Why I remain optimistic – Miles W Mathis

There is actually a lot of good news now, including the horrible failure of impeachment in the Senate. That was a huge planned fail, and there will be many more in the upcoming months, as the Dems continue to eat their own faces off. AOC is looking stupider everyday, which is no mean feat given her IQ was never over about 90. To be honest, I had never heard her speak until this week, which is another reason I have been able to stay sane until now. She sounds like Betty Boop. Ted Cruz should sue her for slander, since she has now claimed he ordered her murder. There is a high bar for defamation in the US, but she just crossed it, and all those guys are lawyers. Of course Cruz is in the same play she is, so that won’t happen unless it happens to be in the script. But it may be.

AOC is also playing the part of someone you are supposed to hate, and she is getting some juicy lines. Cruz, Gaetz, and many others are, like Tucker Carlson, looking extremely good, being groomed for the Patriot party or something. All highly amusing. As is the faked death of Tim Zook in Orange County. Note the quote from his wife: “He believed in vaccines. I’m sure he would take that vaccine again, and he’d want the public to take it,” she told local media. “The message is: Take the vaccine because it is far more greater to die from COVID than to die from a result of a vaccine,” she added. I am still laughing. This indicates that Gates isn’t the only one who controls the media. His enemies also have the power to plant stories.

Also, the crash of RobinHood and Cohen, indicating someone is targeting these ficks besides us. Yes, that story is managed, but it is damaging to the elites regardless. They certainly aren’t united, since there is no reason to make themselves look so awful, even in a managed revolution. A managed revolution with a united Phoenician Navy would be far better at keeping your eyes off the billionaires. Permanent and irreversible damage is being done to system, and it isn’t being done by the people or by terrorists or by China, it is being done from within. Someone is seriously threatening the PN, and it ain’t me. I haven’t got that sort of reach. Perhaps the same factors that created my personal crusade are driving this, and it is even possible my papers have been read by someone other than us dispossessed Gentiles, but realistically it is just a confluence of historical disgust, and people in positions of power are fed up. I would guess some of these people are in Intel and some are in the military. Some are PN, I would guess. I don’t really know.

But I remain optimistic. It looks like we will have to wade through another year of crap, but I suspect it will be mostly bluff like the last year. It will be largely staged and largely avoidable, provided you are capable of saying no. My feeling is things may actually be better once we come out the far side. How can I say that? Because, despite the mainstream meltdown, I have seen and heard some things from high places in 2020 I never thought to see or hear again in this world, like Trump saying we needed to return to paper ballots or Tucker Carlson attacking Modern Art over and over. You may say the PN is just throwing me those bones as part of their grand fooling, and that is certainly possible. . . but I don’t think so. Even if it is, it is a sign of hope nonetheless, since it means someone like me can get traction at the highest levels, fooling or not, bones or not. It is important these things were said at all, even if they mean to spin them negative in the future. The people have heard them, and the spin may not work. I have shown you the spin often fails to affect the truth, so it doesn’t really matter how those points got into the speeches. It doesn’t matter if I am tricking them or they are tricking me: more likely the gods are tricking us both, but getting the truth on TV in the end. That is no small thing, and is the sort of sign most miss. That is the end of the post, but I find I have more to say.

At times like this I am reminded of one of the deepest points in The Lord of the Rings, when Gandalf is testing Frodo’s ring in the fire at Bag End. As Gandalf tells him the story, Frodo interrupts to say how strange it is that the ring would choose to jump off Gollum’s hand in the goblin caves, only to be found by Bilbo. He says, “Wouldn’t an orc have suited it better?” Gandalf answers that it is no laughing matter: Bilbo was meant to find the ring, but not by its maker. Telling us that even Sauron was the pawn of a higher power, enmeshed in a story even larger than himself. That power is Eru Iluvatar, whose story not even Sauron or Morgoth could corrupt. Of course Christians, Jews, and Muslims will read that as a straight translation from the Bible, substituting Lucifer for Sauron and God for Eru. But my point is that whether the Phoenicians are Luciferians or Satanists or not, they are not the ultimate powers here or anywhere else in the galaxy. While we might not know much about the real hierarchies, we do know the Phoenicians didn’t create this world. Their talents top out at banking, goldsmithing, sailing, and fabrics, and clearly don’t include Solar System manufacture. They can’t even govern tiny islands like Haiti, much less create or maintain worlds, indicating someone else must be running the greater show. We may assume that someone is not Lucifer, since—as bad as things are here—they could be much much worse. This world may not be Candide’s “best of all possible worlds”, but it is certainly isn’t the worst imaginable—for most of us, at any rate. It remains full of beauty, love, wonder, and awe, and I personally wouldn’t trade my life for anything, come what may.

I am reminded of Mr. Jordan in Heaven Can Wait: “there’s always a plan”. I will be told Lucifer allowed that movie to be made as part of the fooling. It is false hope as part of the set-up. I will be told, “Yes, the Phoenicians have a plan, and that plan is your continued slavery. You are simply a more productive slave if you believe in nicer plans than theirs.” But though many Phoenicians do have that plan, that doesn’t mean it works. Those above them make sure it doesn’t work. We know that because the Phoenicians came up with that plan for a reason: they thought the master was richer than the slave, and therefore must be better and happier. So what must the plantation owners have thought as their slaves sang to God in the fields while they themselves cursed one another in the big house? Yes, misery has accelerated worldwide in the past decade, but it has accelerated quickest among the richest.

The billionaires have tried to make us more miserable to bring us down to their level, and like the Grinch they have done that by taking our things. But the hidden rulers of the galaxy have made it happen that as they have doubled our misery, the Phoenicians have quadrupled their own. Finally, in just the past few years some of them have come to understand that, which is why 2020 happened. In 2020, the worst Grinches like Bill Gates continued the push to Mordor, but some of his fellow Phoenicians have decided they don’t want to live in Mordor, no matter how large their house or bank account is beyond the Mountains of Ash. It no longer appeals to them. They just want a good night’s rest, some clean air to breathe, and a glass of water without plastic floating in it. They can see that won’t be available in Mordor at any price. So now you know why I remain optimistic.  See also http://mileswmathis.com/spirit.pdf


TAP – The killing of millions with the COVAIDS vaccine seems to be a minor detail to Miles W. Mathis.  His insights have value, but do his values?  Interesting that he spells Gates – Gaetz in his pieces occasionally.