5G radiation detector and meter


Mike from Telstra is showing and is explaining the main features of Narda Personal Monitor RadMan 2. The frequency range from 900 kHz to 60 GHz is covering all frequencies including the new and foreseen frequency bands of 5G. With the shaped frequency response, the percentages displayed on RadMan 2 are proportional to limit values in the safety standards. The detection mode is perfect to show, if an antenna is transmitting or deactivated. The battery last up to 800 hours and all units have an integrated data logger. RadMan 2 has a built in sensor test to check the sensors all work correctly. Working safely on radio frequency transmitters antennas and mobile base stations is very important.
The RadMan 2 has new features particularly its application for 5G. That is very useful for working safely at mobile base stations. The frequency range is from 900 kHz to 60 GHz and importantly covers the new 5G bands at 3.5 GHz and 27 GHz. RadMan 2 has exposure indicators that indicate 5% to 200% of the occupational exposure limits. With the shaped frequency response these percentages are proportional to the limit values in the safety standard. RF detection mode was one that we specifically asked for. So that you could use the new rather than – to detect whether an antenna was in fact transmitting them. Deactivated confirming antenna power-down is a key safety step. With this new feature it’s a convenient way to check the antenna is powered off. The battery lasts up to 800 hours. All units have a built-in data logger. This means you can recall the exposure levels later on. Finally the RadMan 2 has a built-in automatic sensor test to check that these sensor elements are all working correctly. RF personal monitor, Personal RF Monitor