other ethnicities, including Whitey.   The end result of this constant nagging is a quiet, gentle revulsion expressed in the most direct way people can express their disinterest — the rest of America has begun to tune out.

That is to say, those sports teams and leagues who have adopted and buckled, submitted and prostrated themselves to the BLM mantra now find that their television ratings are in the steepest declines in history.   For example, the ratings for the recent 2020 NBA playoff championships were the lowest ever recorded, with each succeeding match game surpassing the prior low by massive margins.  A ratings decline of more than 20% for both the NBA and NFL strongly indicates that American audiences of all colors do not like to be politicized or preached to — they want their sports pure, without the taint and tarnish of politics — in order to enjoy them.

No one likes to suffer the subtle suggestion that they may be a racist.  But worse, no one can stomach the hypocrisy of a movement labelled “Black Lives Matter” when it is statistically clear that “Black Lives” do NOT matter to the other Blacks who kill them!

Despite their assertions, BLM cannot point to any true “systemic racism” in either our society, our corporate world, our institutions or our police departments, other than the massive sops such as “Affirmative Action”, departmental, governmental and corporate “quotas” and the lowering of academic standards for testing and admission, all of which were specifically designed to favor Blacks.  The University of Michigan studied police records from 2015 thru 2020 and examined the race of each officer and the particulars of all shooting incidents, and found that not only was there no systemic racism towards Blacks, but that Whites were far more likely to be shot under the same circumstances even though Blacks commit far more crimes than Whites do!  Those are the facts!

No one enjoys being preached to.  People like it even less if they think the preacher is dishonest, or has a hidden agenda; even worse, if they find out that those doing the preaching are soliciting Big Business for Big Bucks to insulate them from the guilt they so readily seek to impose on the rest of us.

BLM — Black Lives Matter — is guilty of all these excesses; and it is only a matter of time before they will be hoist on the hypocrisy of their own petard, a victim of their hubris, dishonesty and greed.

What was that saying about the pot calling the kettle black?


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Black Lives Matter — A Scam on Blacks, Whites and Everyone Else!