Betrayed by Politicians, Betrayed by Journalists, Betrayed by Doctors

It was Schopenhauer who said that `all truth passes through three stages: First it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as self-evident.’

History has shown, time and time again, that this is absolutely true of all attempts to introduce fresh, original thinking into medical practice.

The medical profession has a long history of promoting useless and dangerous treatments, of resisting change, even when it is supported by strong evidence, of protecting existing practices (however harmful they might be) and of opposing helpful ones.

For centuries, doctors believed that blood-letting was a valuable method of treatment for almost all diseases. Using leeches and scarification blades to remove blood from patients was a standard treatment which was popular with the best informed health professionals (both physicians and apothecaries) well into Victorian times and was used for heart failure, headaches, fever, pneumonia, depression, broken bones and just about everything else you can think of – including anaemia.

Surgeons used to sharpen their knives on the soles of their shoes and strongly resisted the evidence that this was a remarkably dangerous thing to do. For decades surgeons performed lobotomies and treated patients with ECT. At one time it was fashionable for surgeons to remove huge lengths of intestine. All these things were endorsed, promoted and protected by the medical establishment. Things are worse now than they’ve ever been. Years ago, I showed that one in six people in hospital is there because they’ve been made ill by a doctor. Moreover, I proved that iatrogenesis – doctor induced disease – is today one of the three top causes of death and serious illness. It’s up there alongside cancer and circulatory problems such as stroke and heart disease. And there is extraordinarily persuasive evidence that vaccinations kill far more people than they save.

The medical establishment opposed Chadwick’s plans for better drains and they sneered at Dr John Snow when he said that cholera was spread by dirty drinking water. Snow had to remove the handle to a contaminated pump to prove his point. The medical establishment opposed anaesthesia, the principle of asepsis and the use of vitamin C to prevent scurvy. Two Australian microbiologists were ridiculed when they suggested that the bacterium Helicobacter pylori might play a part in the development of peptic ulcers. Eight years later they were awarded the Nobel Prize. Poor Ignaz Semmelweiss went bonkers when his research on puerperal fever was ignored. There are hundreds, probably thousands, of similar examples of the medical establishment getting things completely wrong and either doing no good at all or causing serious harm.

Thomas Huxley once wrote that `every great advance in natural knowledge has involved the absolute rejection of authority’ and it was, of course, George Bernard Shaw who wrote that all professions are conspiracies against the laity, that all great truths begin as blasphemies and that all progress depends upon the unreasonable man.

Voltaire, who had a suitable bon mot or two for almost all circumstances said, very accurately: `It is dangerous to be right in matters on which the established authorities are wrong.’

To a large extent the problem is that consultants in all fields of medicine have succeeded in establishing that they, and they alone, are the keepers of the sacred flame as far as their own small world is concerned. Neurologists will take no notice of suggestions, however logical and well-based, which come from outside their small (and often outdated) sphere of knowledge. Specialists live in ruts and protect those narrow, well established ruts with parental pride and determination. The world of vaccination is full of fake science, misleading pseudo research and drug company inspired mythology.

Anyone who wishes to question the officially accepted view of some aspect of medicine must place his notions and his discoveries before the sceptical eyes of the specialists within that area. Unfortunately, of course, those specialists will be far more concerned about protecting the status quo (by which I mean their professional status and the profitability of the companies who provide them with free dinners and trips on the Orient Express) than with open mindedly assessing something new which comes from outside their small circle of knowledge. They will react defensively if there is any criticism of their way of doing things.

The principle of `peer review’ (whereby any new notion or evidence must be assessed, before publication and acceptance, by those within a speciality) sounds like a good idea (and is in so far as it does act as a filter, preventing the acceptance of some of the more outlandish and criminally biased ideas) but the trouble is that the `peer review’ system means that anything truly original which originates outside the system will almost certainly be rejected. New ideas are blocked because they are new and anyone who dares to question the current way of doing things will be vilified, attacked, suppressed, silenced and ostracised. The result is that there isn’t much science in medical science.

The other problem is that the institutions which govern the assessment and dissemination of officially accepted knowledge are to a very large extent in thrall to the pharmaceutical industry and the food industry.

Moreover, research bodies are invariably dependent either upon government funding or upon money provided by large charities and both of these are closely allied to the medical establishment and the various powerful industries which have a financial interest in such matters.

Big money can suppress inconvenient information very effectively. The corrupt power of the tobacco industry meant that it took decades for the evidence linking smoking with cancer to be accepted by governments and, more alarming, by the medical establishment.

Treachery, and its bosom companion cowardice, have always been well rewarded and nothing has changed in that respect. Doctors and journalists who do and say the right things are well rewarded by Gates and his ilk.

A few years ago Colin Wilson wrote an excellent book The Outsider, in which he analysed the careers and personalities of many great thinkers who had been ostracised. It isn’t difficult to think of contenders. Just about all great artists, writers and inventors, people who revised the way we look at the world or the way we think about it, were criticised or ostracised for their beliefs. Galileo and Copernicus are obvious examples.

And a study of establishment thinking over the centuries shows that the experts are not infrequently embarrassingly wrong. In 1899, the Commissioner of the US Patent Office urged President William McKinley to close down the patent office saying `everything that can be invented has been invented’. In 1943, the founder of IBM said `I think there is a world market for about five computers’. In 1929, eminent financiers and economists queued up to announce that there would not be a financial crash. Western Union refused to buy the telephone when it was invented by Alexander Graham Bell – saying that there was no market for the device. In a number of my books (including Betrayal of TrustThe Health Scandal and so on) I have described how medical experts have proved to be capable of making terrible diagnostic errors, persisting with useless remedies and denying the effectiveness of medicines which work.

The medical establishment has never liked being contradicted – particularly when there are huge sums of money involved. But today, the medical establishment is now so irredeemably corrupt, and the corruption has developed so steadily, that most of those involved don’t even realise that they are corrupt. Over the last few decades the medical establishment has been bought lock, stock and syringe, by the pharmaceutical industry. Today, the drug companies control what is published and what is not published. And they no longer even bother to hide what they are doing. When you’ve been bought with drug company money then a few extra million from Gates is just a nice bonus.

`A little rebellion now and then is a good thing,’ wrote Thomas Jefferson.

We need more of it.

The sad thing is that the suppression of the truth has intensified in the last half a century.

My first book was published in 1975 by a wonderful publisher called Maurice Temple Smith. It was called The Medicine Men and it drew attention to the fact that the medical profession was pretty well owned by the drug industry.

It seems surprising now but the book was greeted with astonishment and much applause. It received enthusiastic reviews in most of the national press, and the BBC made a film about it for its main news programme of the time. A mass market publisher produced a cheap paperback that was piled high on railway station bookstalls, a book club brought out an edition and the Guardian bought the serial rights. That was in the days long before journalists at the BBC and the Guardian had links with Bill Gates and abandoned truth as a purpose and embraced corruption as a way of life. Two years later I published Paper Doctors – an attack on the way medical research had been corrupted. That too was received with enthusiasm.

Oh, how things have changed in the few decades since those days.

Forty four years later I’m still exposing lies, deceits and corruption but today I’m a pariah. I’m oppressed and suppressed and regarded as a conspiracy theorist because I dare to draw attention to the fact that the medical profession is today even more corrupt than it was in 1975. Today, the world of medicine is controlled by two guiding principles: power and money. And to the recipients it doesn’t matter if the money comes from drug companies or some other dirty source.

The BBC attacks me in an attempt to prevent the truth coming out, not one national newspaper will dare publish the facts, and every other doctor and scientist attempting to draw attention to the greatest health scandal in history is demonised, monstered and sneered at by battalions of ignorant and corrupt journalists and broadcasters.

It is interesting, incidentally, that our enemies at places like the BBC try to claim that those of struggling to publish the truth are driven by unsavoury motives. The truth is very different. Everyone opposing the covid-19 fraud has paid a huge price. For example, if I wanted to make money I’d bury my principles, promote the vaccine and support the myth – I’d be flooded with big money offers from the BBC and the national papers.

The truth is that thousands of doctors who are promoting and giving the covid-19 vaccines are either evil, bought or ignorant and incompetent. Their lies are broadcast as truths and the truth is branded as fake news because it is commercially and politically inconvenient. Some doctors are silent, though they know the extent of the fraud they are helping to sustain, because they are worried about their jobs, their reputations and their status on social media. I have nothing but contempt for them.

The British Medical Association is reported calling for a near elimination of covid from the UK before easing of the lockdown restrictions. Let’s just remember that the BMA is the doctors trade union – and that it has through its journals received huge sums of money from the drug industry. The BMA has never had patients’ interests at heart. We can trust the BMA as much as we can trust Bill Gates.

I believe that when the BBC and the BMA open their mouths it’s the voice of Bill Gates that comes out.

And don’t be tricked into thinking things are going to get better. Unless we deal with this threat, things are never going to get better. I’ve been warning for many months that the masks, the social distancing, the vaccines and so on are all here for ever – unless we stop it. It’s all part of Agenda 21 – a dangerous, cultish force which too few people yet understand. Anyone who thinks life is every going back to normal is, I’m afraid, terminally insane.

Even if you watch this in 2023, Public Health England and the Medicines and Health care products Regulatory Agency are probably both still insisting that the vaccine isn’t linked to deaths or serious injuries. That’s like saying that it’s a coincidence if it rains and you get wet. More people would believe them if they hadn’t both accepted huge chunks of money from the ubiquitous Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

For me the single most convincing piece of evidence proving that the covid-19 hoax is a fraud is the fact that all debate has been suppressed.

For nearly a year I have offered to debate the covid-19 hoax with Whitty and Vallance. And for nearly a year they have avoided me. I’ve offered to debate the covid-19 vaccine but that too has been ignored. If they are right why are they so afraid of a debate? Instead of recruiting celebrities to support their cause governments and their advisers would convince far more people if they had the courage to debate in public.

If the medical establishment and the wretched BBC wants to shut me up then it would be more convincing if they dared to do it in an open debate – rather than merely abusing me and refusing to allow me a right of reply.

But they won’t debate, of course. They won’t ever do that. The BBC won’t allow me on a Panorama programme to debate with one of those chosen voices. The pseudoreporters at the BBC would run a mile if faced with a fact.

And the fake fact checkers – many of them with fat cheques from Bill Gates in their pockets – can huff and puff as much as they like but no one with a brain will believe anything they say.

Because if they did they know they would lose. And they’d lose because they are wrong about everything.

Oh, and there is one more thing they won’t do.

From the start I have urged Whitty and Vallance to set up a simple trial. Compare 20,000 people who’ve had the vaccine against 20,000 people who haven’t. Measure the deaths and the injuries. It’s a trial that would cost very little but tell us everything.

But they won’t do that. Because I suspect they know, as well as I do, what the results will be.

And so the millions who rely on mainstream media are constantly being lied to, misled and betrayed. And the millions who rely on the medical profession are being denied facts and informed consent. It’s an unprecedented betrayal of trust.

Meanwhile, I find myself praying more than ever before.

Dear Lord please give us the strength we need for the journey ahead, the wisdom to make the right decisions and belief in a full recovery.

Yesterday is the past. It’s lost and gone forever. But the future is ours to win or lose. And we cannot afford to lose because if we do then we have nothing: no freedom, no democracy, no humanity and no hope.